101+ Farmer Names [Rustic, Famous Farmers & Farmer-Meaning Names]


On the hunt for great farmer names? Then check out this list of 101+ names for farmers, including names meaning farmer, famous fictional farmers and rustic-themed names.

Plus, it includes farmer names for boys, girls and unisex ideas too.

This list is perfect for people who are looking for earthy and rustic name ideas for their baby. Farmer-inspired baby names are down-to-earth and approachable, perfect for those looking for easy, down-home vibes.

Are you here as a writer? This list is also great for authors working on stories in need of name ideas for their farmer characters.

And as I wrote about in my list of maid names, the famous fictional farmer names may also be of interest to trivia aficionados. I used to run a bar trivia night and questions matching famous farmer names to their book or television show would have made for solid trivia questions.

Below is a well-researched boys and girls names that mean farmer. Seriously, I spent way too long personally hunting down all the names with farmer meanings that actually sound like real names (since so many lists like that include non-usable names).

Then we dive into famous farmer names from pop culture. And at the end of the list, you’ll find farmer-inspired names with that honest-to-goodness, homespun feel.

Let’s plow into the names (farm-pun intended!).

Names meaning farmer

First up we have names that mean farmer. There are some surprising names on this list. For example, how does a name synonymous with an ultra-cool spy actually means farmer?

I think the unique name Zory, meaning farmer from Russian, would be a very fashionable name today for either gender.

  1. BARTLETT: Bartlett is not only a fictional president, it is also a diminutive of Bartholomew meaning son of the earth or son of a farmer.
  2. BOND: You may be surprised to learn that the famous 007’s name actually means farmer coming from English origins
  3. BONDI: Bondi is a cute alternative to Bond and comes from the Icelandic word for farmer
  4. FABIAN and FABIO: Fabian and Fabio are names meaning bean farmer coming from Latin roots
  5. GARDENER: Gardener is a unisex name meaning tender of a garden
  6. GEORGE: George is a name meaning farmer that comes from Greek
  7. GEORGIA, GEORGIANA and GEORGINA: Georgia, Gergina, and Georgiana are the feminizations of the classic name George that all meaning farmer
  8. GRANGER: Granger is a French and English derived name meaning farmer
  9. GIOGORIO: Giogorio is the Italian variation of the name George that means farmer or earthworker
  10. GORIN: Gorin is a name meaning barn floor
  11. JARINA: Jarina is a name with Greek roots meaning farmer
  12. JIRI: Jiri is a Czech name meaning farmer
  13. JOREN: Joren is a Scandinavian and Dutch name meaning farmer
  14. JORIS: Joris is a cool sounding Dutch name meaning farmer that is a cool variation on George.
  15. JORGE: Jorge is the Spanish and Portuguese variation of George
  16. OLDEN: Olden is a handsome Norwegian name meaning farmstead
  17. OMO: Omo is a name of many meanings, but coming from Norwegian it means farm
  18. ORTENSIA: Ortensia is a formidable name with Latin roots meaning farmer
  19. PARLAN: Parlan is a Scottish name meaning farmer or plow man
  20. SHEPARD: Shepard is a name meaning person who cares for and farms sheep
  21. STEDMAN: Made famous by Oprah’s better half, Stedman is a name meaning from the farm
  22. YURI: Yuri is a name coming from Russia meaning farmer
  23. ZORY: A cool alternative to Rory or Zoe, Zory is a Russian name meaning farmer
list of names meaning farmer

Famous farmer names from TV and movies

Next we turn to the name of famous farmers from pop culture. First up are the names of TV and movie farmers. It includes some well known movie farmers, like Ray from Field of Dreams, and some more under-the-radar names like Alo, a character from the British show Skins.

  1. ALO: Alo is the name of a character on Skins who lives on a farm
  2. ARTHUR: Arthur is the name of the farmer character in the film Babe
  3. CAROLINE: Caroline is the name of the farmer mother on Little House on the Prairie
  4. CHARLES: Charles was the name of the farmer father on Little House on the Prairie, and the name of Billy Bob Thorton’s character in Astronaut Farmer
  5. CLARK: Clark Kent, better known as Superman, grew up as a farm boy in Kansas
  6. DOTTIE: Dottie was a farm girl turned baseball star in A League of Their Own
  7. DWIGHT: Dwight is the name of the beloved beet farmer character on The Office
  8. EM: Em is the name of aunt who lives on a farm in the Wizard of Oz
  9. HENRY: The name of Dennis Quaid’s farmer character in At Any Price
  10. HERSHEL: Hershel is the name of the farmer character in the Walking Dead
  11. JAX: Jax is the name of the Mortal Combat character who becomes a farmer
  12. LAUREY: Laurey is the name of the farm girl in the musical and film Oklahoma!
  13. LUCAS: Lucas was the name of the main character in the 1950’s western The Rifleman
  14. LUKE: The famous Luke Skywalker was a moisture farmer in his origin story in the Star Wars franchise
  15. MARY ANN: Mary Ann was a character on Gilligan’s Island who worked on her uncle’s farm before being shipwrecked
  16. NED: Ned is the name of the farmer character played by Paul Rudd in Our Idiot Brother
  17. OLIVER: Oliver is the name of the main character on Green Acres, who leaves his New York city law job to become a farmer
  18. RAY: Ray is the name of the protagonist in Field of Dreams
famous farmer names from tv, movies and books

Famous farmer character names from books

Next we turn to farmer names from books and literature. Here you’ll find names ranging from Little House of the Prairie to Marvel comics.

  1. ASA: Asa-Nisse is a literary character from Sweden who lives on a farm
  2. EULALIA: Eulalia is the wife of Asa-Nisse, the Swedish farm dwelling character
  3. GILES: Farmer Giles of Ham is a fable by J.R.R. Tolkien
  4. HOMER: Homer Zuckerman was the name of the farmer character in Charolette’s Web
  5. JONES: Mr. Jones is the name of a farmer character in George Orwell’s Animal Farm
  6. LAURA: Laura was the name of the one of the daughters in the Little House (on the Prairie) book series and also the series author
  7. MARY: Mary was another daughter in the Little House book series
  8. PETER: Peter is the name of Colossus in Marvel comics who grew up on a Soviet collective farm
  9. SAM: Sam is the name of Cannonball, from the Marvel comic series, who farms in his downtime. It is also the name of the protagonist on Quantum Leap, who grew up on a farm.
  10. TAM: Tam al’Thor was the name of a shepherd character in Wheel of Time
  11. TARAN: The name of the protagonist in Chronicles of Prydain who grows up on a farm
  12. TOM: Tom is the name of the father and son tenant farmers in the Grapes of Wrath
  13. WILLIAM: William is the name of a character in the sci-fi novel Farmer in the Sky

Farm boy names

Now let’s take a look at some farmer-style names for boys. Levi has an easy casualness perfect for a farm boy name, and it is also a nod towards farmers’ favorite Levi jeans.

I like Shane as a reference to the famous old-time Western movie that my dad used to make me watch. The name Grant is on the list as a reference to the painter of the iconic farmer-themed painting, American Gothic.

Huck is a great standalone name, but could also work as a nickname for Huckleberry. And the name Garrison has a western, hometown feel through it’s connection to Prairie Home Companion

  1. Ames
  2. Arlo
  3. Boone
  4. Cash
  5. Colt
  6. Dallas
  7. Garrison
  8. Gentry
  9. Grant
  10. Jett
  11. Heath
  12. Huck
  13. Levi
  14. Shane
  15. Walker
  16. Waylon
  17. Weston
  18. Wilder
list of farmer names for boys

Farm chic names for girls

Next up are farmer names for girls. I particularly like the name Jolene and think we’ll see it continue to come back into fashion in coming years, plus it has a connection to country legend Dolly Parton. Abilene is a darling name that is also the name of a Texas city.

  1. Annie
  2. Abilene
  3. Betty
  4. Clementine
  5. Daisy
  6. Dakota
  7. Georgia
  8. Jolene
  9. Mabel
  10. Oakley (if you like Oakley, check out 75 Middle Names for Oakley)
  11. Olive
  12. Pearl
  13. Shania
  14. Susannah
  15. Winona
list of farm girl style names

Unisex names for farmers

Finally, we close the list of farmer names with unisex names for farmers. The name Curly is inspired by a cowboy character in the musical Oklahoma! And the name Henley means high meadow which is a subtle and sweet connection to a farm.

  1. Billie
  2. Cassidy
  3. Collins
  4. Curly
  5. Dell
  6. Denver
  7. Henley
  8. Hunter
  9. Jesse
  10. Landry
  11. Palmer
  12. Remington
  13. Rider
  14. River
  15. Shiloh

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