35 Dollar Tree Halloween Finds: Decor, Crafts & Treats

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Looking for Dollar Tree Halloween ideas? Check out these dollar store Halloween finds, including Halloween essentials like costumes, decorations, crafts and more.

I absolutely love Halloween. It’s my favorite holiday and my kids are in Halloween outfits from September through the big day.

The Dollar Tree’s Halloween selection does not disappoint and is perfect if you love combining your love of being frugal with Halloween fun (🙋‍♀️).

The dollar store is great for saving money and also picking up Halloween essentials like glow sticks (to help kids be more visible when trick-or-treating) and candy.

Let’s check out all the good Halloween items at Dollar Tree!

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1. Candy

Let’s kick off the list with the most quintessential Halloween item — candy! The dollar store has a huge selection of Halloween candy.

Keep an eye on the bag quantity though! Depending on the candy, the price isn’t always a savings over other stores because of the smaller size.

Shelves of candy boxes at the dollar tree

2. Glow sticks

Listen, glow sticks are my #1 favorite Dollar Tree Halloween hack. First, I get glow sticks to give out instead of candy. They’re allergy-friendly and accessible for all kids, and they’re way cheaper than candy!

Second, I put glow stick bracelets and necklaces on my kids for trick-or-treating so they’re more visible. I also do this for night events around Halloween like our Zoo Boo.

packs of glow sticks hanging on the shelf at a store

TIP: Our Dollar Tree had the exact same glow stick bracelets in 5-pack, 10-pack and 25-pack quantities in different parts of the store. The employee confirmed they’re the same so make sure you grab the biggest size pack!

3. Halloween pencils

Sticking with candy-alternatives, check out these cute Halloween pencils. These would be a great allergy-free option for tricker or treaters.

pack of halloween pencils in orange, white and black being held by a hand

4. Play-doh

You probably wouldn’t expect play doh on a Dollar Tree Halloween list but this is another great non-candy trick-or-treat option. My kids absolutely love when they’ve gotten play doh on Halloween.

a hand holding a container of play doh with a store shelf in the background

5. Candy bowl

The Dollar Tree has cute bowls for putting your Halloween candy on Halloween night. Below is an example of a black cat shaped bowl.

Black cat face shaped bowl on the shelf at the dollar tree

6. Trick-or-treat containers

In addition, Dollar Tree also has containers for kids to carry around trick or treating. For example, these Halloween-themed buckets could be used for candy collection.

a stack of halloween themed buckets in orange, purple and black

7. Costumes

You can find kids costumes at Dollar Tree. They have “full” costumes and also pieces of costumes like fairy and butterfly wings that you can pair with your own outfit.

a child's halloween costume in the package being held by a hand

8. Pet costumes

Kids aren’t the only ones who can get a dollar store costume. They also have a selection of dog costumes, like this hot dog costume for a small dog.

a pet costume of a hot dog being held up by a hand

9. Pumpkin carving tool kit

You can get a tool kit for carving your jack-o’-lantern at Dollar Tree.

a packaged pumpkin carving kit with a knife and scooper

10. Party plates

Our Dollar Tree had adorable paper plates that would be perfect for a Halloween party, like these little witch plates pictured below.

a pack of paper plates shaped like a little witch head

11. Table Clothes

Dollar Tree is a great place to save money on party supplies. For example, table clothes are so much cheaper than other stores.

a pack of orange table cloth being held up by a hand

12. Halloween balloons

Staying with the party decoration theme, you can also find cheap balloons at the dollar store. They have Halloween-themed options, like these jack-o-latern balloons.

a pack of deflated pumpkin orange balloons being held up

13. Halloween napkins

How cute are these Halloween napkins? They’d be a great addition for a Halloween party or to pull out for Halloween dinner before trick-or-treating

a pack of napkins with a vampire, frankenstein, skeleton and mummy on them

14. Halloween decor

Moving on to decor, there are SO many Halloween-y decorations at Dollar Tree. Here are some plastic skeletons that my toddlers went nuts for (as you can see them grabbing them in the picture below).

plastic skeletons hanging from the shelf at the dollar store

15. Candle holder

Our Dollar Tree had a lot of cute and festive candle holders, like these little pumpkins.

a glass pumpkin cnadle holder being held by a hand

16. Decorative candles

You can also find full candles at the dollar store, if you don’t want to fuss with a separate candle and candle holder. Pictured below are some skull themed ones for the holiday.

Three colorful Day of the Dead-themed prayer candles decorated with skulls and floral patterns in shades of pink, purple, and blue.

17. Scented melting wax

Along with candle holders, you can also get melting wax at Dollar Tree in fun fall scents, to make your house feel more festive.

a pack of melting wax in pumpkin and marshmallow flavor being held by a hand

18. Fall tchotchke

In addition to Halloween decor, Dollar Tree also has a wide selection of more general fall-y decorations. These cute trucks have pumpkins for Halloween or could also be for the fall season.

a pack of little blue truck decorations with pumpkins in the back

19. Fall dishware

You can find cute fall-themed dishes. I really liked the pumpkin mugs in the more subtle blues and browns, seen in the middle of the picture below.

shelves of fall leaf and pumpkin themed plates and mugs

20. Halloween garland

Do you need Halloween garland? Probably not. But is it fun? Absolutely.

purple silver and black halloween garland

21. Wall decorations

Dollar Tree has a lot of decorations that you simply hang on a wall or door, like the witch hat pictured below. These are great because they are so low effort.

felt witches hat decoration

22. Pumpkin gift bags

These fabric gift bags could be used for gifts, party favors or even decorations. You could stuff them and use them as a simple decoration inside or outside.

fabric pumpkin gift bags in a package

23. Goody bags

Dollar Tree also has more disposable goody bags that you can use to give to treat-or-treaters or for party favors. There are double the amount of treat bags in these than the fabric bags.

halloween themed goody bag pack with witch, vampire, monster and skeleton on them

24. Strobe light

You can even pick up cool strobe lights for your outside Halloween decorations. These are also small enough to fit inside a jack-o-lantern.

a led stobe light being held by a hand with store shelf in the background

25. Outdoor lights

I really like these creepy eyeball stake lights. They’re solar so you don’t need to worry about batteries making them extra easy.

an eyeball solar stake light

26. Spider webs

Spider webs are the classic Halloween decoration. It’s easy, a little goes a long way, and kids love to help with it.

package of orange fake spider web decoration

27. Halloween window decals

Window decals are great easy decorations, but they’re also great as a toddler activity. My kids will play with decorating windows with decals for way longer than I’d expect.

A pack of decorative pumpkin and bat stickers with glitter accents, held against a craft store backdrop.

28. Trick or treat bag

In addition to trick or treat buckets, Dollar Tree also has cute bags for trick-or-treat candy. I like a bag because it is more flexible (and easier to stash underneath a stroller when my kid inevitably tuckers out).

bag that looks like a ghost on the dollar store shelf

29. Halloween scarf

Want to get in the Halloween spirit without a full-blown costume? Our Dollar Tree had a section of Halloween scarves to add a touch of holiday fun to an outfit.

blue scarf with skulls on it

30. Halloween ribbon

Dollar Tree has ribbons galore and had some nice festive Halloween ones. The glittery black ones you could reuse for other occasions too.

box of halloween ribbon with orange glitter and black glitter rolls at the dollar tree

31. Halloween cards

Dollar Tree is such a great place to buy cards. They’re so much cheaper than at the grocery store, and their selection of Halloween ones was solid.

shelf of halloween greeting cards

32. So many decorative pumpkins

Dollar Tree is teeming with different styles of decorative pumpkins. They have these on stakes that could be used in crafts or bouquets.

An assortment of textured and patterned pumpkins in a variety of colors, including traditional orange, black and white checkered, and green, in a cardboard box.

33. Halloween craft supplies

You can also find a lot of different Halloween-themed craft supplies at Dollar Tree. As an example, here are some cute wool pumpkins in the picture below.

little green felt pumpkins in a package

34. Carvable pumpkin

My friend turned me on to fake carvable pumpkins. It’s a nice kid activity, especially when they’re too young for knives to do their own real pumpkin.

A hand holding a black foam pumpkin with a sticker indicating it is carvable, displayed in a cardboard box with other pumpkins.

35. Halloween socks

Who doesn’t love cute holiday-themed socks? Our Dollar Tree had Halloween socks for adults, kids and babies.

baby halloween socks with skulls on them

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