95 Beautiful Eye Names: Names Meaning Eyes, Sight & More!

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Looking for names for beautiful eyes? Below you’ll find eye names, including names that mean eye, names related to eyes and names meaning sight and vision.

Plus, there are lots of names for eye colors at the end.

To save you time having to search out eye-themed names, I spent hours researching and curating this list of eye names. And unlike AI-generated lists you may have seen, I handpicked each of these names and only included names that are truly wearable.

I am a Ph.D. researcher who uses my analytic skills on baby name data and trends. In addition, I have unique eye experience too.

I worked as research assistant in an eye-focused neuroscience lab for many years (our lab restored vision in chickens by injecting DNA into their eggs!). I wrote one of my theses on my retina research from the lab.

It was fun revisiting my vision science roots writing about these eye related names. In addition to names that mean eye, you’ll also find names inspired by the anatomy of the eye and names related to vision.

Now let’s take a look at the names!

75 vision and eye names

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Top 10 eye names

No time to read the whole article? Here are my 10 favorite eye names. Read on to find out how each of these names relate to eyes!

  1. Aisling
  2. Sullivan
  3. Ollo
  4. Daisy
  5. Iris
  6. Lucia
  7. Len
  8. Anya
  9. Ora
  10. Beryl

Names that mean eye

First on the list, we have names that mean eyes. You’ve probably noticed that my list is shorter than other lists you may have seen.

Unlike AI-generated lists with lots of usable names for most people, I handpicked the names below to only include wearable name that fit in with today’s naming fashion.

1. Ain: Ain is an Arabic name meaning eye.

2. Anya: Anya is a lovely girl’s name meaning grace, coming from Russian. It can also be an eye-inspired name as it means eye and sight in the Igbo language of West Africa.

3. Daisy: The word Daisy comes from an Old English word meaning day’s eye.

4. Lochan: Lochan is a name coming from Sanskrit that means eyes.

5. Ollo: Ollo would be a unique name for those who love the nickname Ollie or those looking for an alternative to Otto. Ollo is the Gallego word for eye.

6. Osiris: Osiris is an Egyptian name meaning strong eyes

7. Silma: Silma is the Estonian and Finnish word for eye. It is also an Arabic girl’s name, meaning peace.

8. Sullivan: Sullivan is an Irish name meaning dark eyes

list of names that mean eyes: sullivan, ollo, silma, anya, daisy and osiris

Next up are eye-related names inspired by eyes and their anatomy. These eye-themed names include names that sound similar to parts of the eye; for example, Cornelia sounds like a homage to the eye’s cornea.

You’ll also find names inspired in some way by eyes, like cat’s eye gemstones or the patron saint of eyes.

9. Beryl: Beryl is an underused gemstone name. The chrysoberyl stone is also known as cat’s eye for its eye-like appearance.

10. Celia: Celia sounds similar to ciliary body, the part of the eye that produces aqueous humor (the fluid of the eye).

11. Cornelia: Cornelia sounds similar to the eye’s cornea. The name actually means horn and comes from Latin.

12. Eyan: Eyan looks similar to eye. The name comes from Gaelic and means God is kind.

13. Iris: Besides being a floral name, the iris is colored tissue encircling your pupil.

14. Isla: Isla is pronounced eye-la, so it sounds eye-inspired.

15. Ivy: Ivy, pronounced eye-vee, is another name that sounds similar to eye.

16. Len: Len could be a name related to the eye’s lens. It is also a German name meaning lion strength.

17. Lucia: Santa Lucia is the Italian version of Lucy, the patron saint of eyes (source on Santa Lucia)

18. Lucy: Lucy is the patron saint of eye ailments and the blind. The name also means light and comes from Latin.

19. Mac: The name Mac could be inspired by the eye’s macula, the retina’s center used for your most acute vision.

20. Ora: Ora is a lovely girl’s name that would fit in well with popular names like Aria and Ava. It is also a surgical device used in eye surgery.

21. Rodney: Rodney, with its nickname Rod, could be an eye-related name for rods, the photoreceptor cells in the retina.

22. Tina: Tina could be a name short for retina.

23. Vito: Vito could be a name inspired by the eye’s vitreous humor, the gelatinous substance in the back of the eye.

list of eye-themed names: Iris, Beryl, Len, Lucia, Ora and Vito

Eye names that mean sight and vision

Here are names that mean to see, including names for sight, names that mean vision and names about watchfulness.

Of the names on this list, I particularly like Aisling, Ruya and Greer since they fit in well with current name trends.

24. Aisling: Aisling is an Irish name meaning vision.

25. Aislinn: Similar to Aisling, Aislinn is an Irish name meaning vision.

26. Basar: Basar is an Arabic name that means vision.

27. Beena: Beena is a Hindu name meaning having sight.

28. Cecilia: Cecilia is a name coming from Latin that means blind.

29. Cecille: Cecille is a Welsh variation of Cecilia that also means blind.

30. Cecily: Cecily also means blind with Latin roots.

31. Cybil: Cybil is a Greek name meaning one who sees the future.

32. Darsha: Darsha is a feminine name that means to see, coming from Hindi.

33. Druella: Druella is a cumbersome German name that means elf vision

34. Freyja: Freyja is a Norse goddess associated with seers, those with the magical ability to see the future.

35. Greer: Greer is a Greek name meaning watchful.

36. Gregory: Gregory also comes from Greek and means watchful.

37. Hazaiah: Hazaiah is a Hebrew name meaning God sees.

38. Helios: In Greek mythology, Helios is the god of sight and the sun.

39. Ira: Ira is a Hebrew name meaning watchful.

40. Lorien: Lorien, also known as Irmo, is the master of vision character from J.R.R. Tolkien.

41. Rana: Rana is a Middle Eastern name that means eye-catching, originating from the Arabic word for “to longingly gaze at.”

42. Ruya: Ruya is an Arabic name meaning seeing or vision.

43. Sheila: The name Sheila is associated with two meanings, heavenly and blind one. The name comes from Latin.

44. Theia: Theia is the Greek goddess of vision and sight and the mother of Helios.

45. Vision: Vision is a rare word name meaning sight.

names that mean sight: aisling, ruya, greer, lorien, theia, beena

Names for green eyes

Finally, let’s turn to some names for eye colors. First up are names with a connection to the color green, perfect for those with green eyes.

46. Cedar: This nature name is an evergreen tree.

47. Chloe: Chloe is a name meaning green shoot that comes from Greek. It also means blooming.

48. Denver: Denver is a name meaning green valley.

49. Esmeralda: Esmeralda is a name meaning emerald, which is a bright green gemstone and the name of a green shade.

50. Hunter: This popular unisex name also is the name of a green color.

51. Irving: Irving is a grandpa-chic name meaning green water that comes from Scotland.

52. Ivy: Ivy is a Latin name in honor of the evergreen vine. If you love Ivy, visit my list of middle names that go well with Ivy.

53. Jade: Jade is a gemstone name that is green-colored.

54. Juniper: Juniper is a Latin-originating name that means evergreen.

55. Olive: Olive works well as a name for someone with green eyes because many olives are green.

list of green eyes names: denver, chloe, irving, juniper, olive and cedar

Names for blue eyes

Our next set of eye names is for beautiful blue eyes. Each name either means blue or is blue in color, like Sky.

56. Indigo: Indigo would be a cool name for someone with blue eyes since it means deep blue, coming from Greek.

57. Kailani: Kailani means sea and sky, both blue, and comes Hawaiian.

58. Livia: Livia is a name that comes from Latin that means blue

59. Mavi: Mavi is a Turkish word meaning blue.

60. Mora: Mora has two blue meanings. First, it can mean star of the sea, coming from Irish. Or, Mora can mean blueberry, coming from Spanish

61. Navy: Navy is a trendy name that can refer to the color navy blue.

62. Oceania: Oceania is a rare name that conjures images of big blue oceans.

63. Royal: Royal is a name meaning “of the king,” but it is also a shade of blue. If you like the name Royal, check out my list of 75+ Middle Names for Royal and Royalty.

64. Sini: Sini is a Finnish word for blue.

65. Sky: Sky is an earthy, gender neutral name for a blue-eyed baby.

List of blue eyes names: Livia, Indigo, Royal, Oceania, Mora and Sky

Names for brown eyes

We close this list of names related to eye color with names for brown eyes.

Of these brown names, I particularly like the name Afra, meaning the color of earth, as a subtle nod to the color brown. Blakely, meaning dark wood, also connotes brown without being too on the nose.

66. Afra: Afra is a sweet name that means “color of earth,” coming from Hebrew.

67. Autumn: This season name fits brown eyes since Fall is associated with the brown colors of changing leaves

68. Baize: Baize comes from French and means dark brown.

69. Blakely: Blakely is an English-originating name that means dark wood.

70. Bruno: Bruno is a German name that means brown. It can also mean armor.

71. Donovan: Donovan is an Irish name meaning brown-haired.

72. Duncan: Duncan is a Gaelic name that means brown warrior.

73. Hazel: Hazel is a brownish-green color, often used to describe an eye color.

74. Penny: Penny is an adorable nickname-style name, and works as a name for someone with brown eyes because pennies are brownish.

75. Sullivan: As listed above, Sullivan means dark eyes, which could work well as a name for someone with brown eyes.

List of brown eyes names: afra, blakely, donovan, penny, sullivan, baize

Names with eye in them

Finally, here are a few names to with eye in them to close the list.

This list includes names that have the letters ‘eye’ in them and names with the eye-sound in the name’s pronunciation.

  1. Meyer
  2. Keyes
  3. Adeye
  4. Cheyenne
  5. Reyes
  6. Iona
  7. Aida
  8. Irene
  9. Io
  10. Eileen
  11. Ireland
  12. Eilish
  13. Ida
  14. Ianthe
  15. Ivory
  16. Idina
  17. Ivan
  18. Heidi
  19. Ivo
  20. Isaac

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