250+ Cute & Funny Names for Stuffed Animals

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250+ names for stuffed animals

Looking for name ideas for your new stuffed animal? Then check out this list of over 250 stuffed animal names. Each name also has a little blurb about its meaning or why it’s a great fit as a name for stuffed animals.

My inspiration for this this article was our baby’s new obsession with stuffed animals. It started with a little bear (which she appropriately named Bear Bear) and has snowballed to her walking around with basically a zoo in her arms at all times.

So many of our stuffed animals are simply called whatever animal they are. We have Elephant and Aardvark and Blue Bear. And our baby calls all her stuffed animals Bear Bear, including non-bears like Kitty Cat Bear Bear and Puppy Dog Bear Bear.

I am waiting and hoping for the day when we start to get creative with our stuffed animal names. In preparation for that moment, I’ve spent hours researching the list below of great stuffed animal names. I used my own database of over 2000 names, and did deep dives into animal and word meanings online.

Below you’ll find cute and funny stuffed animal names that work for any animal. But you’ll also find lists of names for types of animals, and names for stuffed animals based on their colors.

And don’t forget to check out my list of 325+ Teddy Bear Names.

I hope you find the perfect name on this list, especially so you are spared running around the house searching for every plush toy as your baby yells out “Bear Bear! Bear Bear!” from her crib.

On to the stuffed animal names!

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Cute names for stuffed animals

First up, we have cute names for stuffed animals.

  1. Caleb: Caleb is a name meaning faithful, which perfectly describes a beloved stuffed animal
  2. Loyal: similarly, Loyal would be an apt name for a favorite animal lovey
  3. Ivory: a cute name that is also the material that makes up the teeth and tusks of animals
  4. Twinkles: Twinkles is a full-on cutesy name
  5. Zuzu: Repeated short sounds and the fun Z at the beginning makes Zuzu both cute and fun.
  6. Droopy: Droopy was the name of a 1940’s cartoon dog character
  7. Pluma: Pluma would be a charming name for any type of stuffed animal bird since it means “feathers”
  8. Minty: The name Minty feels like a fresh (ha!) and charming nickname-style name
  9. Merryweather: I really like the endearing name Merryweather as a cute stuffed animal name. It was also the first name of famous explorer Lewis, of Lewis and Clark.
  10. Fauna: Fauna is a sweet name and means “animals of an area”

Funny names for stuffed animals

Next, here are some funny name ideas for stuffed animals.

  1. PAWjamas: a funny pun name for stuffed animals, since so many animals have paws
  2. Keith: Keith would be a funny name for a stuffed animal because it is so unexpected
  3. FURRari: a clever pun name for any plush animal with furr
  4. Cindy CLAWford: a funny pun name for any plush animal with claws
  5. Santa CLAWS: this would be a funny stuffed animal name both because it is a pun on claws and because you wouldn’t expect Santa Claus as a toy animal name
  6. Carmichael: Carmichael is so formal and unexpected that it would be a funny name on a child’s stuffed animal
  7. Raincoat: both because the unexpected is funny and because many animals have coats
  8. Charles BARKley: a funny name for any type of animal that barks, like dogs, foxes, and seals
  9. An-amal Clooney: a play off the word animal and Amal Clooney
  10. GNAWrnia: a play on how many animals gnaw things and the word Narnia from Chronicles of Narnia.

Unique stuffed animal names

If you’re looking for something more off-beat, here are 10 unique stuffed animal names.

  1. Rollerblades: an out-of-the-blue and unique name for a stuffed animal
  2. Pendragon: a cool name that comes from medieval Arthurian literature
  3. Jago: Jago is a unique name with a devil-may-care vibe that would be a fun for a stuffed animal
  4. Pants: simple, fun and weird — everything you need for a unique stuffed animal name
  5. Sneaks: I really like the idea of the name Sneaks for a kid’s stuffed animal because it feels like a faithful sidekick name
  6. Alaska: Alaska sounds like a cool name but not one you hear often for pets or people
  7. AniMalachi: Malachi is a Hebrew name that can blend as ANIMAL-achi for a eccentric stuffed animal name
  8. Razzmatazz: what a fun word to say and rare in its two sets of double z’s
  9. Yonder: Yonder feels like a unique word name that would be trendy today
  10. Alan Alda: naming an animal the full name of a celebrity is always funny and Alan Alda would definitely be unique for a kid’s stuffed animal name.

Stuffed animal names by gender

And here are name ideas broken down gender. Up first are girl stuffed animal names, followed by boy stuffed animal names.

Girl stuffed animal names

  1. Lisa: we have a little raccoon named Lisa, and I’m not going to lie, it’s a great stuffed animal name
  2. Eva: Eva is a girls name that means “life” but also means “animal” or “living one”
  3. Melisande: one of the meanings of the French name Melisande is “animal strength”
  4. Marley: Marley is a cute girls name that would fit well on most stuffed animals
  5. Petunia: Petunia feels a little old lady and that makes it all the better for a stuffe animal name
  6. Winnie: I really love the name Winnie and it would be a sweet on a little stuffed animal (don’t forget to check out my list of Full Names for the Nickname Winnie if you want something more formal)
  7. Poppy: Poppy is a fun and easy girl’s name
  8. Vivian: Vivian is a name meaning “lively” which would be a little ironic for an inanimate stuffed animal
  9. Ariel: a lovely girl name, plus kids seem to like naming things after beloved characters like Ariel the Little Mermaid
  10. Wren: Wren is a girl name after the bird which has a nature-vibe that would be fitting for a stuffed animal

Boy stuffed animal names

  1. Channing: Channing is a name meaning “wolf cub”
  2. Fitz: Fitz is a fun boy’s name for any type of stuffed animal
  3. Danny: who doesn’t love common and simple human names on an animal?
  4. Ozias: Ozzie would be a very cute nickname for a plush
  5. Chauncy: I like the idea of juxtaposing a pompous sounding name with an adorable stuffed animal
  6. Wilder: a cool boy name that is fitting for wild animal stuffed animals
  7. Alfie

Plush animal names by type of animal

Now onto various stuffed animal names for different types of animals. There are names for: teddy bears, bunnies, dinosaurs, cats, monkeys, dogs, giraffes, penguins, cows, octopus, elephants, and unicorns

Teddy bear names

  1. Beary Styles: a funny teddy bear name
  2. Bjorn: a name meaning bear
  3. Pea: a cute name for a teddy bear that means “bear” in Hawaiian
  4. Rupert: Rupert was the name of the famous bear in the British comic strip
  5. Arctos: part of the scientific name for brown bears
  6. Blair Bear: a teddy bear name with great flow
  7. Gruff: from the idiom “as gruff as a bear”
  8. Bozo: Bozo is a nickname for the name Theodore in Bulgaria
  9. Bear Chub: a funny play on “bear cub” for a giant teddy bear
  10. BlueBEARry: a great bear pun name for a blue teddy bear

For more teddy bear names see: 325+ Names for Teddy Bears

a classic teddy bear stuffed animal
A classic teddy bear stuffed animal

Stuffed bunny names

  1. Dash: a name that means to “move quickly” that would work well for a spritely stuffed bunny
  2. Hip Hop: an adorable name for a plush toy rabbit
  3. HAREy Potter: a pun name for a stuffed bunny based on rabbits also being called hares
  4. Sticky Bun: Sticky Bun would be a cute name for a plush bunny, and it’s appropriate because everything little kids touch ends up sticky
  5. Hopscotch: a name in honor of bunnies hopping
  6. Bunny Tyler: a pun name for a bunny based off of the famous singer Bonnie Tyler
  7. Peter: a name for a toy bunny in honor of the famous Peter Rabbit
  8. Baby Carrot: a cute name for a bunny’s favorite food
  9. Flopsy: Flopsy is the name of one of Peter Rabbit’s bunny sisters
  10. Dust Bunny: a funny name for a stuffed bunny

Stuffed cat names

  1. Kevin: Kevin is a trendy name for cats because it is so unexpected
  2. CATsby: a pun name for stuffed cats that plays on Gatsby
  3. PURRseco: a name that is a pun on a cat’s purr
  4. Catalina: a girl’s name that starts with cat
  5. AvoCATo: a play on the word Avocado
  6. Leon: Leon is a name meaning “lion,” the most notorious of cats
  7. MarshMEOWlow: a cat pun name on marshmallow
  8. Tom: a perfect plush cat name in reference to the word tomcat
  9. Paka: Paka is the Swahili word for cat and can be used as a girl’s name
  10. CleoCATra: a play on the name Cleopatra, plus Cleo would be a cute nickname

Names for monkey stuffed animals

  1. Tumbili: Tumbili is the Swahili word for monkey
  2. Marcel: Marcel was the name of the monkey on the show Friends
  3. Barbary: Barbary is a name of a type of monkey that would be a fun name for a stuffed monkey
  4. Donkey: I like this stuffed monkey name because it references Mario’s Donkey Kong and also because animal names on different animals are always fun
  5. Ishmael: Ishmael is the name of a philosophical book about a gorilla
  6. Mickey: Mickey the Monkey is an alliterative name with easy flow for a plush monkey
  7. ChimPANTSzee: a pun name that could be shortened to the nickname Pants
  8. APE-ricot: a pun name off apricots
  9. Dunston: for the 90’s kid movie Dunston Checks In
  10. Abe: Abe sounds like an old man name and it is also the word for monkey in Danish

Names for cow stuffed animals

  1. Hamburger: a dark humor name for a stuffed cow
  2. COWabunga: an expression that would make a fun name for a stuffed cow
  3. Milkshake: a fun word name for cow’s making milk
  4. MOOna Lisa: a funny pun name for a stuffed cow that plays on the famous Mona Lisa
  5. Bipi: Bipi is the Hawaiian word for cow
  6. Govs: Govs sounds like a cool name, plus it means “cow” in Latvian
  7. DeCALF: a pun name for a stuffed cow off of decaf coffee and calves which would work especially well for a brown cow
  8. My Better Calf: a pun name off the phrase ‘my better half’
  9. Cory: Cory the Cow is an alliterative name for a stuffed cow with good flow
  10. Slider: a joke name based on sliders being mini-burgers

Stuffed penguin names

  1. Bruin: Bruin in a name that rhymes with penguin
  2. Aves: Aves is the animal class that penguins belong to
  3. Archibald: a dressed up name for a dressed up penguin
  4. Percival: formal Percival feels like a fitting name for a stuffed penguin in their “tuxedo” look
  5. Little Blue: Little Blue is the name of the smallest penguin species, which would be a cute name for a little stuffed penguin
  6. Morgan: a name to honor the narrator of March of the Penguins, Morgan Freeman
  7. Penny: a straightforward alliterative name for a plush penguin
  8. Adelie: Adelie is a cute name of a type of penguin
  9. Pengo: the name of an early penguin video game by Sega
  10. Mr. Poppers: a pop culture reference to the famous children’s book Mr. Poppers Penguins

Names for giraffe stuffed animals

  1. Gerald: Gerald is the name of the giraffe protagonist in one of our toddler’s favorite books, Giraffes Can’t Dance
  2. Sophie: the name of the most iconic toy giraffe
  3. April: the name of the famous giraffe whose pregnancy livestream went viral on YouTube
  4. Gemma: Gemma the Giraffe has a nice flow to it
  5. Longfellow: an appropriate name for a lanky stuffed giraffe
  6. Alta: Alta would be a cute name for a giraffe because it means “high”
  7. Shorty: an ironic name for a tall giraffe plush
  8. Twiga: Twiga is the Swahili word for giraffe
  9. Cesar: Cesar was the name of one of the giraffes at our zoo
  10. Lanky Lou: a name for giraffes’ long, thin shape

Stuffed dog names

  1. Sherlock Bones: this is a clever name for a toy dog
  2. Doggone: Doggone is an expression for an exclamation
  3. COLLIEflour: a play on the word cauliflower and the dog breed collie
  4. Connor: Connor is a name meaning “lover of dogs”
  5. WOOFles: a funny pun name for stuffed dogs that plays on the word waffles
  6. Madden: Madden is a name meaning “little dog”
  7. Hush Puppy: Hush Puppy would be a cute name for a stuffed dog, after the delicious fried food
  8. PUPperoni: an adorable and funny name for a toy dog
  9. Sandy: the name of one of Queen Elizabeth’s corgis
  10. Chili Dog: I simply love the name Chili Dog for a stuffed dog toy

Toy octopus names

  1. Paul: name your stuffed octopus Paul in honor of the famous octopus who correctly predicted the winner of all the 2010 World Cup games
  2. Kraken: Kraken is the name of an octopus-like sea monster in Scandinavian folk lore
  3. Octavia: Octavia is a name meaning “eighth” that is fitting for the eight legs of an octopus
  4. Craig: a name in honor of the movie My Octopus Teacher
  5. Inky: the name of the beanie baby plush octopus
  6. Crazy Eights: the name of the classic card game would also be a cute name for a stuffed octopus
  7. October: the name October comes from Latin for “eight”
  8. Ollie: Ollie the Octopus is a name with a cute ring to it
  9. Ursula: a name for a toy octopus in honor of the character in the Little Mermaid
  10. Kanaloa: Kanaloa is the name of a Hawaiian god that takes the form of an octopus

Names for stuffed elephants

  1. Tembo: the Swahili word for elephant would also make a good name for a stuffy
  2. Elmer: Elmer was the name of the elephant in another hit children’s book in our house, Elmer the Patchwork Elephant
  3. Teeny: a funny sarcastic name for a big stuffed elephant
  4. Trumpet: elephants are said to make noises akin to a trumpet
  5. Babar: the name of the elephant in the classic children’s books from France
  6. Olivian: Olivian is a name coming from Olifant, an Old English word for “elephant”
  7. Elena: Elena the Elephant is a nice alliterative name for a plush elephant
  8. Titus: a name meaning “of the giants,” much like giant elephants
  9. Grey: while Grey is rather literal name for a stuffed elephant, it is very trendy among parents today as a baby name.
  10. Grant: Grant the Elephant is a funny rhyming name for a pet elephant

Toy unicorn names

  1. Feathers: the name of one of the unicorns on the YouTube series Planet Unicorn
  2. Cadillac: and one more name from Planet Unicorn, because their names for unicorns were too good.
  3. Buttercup: the name of the stuffed unicorn in Toy Story 3 & 4
  4. Alicorn: the name of the unicorn’s magical horn
  5. Scotland: Scotland made unicorns their national animal
  6. Shimmer: many toy unicorns shine with glitter
  7. Lucky Charms: the famous cereal added a unicorn marshmallow in 2018
  8. Maize: a name that plays on the “corn” part of the word unicorn
  9. Unika: Unika the Unicorn is an alliterative name with good flow, plus it means “shining” which is fitting for a stuffed unicorn name
  10. Seaborn: Seaborn is a rhyming name with unicorn

Stuffed dinosaur names

  1. Minmi: Minmi is a cute name and also the name of a small dinosaur
  2. ROARy: a funny name for a dinosaur that is a play on the name Rory
  3. Fluffy: an ironic name for a dinosaur, especially a fierce one.
  4. Flossy: a cute nod to dinosaurs teeth
  5. Birdie: a name honoring birds as the surviving lineage of dinosaurs
  6. Seymour: a boy name rhyming with dinosaur
  7. Charlie: the name of one of the raptors in Jurassic World
  8. Dina: this girl’s name sounds close to Dino
  9. Charlene: the name of the daughter dinosaur in the show Dinosaurs
  10. Owen: Richard Owen was the paleontologist that coined the name “dinosaur”

For more dino names see: 101+ Names for Stuffed Dinosaurs

a stuffed dinosaur
our stuffed dinosaur

Plush animal names by color

Lastly here are different stuffed animal names based on their colors. It includes names for pink, blue, green, yellow, white, black, red and brown stuffed animals.

Pink stuffed animal names

  1. Pembe: Pembe is a great name for a pink stuffed animal as it is a Turkish name meaning “pink”
  2. Coral: Coral is a pinkish orange color
  3. Piggie: pigs are often depicted as being pink, and naming a stuffed animal a different animal name is always great
  4. Blush: Blush would be a charming name for a pink plushie
  5. Pinky: an obvious pink stuffed animal name
  6. Tongue: a pink object that would make a funny toy name
  7. Rosie: Rosie is a cute name and a pinkish hue
  8. Roseo: Roseo is a good alternative to Rosie if your pink stuffed animal is a boy
  9. Flamingo: the name of the birds that are iconically pink
  10. Alecia: Alecia is the real name of the singer Pink

Blue stuffed animal names

  1. Jeans: I love the name Jeans, in honor of blue jeans, for a blue plush toy
  2. Indigo: Indigo is a name of Greek origins meaning “deep blue”
  3. Jaylene: a Jaylene is a blue colored bird
  4. Aqua: Aqua is a cool name for a blue stuffed animal
  5. Royal: a name in honor of the color royal blue
  6. Sapphire: a name for the blue gemstones
  7. Mavi: Mavi would make a cute name for a blue lovey that comes from the Turkish word for “blue”
  8. Blue Ivy: go ahead and name your blue stuffed animal after Beyonce’s kid, it’s cool.
  9. Ocean: Ocean is actually a top 1000 baby name for both boys and girls
  10. Nebo: Nebo sounds like a quirky pet name and comes from the Russian word for “sky”

Green plush toy names

  1. Froggie: Froggie would be an even better name on a green stuffed animal that is not a frog
  2. Lettuce: not often thought of as a name, lettuce would be funny for a green stuffed animal exactly because it is a surprise
  3. Irving: this classic boy’s name would make a respectable name for a green stuffed animal since it means “green water”
  4. Pickles: I love the name Pickles for a green lovely, it really speaks for itself.
  5. Chloe: Chloe is a name meaning “green shoot”
  6. Hunter: for hunter green, and also an ironic name for an animal since they are often the ones hunted
  7. Jade: a gemstone that is typically green
  8. Esmeralda: Esmeralda means “emerald” which is a green gemstone
  9. Cedar: Cedar is a cool unisex nature name that is an evergreen tree
  10. Denver: Denver is a name meaning “green valley”

Yellow plush animal names

  1. Corn Cob: Corn Cob would be an adorably funny name for a yellow stuffed animal
  2. Butter: another comical name for a yellow plushie
  3. Elio: a name meaning sun (for more sun-themed names, check out: 50 Names Meaning Sun)
  4. Goldie: an obvious pick for any yellow colored lovey
  5. Aurelia: is a name from Latin origins meaning “golden one”
  6. Marigold: a cute golden flower name
  7. Buttercup: another yellow flower that would be adorable as a stuffed yellow animal name
  8. Blane: Blane is an Irish-originating name meaning “yellow”
  9. Limoncello: the delicious lemon liquor that is yellowish colored
  10. Amarillo: the Spanish word for yellow

White stuffed animal names

  1. Sugar: Sugar is perhaps the most obvious and cute name for a white colored stuffed animal
  2. Marshmallow: Marshmallow are white and squishy, like a stuffed animal
  3. Blizz: a spunky name that is short for blizzard
  4. Frosty: Frosty would make a good white stuffed animal name as it conjures images of snow
  5. Fiona: an Irish name meaning “white” or “fair”
  6. Bianca: an Italian name meaning “white”
  7. Alba: this lovely girl’s name means “white” from it’s Latin roots
  8. January: a name for the snowy white winter month
  9. Gavin: a name from Scotland meaning “white hawk”
  10. Dover: for the white cliffs of Dover

Black stuffed animal names

  1. Onxy: Onxy is a cool name and a black stone
  2. Noir: Noir is the French word for black and would make a moody name for a black stuffed animal
  3. Batman: name your black stuffed animal after one of the most iconic and black-garbed superheroes
  4. Olive: a cute name that can reference black olives
  5. Preta: Preta could make a nice name and is the Portuguese word for black
  6. Jett: a trendy name that means “jet black”
  7. Raven: a hip name today and also the name of a black bird
  8. Licorice: a chewy candy that is most commonly black
  9. Caviar: Caviar would make a fancy black stuffed animal name, after the lavish black food

Red stuffed animal names

  1. Strawberry: this fruit name would be a cute name for a red stuffed animal
  2. Altan: Altan is a Turkish name meaning “red dawn”
  3. Ruby: Ruby is a red gemstone
  4. Rusty: Rusty would be a cute name for a boy stuffed animal that’s red
  5. Lava: Lava is red before it cools to stone
  6. Rowan: is an Irish name meaning “little red one”
  7. Ulaula: a name for a red stuffed animal inspired by the Hawaiian word for red
  8. Firecracker: Firecracker would be a fun name for a red lovey
  9. Aiden: This 2000’s hit name means “little fire”
  10. Apple: if the name is good enough for Gwyneth, it’s good enough for your red stuffed animal

Brown stuffed animal names

  1. Acorn: Acorn would be a good name especially for any brown stuffed animal that is a woodland creature
  2. Nutella: perhaps one of the most delicious brown foods
  3. Peanut Butter: who doesn’t love peanut butter? Plus it’d be a delightful animal name
  4. Pumpernickel: this dark brown bread would also make an amusing brown plushie name
  5. Tawny: Tawny is a name meaning “godeln brown” which would work well for a brown colored stuffed animal
  6. Bunaa: Bunaa is the Arabic word for brown
  7. Coca Cola: the brown soda would make a fun name for a brown animal
  8. Afra: Afra is a charming name that means “color of earth”
  9. Umber: Umber is a brownish color
  10. Penny: Penny is a cute and simple name, and pennies are brownish in color.

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