33 Pretty Wrist Tattoos for Women

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Looking for small and pretty wrist tattoos for women? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Below you’ll find 25 feminine wrist tattoo ideas, including minimal and simple wrist tattoos and unique wrist tattoos.

I curated this list to help give you new ideas and inspiration for the perfect tattoo. Let’s check out the tattoos!

collage of wrist tattoos, including hearts, flowers, and cursive words like family and love. text on the below the collage says: small and pretty wrist tattoos for women you'll want to steal

1. Handwriting tattoo

Up first is a simple wrist tattoo of handwriting saying “I love you.” You could make this tattoo even more meaningful by using the handwriting of a loved one.

a wrist tattto of love you in cursive slightly off center

2. Intertwined hearts

This tattoo is a simple wrist tattoo using only a few lines to make interconnecting hearts. This tattoo could also make a pretty mom tattoo with a heart to represent each child.

two hearts intertwined as a wrist tattoo

3. Fine line sunflower

This wrist tattoo has delicate triangles with a sunflower in them.

a wrist behind the back with a small triangle tattoo on it

4. Sunflower design

Here’s another version of a sunflower wrist tattoo that is dainty and simple.

a black and white photo zoomed in on hands behind the back with a small sunflower tattoo on the wrist and a zoom in on the tattoo design

5. Bouquet

This tattoo is in the style of a sketch of a bouquet of flowers. It could be personalized by using your favorite flowers or the birth month flowers of meaningful people in your life.

a simple drawing of four flowers as a tattoo

6. Scrabble tile tattoo

I absolutely love the uniqueness of this scrabble tile tattoo. This is also easy to personalize and have the tiles spell anything you’d like.

tattoo of scrabble pieces on arm that spells love

7. Everything is rosy tattoo

Here is a more color wrist tattoo idea for women. The rose is done in color and then the pretty script around it says ‘everything is rosy.”

pink rose tattoo on the wrist with writing around it that says everything is rosy

8. Simple rose

This example is another rose tattoo, but this time is on the outer wrist. It is also simple and understated.

a small wrist tattoo of a rose bracelet and a zoom in on the tattoo design

9. Small infinity symbol

This one is a very small wrist tattoo of an infinity symbol. This is one is definitely small and minimalistic, but with a big meaning.

very small infinity symbol wrist tattoo

10. Hearts & infinity symbol tattoo

Next is another take on the infinity symbol. It is not as simple as the last one but still keeps the design fairly low-key. It includes hearts and people, making it a nice honor for a family tattoo.

infinity sign with hearts and kids as a wrist tattoo

11. Elephant wrist tattoo

I love these cool elephants for those who want more of a nature vibe. I like that the elephants are simply drawn with lines and could be made smaller for a small wrist tattoo.

two elephants wrist tattoo

12. Tiny semi-colon tattoo

Love nerdy chic? This small wrist tattoo of a semi colon is perfect for book lovers or writers. I also like how it is off-set on the wrist, adding to the uniqueness

very small semi colon tattoo on the side of the inside wrist

13. Minimal celestial tattoo

The next tattoo is a celestial star tattoo with a minimal vibe. It could easily be personalized, with the number of stars representing family or another meaningful number in your life.

this is a simple small tattoo of stars on a wrist

14. Simple birds

Bird tattoos are just cool. I like this simple design and it could easily be size adjusted if you want something more understated.

this is a tattoo on the forearm of three birds

15. Bird symbol + ‘Be Happy’ tattoo

Here’s another take on a wrist bird tattoo. This one includes a mantra of “be happy” with a bird symbol.

a dark black wrist tattoo that says be happy with a little bird

16. Rose tattoo

This wrist tattoo is of a rose with free-spirited handwriting that says “hope.” I would adjust this design so that the end of the hope word was the stem of the rose.

rose tattoos on the wrist with the word hope in cursive going up the forearm

17. Floral growth cycle tattoo

Here is another floral tattoo idea: the life cycle of a rose going from a seed all the way to a flower.

18. “Stay True” tattoo

This tattoo uses both wrists as a remind to stay true. The design is simple and the words could be anything meaningful to you.

two wrists, one says true and one says stay as black tattoos

19. Bloom where you are planted

This is another take on a mantra wrist tattoo. I love the simple typewriter style font and the message “bloom where you are planted.”

a rose wrist tattoo with text that says bloom where you are planted

20. I’m Happy

So many tattoos say “be happy,” that I wanted to highlight this alternative that affirms “I’m happy.” It is a subtle twist but makes a powerful statement.

a wrist on the side of a body with a tattoo that says im happy

21. Tiny sunflower wrist tattoo

This small wrist tattoo of a sunflower is feminine and pretty. I’d also like a version where the sunflower was done in bright colors.

small sunflower tattoo in the middle of the wrist

22. Single heart

A single heart is a classic small tattoo idea. I also like the idea of doing the heart in color instead of black to make a more subtle but bright tattoo.

small heart tattoo on wrist with a hand holding a little yellow flower

23. Heart chain

Similar to the last tattoo, here is a chain of hearts along the wrist. What I like about this iteration of the heart tattoo is that you could adjust the number of hearts to be something meaningful, like the number of children or siblings in your family.

24. Moon and sun on each wrist

Here are two wrist tattoo examples in one picture. One wrist shows a moon tattoo and the other has a funky sun design on it. It works well as a pair obviously but you could also do only one.

two wrists with tattoos, a moon tattoo in the front and a sun tattoo in the back

25. Moon cycle

Another spin on a moon tattoo is to do different phases of the moon. You could pick moon phases that are meaningful, like the moon when you were born or got married. Or you could do a full moon cycle.

26. Female symbol

The female symbol is a classic woman’s tattoo idea. A simple symbol on the wrist feels powerful and feminine.

wrist with a female symbol on it and the hand is in a fist

27. Butterfly in flight

I really like this simple design that utilizes the wrist and forearm. It shows a dotted line flight path going up the inner forearm to the small butterfly on the wrist.

zoomed in on hands holding a flower behind the back with a butterfly tattoo on the wrist. text overlay says design close up with the simple butterfly tattoo

28. Fox tattoo

I love the design of a simply line-drawn fox as a tattoo. It has cool nature vibes while also being sleek.

29. “Be Chill”

Here is one last wrist mantra tattoo. I like “be chill” as a little more unique alternative to “relax.”

wrist with the words "be chill" on it

30. Side wrist tattoo

Finally, don’t feel limited to only the inner wrist! This side wrist tattoo adds a bit of uniqueness for an extra cool factor.

31. Constellation tattoo

This tattoo of a constellation is simple but very cool. You could do it as a matching tattoo as pictured here or do a full constellation as a single wrist tattoo.

black and white photo of two arms with a star tattoos that together make a constellation

32. Fine line rose tattoo

This fine line wrist tattoo has cool geometric diamond shapes with roses in them.

a triangle tattoo on the inner wrist with roses, and a zoomed in view of the tattoo

33. Butterflies

Here’s another example of an outer wrist tattoos. This design showcases a butterfly whose flight pattern makes a simple heart.

woman's arms and hands holding a vase of flowers with a butterfly and heart tattoo on the outer wrist. overlay that says "design close up" with a zoom in on the butterfly tattoo design

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