75 Handpicked Middle Names for Imogen with Meanings

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middle names for imogen

Looking for middle names for Imogen? Then you’ve come to the right place. Below you’ll find 75+ middle names that go well with Imogene. Each name also includes the name’s meaning and origins.

I handpicked these middle names from my personal database of 2000+ names. I also researched unique names to pair with Imogen, and names of similar style and origin to make this comprehensive list of Imogen name combinations.

Imogen has been a constant favorite in the U.K., consistently ranking in the top 100. For Americans, the name is still off the radar but slowly creeping back towards the top 1000. With its peak popularity 100+ years in the rearview mirror, I’d say that Imogen is soon due for a revival, like Matilda and Mabel.

Get ahead of the trend and find the perfect full name for your future Imogen with this list of Imogen name combinations. The list is broken down into classic names, alliterative names, names of similar Celtic origins — plus unique and cute Imogen middle names ideas.

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On to the names!

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Top 10 middle names for Imogen

Don’t have time to read the whole article? Here are the top 10 Imogen middle names that I love the most:

  1. Imogen Adela
  2. Imogen Kit
  3. Imogen Octavia
  4. Imogen Bloom
  5. Imogen Eden
  6. Imogen Inez
  7. Imogen Elle
  8. Imogen Marigold
  9. Imogen Rue
  10. Imogen Pearl

Imogen name meaning

The origin story of the name Imogen is not exactly known. The name is thought to have possibly been popularized because of a misspelling of the Celtic name Innogen in the printing of Shakespeare’s Cymbeline (source). Both Innogen and Imogen mean “maiden.”

There are also known uses of Imogen prior to Shakespeare, such as the sister of an ally of William the Conquer.

The alternative spelling to Imogen, Imogene, took hold in the U.S. a century ago. Internationally, the name is most commonly spelled Imogen and pronounced im-o-jin. Spelled as Imogene, it is pronounced im-o-jean.

The Imogene spelling was the more popular spelling in the U.S. around the name’s peak popularity in the 1920’s. However, as the name creeps back into fashion, Imogen has become the favored version for fashionable parents.

name popularity trend for imogene
Popularity of Imogene in the U.S. from our name popularity visualizer

Interestingly, while Imogen has recently been a top 50 name in both Australia and the U.K., the traditional Imogen spelling has yet to crack the top 1000 in the U.S. (Imogene peaked at #157 in 1927).

I’ve used both spellings, Imogen and Imogene, interchangeably throughout this post so that you can see visually how Imogen vs. Imogene looks with various middle names.

Classic middle names for Imogen

As a Shakespearean name with a long history, Imogen pairs well with other established, classic names. To start our list of middle names for Imogen, we have classic name combinations, like Imogen Alice.

Imogen LEONORA(light)English; Spanish; Greek
Imogen KATE(pure)Greek
Imogen DOROTHY(gift of God)Greek
Imogen AGATHA(honorable)Greek
Imogen VIOLA(purple)Latin; Italian
Imogen ADA(noble)German
Imogen ALICE(noble)German
Imogen FLORENCE(prosperous)Latin
Imogen OCTAVIA(eight)Latin
Imogen EDITH(riches)English

Names starting with I that go well with Imogen

The next names on the list all start with I. These alliterative names go well with Imogen since they have great flow and cadence. Of these, I particularly like Imogen Ida.

Imogen IRENE(peace)Greek
Imogen ISABELLA(God is my oath)Spanish; Italian; Hebrew
Imogen IDA(industrious)German
Imogen IRIS(rainbow)Greek
Imogen IVY(evergreen vine)English; Latin
Imogen INARA(illuminating)Arabic
Imogen IONA(island)Scottish
Imogen ISLA(island)Scottish; Spanish
Imogen IVA(God is gracious)Slavic
Imogen INDIGO(deep blue)Greek
Imogen INEZ(pure)Portuguese; French; Spanish
list of middle names that go well with imogen

One-syllable Imogene middle names

Now we turn to middle names that are only one syllable. Since Imogen is a three-syllable name, picking a short, one-syllable name offers balance. Short middle names also give nice flow and the possibility of using the full name if you like double-barrel names.

Imogene SHEA(dauntless one)Irish
Imogene HOPE(desire)English
Imogene ELLE(feminine)French
Imogene SWAN(bird)English
Imogene BECK(stream)German; Hebrew
Imogene BLOOM(new growth)English
Imogene JADE(precious stone)Spanish
Imogene KIT(bearing Christ)English
Imogene PARK(of the forest)English
Imogene PEARL(gem, precious)Latin
Imogene TESS(harvester)English

Unique middle names for Imogene

Now we turn to unique middle names for Imogene. These are names you won’t currently find on the top name lists. They include a mix of more traditional names like Adela to new unique names like Aire, recently popularized by the Kardashian family.

Imogene ELLERY(joyful)English
Imogene ADELA(noble, serene)German
Imogene DAVINA(beloved; little deer)Hebrew; Scottish
Imogene AFRA(young deer)Hebrew
Imogene NITA(friendly)Hindi
Imogene ZOSHA(wisdom)Greek
Imogene HOLIDAY(holy day)English
Imogene OZARA(treasure)Hebrew
Imogene LEOLA(lion)Latin
Imogene OLETA(winged one)English
Imogene AIRE(air)English

Cute names to go with Imogen

Imogen is a spunky name for a baby, and it would pair well with other feminine and cute names. Name combinations like Imogen Olive and Imogen Delta strike a great balance of being cute while also being vintage names.

Imogen KEIRA(little dark one)Irish
Imogen CLARISSE(bright)Latin
Imogen ASTRID(divine beauty)Scandinavian
Imogen DELTA(fourth letter)Greek
Imogen ALTHEA(healing power)Greek
Imogen MARCELLA(warlike)Latin
Imogen MARIGOLD(golden flower)English
Imogen ALLEGRA(joyful)Italian
Imogen OLIVE(olive tree)Latin
Imogen ETTA(home ruler)English
Imogen WYNN(friend, fair)Welsh; English
example middle names for imogene

Gender neutral middle names for Imogene

Here are some gender neutral middle name ideas for an Imogen. Opting for a unisex middle name is a nice way to give your child future flexibility.

Imogene EASTON(East facing place)English
Imogene EMBER(spark)English
Imogene LEE(meadow)English
Imogene JONE(God is gracious)Hebrew
Imogene DELL(small valley)English
Imogene JOVE(Jupiter)Latin
Imogene LINNET(small songbird)French; Welsh
Imogene RUE(herb)English
Imogene ROW(rowan tree)Irish, Scottish
Imogene EDEN(biblical garden)Hebrew

Celtic and Irish names for Imogen

Lastly, we close the list of Imogen middle names with other names of similar Celtic origins. Imogen, likely coming from the name Innogen, could pair well with these Celtic-themed names below.

I also include a few Irish names since they are close in naming style, and may appeal to people who like the name Imogen.

Imogen MAEVE(hilarity)
Imogen FIONA(fair)
Imogen SABRINA(river Severn)
Imogen BLYTH(cheerful)
Imogen CORDELIA(heart; of the sea)
Imogen ROISIN(little rose)
Imogen NORA(light)
Imogen SAOIRSE(liberty)
Imogen ORLA(golden princess)
Imogen SLOANE(raider)

Sibling names to go with Imogen

If you came upon this list looking for names that go well with Imogen for siblings, here are some great options. First we have some ideas for brothers for Imogen, and then a set of names that would work well as sisters for an Imogene.

Brothers for Imogen

  • Stellan
  • Ivar
  • Oscar
  • Alexander
  • Gideon
  • Rueben
  • Rupert

Sisters for Imogen

  • Iris
  • Poppy
  • Clementine
  • Elodie
  • Matilda
  • Isadora
  • Miriam

Names similar to Imogen

And finally, if you aren’t sold on Imogen but like its style, here are some names with a similar feel as Imogen.

  • Ingrid
  • Ione
  • Isobel
  • Eloise
  • Jean
  • Agatha
  • Innogen

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