119 Computer Names for Your Nerdiest Baby

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119 computer names

Looking for great computer names? Below you’ll find 119 computer name ideas inspired by pop culture, programming languages, and history.

Perhaps you’re here looking for ideas for your new PC or laptop; you’ll definitely find some cute computer names on this list.

Here looking for a computer-inspired name for your baby? I’ve got you covered too. Computer-themed names are a great way to honor your geeky side. Most of the names on this list would work as well for a baby as they would a computer.

I’m a researcher who analyzes name data and trends. Unlike the AI-generated lists you’ve likely seen, I handpicked each name on this list, so they truly fit as computer-themed names. For each name, I also include an explanation of why it works as a computer name idea.

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Now let’s boot up the names!

Top 10 computer names

No time to read the whole article? Here are my ten favorite computer name ideas.

  1. Sage (meaning wise)
  2. Peyton Cassidy (P.C. initials)
  3. Ada (for Ada Lovelace)
  4. Ziggy (Quantum Leap computer)
  5. Linus (inventor of Linux)
  6. Ruby (programming language)
  7. Cato (meaning all-knowing)
  8. Athena (Goddess of wisdom)
  9. Kitt (Knight Rider computer)
  10. Macklin (for Mac computers)

Computer names in pop culture

First up, let’s look at computer names from pop culture. In this section, you’ll find computer names from movies, television and books.

To save you time sorting through a big unwieldy list, I purposefully only included those names that would be wearable on a person as well as a computer.

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Computer names in movies

Of the computer names in movies below, I like Nell and Edith as grandma-chic names.

  • Edgar: Edgar was the name of the computer in a love triangle in the romantic sci-fi, Electric Dreams
  • Edith: Edith is an artificial intelligence in Spider Man
  • Jarvis: Jarvis, Just a Rather Very Intelligent System, was the name of the artificial intelligence in Iron Man.
  • Lucy: Lucy is the computer in Hackers
  • Nell: Nell is the name of the spaceship computer in Battle Beyond the Stars
  • Pat: Pat is the name of the computer system in the Disney Channel original movie Smart House.
  • Samantha: Samantha is the name of the computer in Her.
  • Susie: Susie was a computer in the movie Kronos

Computer names in television

These TV computers come from a wide range of television shows, from Sponge Boy’s Square Pants to the Twilight Zone.

  • Agnes: Agnes is the name of a computer that appeared in the Twilight Zone
  • Albert: Albert is the computer name in the Absent-Minded Professor
  • Cora: Cora was a computer on Battlestar Galactica
  • Eric: Eric was a computer that was in a plot line in I Dream of Jeannie
  • Karen: Karen is Plakton’s computer on Sponge Bob’s Square Pants
  • Kitt: Kitt was the name of the onboard computer in the show Knight Rider
  • Ralf: Ralf is a computer name that stands for Ritchie’s Artificial Life Form on the show Whiz Kids
  • Ziggy: Ziggy is the computer on Quantum Leap

Computer name ideas in books

Finally, our last pop culture computer names come from literature.

  • Abraham: Abraham is the murderous computer in Gridiron
  • Blaine: Blaine is the computer control system in Steven King’s Dark Tower
  • Dora: Dora is a computer name in the book Time Enough for Love
  • Eddie: Eddie is the ship computer in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
  • Jane: Jane is the name of the artificial intelligence in Ender’s Game
  • Jill: Jill was the name of the computer in a couple Greg Bear’s science fiction works.
  • Obie: Obie is the name of the computer in the series Well World
names for a computer: maci, joy, zero, eddie, alan, skyler

Cute computer names

Let’s turn now to cute computer names. This list includes a mix of real names and fun names more akin to pet names. I think Case and Cato would be cute names for a computer or someone looking for a computer-inspired baby name.

  • Athena: Athena was the Greek goddess of wisdom and the daughter of Zeus
  • Case: Case is a cool boy’s name that can also reference a laptop case.
  • Cato: Cato would make a perfect computer-inspired name because it means all-knowing, much like computers.
  • Feivel: Feivel is close to the 90s throwback name Fievel, best known for a little mouse headed west. The Hebrew name would make a cute computer name since it means brilliant one.
  • Floppy: A nostalgic name for a computer, referencing floppy disks.
  • Lanny: Lan stands for “local area network,” created when you link multiple computers together.
  • Snowball: Snowball is the name of a programming language that would make a cute name for a computer.
  • Tabby: Tabby, like the type of cat, could also work as a computer name as a reference to the tab key.
  • Vista: Vista was the name of Microsoft’s operating system in 2007.
  • Zero: Zero could be a cute computer name in honor of the 1’s and 0’s of early binary computing. It is also the name of the computer in the film Rollerball

PC name ideas

If you’re looking for a PC name, consider this fun idea: give a full name with the initials P.C. Below are some name combinations with PC initials, like Poppy Colette. These combos would be a subtle way to have a computer-inspired name without being overtly nerdy.

  • Peter Collin
  • Penelope Catherine
  • Priscilla Claire
  • Poppy Colette
  • Pippa Cecilia
  • Phillip Conrad
  • Persimmon Cyprus
  • Peyton Cassidy
  • Pauline Cecily
  • Pearl Cosette
  • Paisley Capri
  • Prince Cassius

Mac name idea

If you have a new Mac, or would like a geeky baby name to honor Mac computers or Apple, here are some names with Mac in them.

  • Macbeth
  • Macklin
  • Maclaren
  • Makenna
  • Makayla
  • Mccoy
  • Macallister
  • Makai
  • McKenna
  • Makenzie
  • Maci
  • McKinley
  • Macaroon

Computer-inspired names

The following names are all inspired by computers in some way. In this section, you’ll find computer name ideas from operating systems, computer parts and computer companies.

  • Acorn: Acorn was a now-defunct early computer company.
  • Apple: Never forget that Gwyneth Paltrow named her kid Apple.
  • Bezel: Bezel, the part of the computer between the screen and the frame, would make a cool name
  • Hercules: Hercules Graphic Cards were a previously popular type of graphic card found in computers.
  • Hertz: Computer processing speed is measured in megahertz and gigahertz
  • Joy: Joy works as a computer name on two levels. First, it could be a name referencing joysticks; second, computers bring a lot of joy to many people.
  • Mark: Mark I was an electronic calculating machine, a computer precursor used in World War 2.
  • Ram: Ram is the name of a computer’s short-term memory.
  • Topo: Topo is the Italian word for mouse.
  • Ventura: Ventura is the name of the recent mac operating system.
Computer-themed names: Pearl, Ventura, Cato, Eddie, Jarvis and Ada

Names inspired by computer programming languages

Many computer programming language names would make very fashionable names. Here are 25 programming languages with great names you could steal for your baby or computer.

I personally think Delphi, as a full name or as a nickname for Delphine, would make a cute computer name. Elm and Lynx also have a cool gender-neutral nature vibe.

  • Alice
  • Alma
  • Argus
  • Ballerina
  • Bliss
  • Ceylon
  • Claire
  • Crystal
  • Cybil
  • Delphi
  • Draco
  • Dylan
  • Elm
  • Hermes
  • Hope
  • Idris
  • Julia
  • Lisa
  • Lynx
  • Max
  • Opal
  • Oz
  • Pearl
  • Ruby
  • Tom

Names of famous computer scientists

Let’s look now at the names of the people who made computing what it is today. Here are names of famous computer scientists. These names are a subtle and lovely way to honor important figures in computer history who helped revolutionize our world.

What I like about using a famous computer scientist’s name is its subtle geekiness. For example, names like Ada or James sound like traditional the surface, so you can choose how often to share the name’s computer connection.

  • Ada: Ada Lovelace is considered the first computer programmer in history
  • Alan: Alan Turing’s code-cracking machine in WW2 helped lay the foundations for modern computing.
  • Frances: Frances Elizabeth Allen was the first woman to win the Turing Award, considered the Nobel Prize of computing.
  • Grace: Grace Hopper was a pioneer for women in computer programming and invented one of the first linkers in programming.
  • Guido: Guido van Rossum is the name of the computer programmer who invented Python.
  • James: James Goslling was the founder of the Java programming language.
  • Linus: Linus Torvalds invented Linux, the open-source computer operating system.
  • Reshma: Reshma Saujani founded Girls Who Code to help close the gender gap in computing and engineering.
  • Steve: Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak changed the history of home computing when they founded Apple
  • Tim: Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web

Names that mean smart

Finally, we close the list with names that mean smart. Because let’s be real, computers are really smart. These names mean things like “wise advisor,” “logical,” and “mind,” all of which aptly describe computers. I think Veda and Hugh would be quite fashionable computer names.

  1. Alfie: Alfie is name meaning “wise counselor” that is a diminutive of Alfred. In the U.K., Alfie is a fashionable given name.
  2. Alfred: Alfred is a German name meaning wise counselor
  3. Akila: Akila is an Arabic name meaning logical
  4. Conroy: Conroy is a name meaning wise advisor
  5. Filbert: Filbert is a German name meaning very bright
  6. Hubert: Hubert is a Germanic name meaning mind
  7. Hugh: Hugh is an English name meaning intellect
  8. Minerva: Minerva is a Latin-originating name meaning intellect. Minnie would be a cute nickname for a computer or baby.
  9. Quinn: Quinn is an Irish name meaning wise
  10. Sabino: Sabino is a Spanish name meaning wise
  11. Sage: Sage is a gender neutral name meaning wise that comes from Latin
  12. Seanan: Seanan is an Irish name meaning old and wise.
  13. Shannon: Shannon is an Irish name meaning wise river
  14. Skyler: Skyler is an English name meaning scholar
  15. Sophia: Sophia is a Greek name meaning wisdom
  16. Veda: Veda is a Sanskrit name meaning knowledge

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