27 Pretty Butterfly Tattoos

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Looking for butterfly tattoo designs? Don’t miss these pretty and unique butterfly tattoos for women.

On the list below, you’ll find a variety of butterfly tattoo ideas, including fine line butterfly tattoos, simple and small butterfly tattoos, and colorful unique butterfly tattoo designs.

The list also highlights a variety of locations for butterfly tattoos, and different design presentations. For small tattoos, I added a zoom in on the design to help people see it more clearly.

I hope that this list gives you lots of tattoo inspiration!

four pictures of butterfly tattoos and text that says chich and pretty butterfly tattoos: simple and unique designs

1. Simple butterfly wrist tattoo

First on the list is a simple butterfly tattoo on the wrist. The wrist is a classic spot for a small and understated tattoo.

a red flower next to an inner wrist with a butterfly tattoo

2. Small butterflies on an arm

I really like how this tattoo has butterflies seemingly flying up the inner arm.

small butterfly tattoos up an arm

3. Small butterfly inner wrist tattoo

Here’s another butterfly wrist tattoo. This time, the tattoo features three small butterflies which appear in a line.

three small butterflies as an inner wrist tattoo

4. Butterfly hand tattoo

This tattoo is our first close up on a small tattoo. I love the location of the small butterflies on the side of the hand, seemingly in flight.

a woman's hand holding flowers resting on her hand, with three small butterfly tattoos on the side of her hand. oveerlay that says design close up with a zoom in on the butterfly design

5. Butterfly and simple dots

This tattoo idea is another variation on the butterfly wrist tattoo. Here, the design is elevated with the addition of dotted lines to match the dots in the butterfly wings.

a butterfly inner wrist tatoo with small dotted line up and down from the butterfly

6. Outer wrist tattoo

These pretty fine line butterfly tattoo features a butterfly and its heart-shaped path. This picture features it on the outside of the wrist, a more unique wrist tattoo location.

woman's arms and hands holding a vase of flowers with a butterfly and heart tattoo on the outer wrist. overlay that says "design close up" with a zoom in on the butterfly tattoo design

7. Artistic butterfly wings tattoo design

This is an artistic rendering of butterfly wings. It shows the butterfly wings in the center with two different artistic designs on either side.

artistic tattoo design with butterfly wings

8. Big upper arm butterfly tattoo

The next tattoo is an example of butterflies in a big tattoo. The butterflies are across the whole bicep area in this design.

a bicep sleeve tattoo of butterflies

9. Colorful butterfly art

For a more colorful idea, here is a butterfly with a painted aesthetic. I love the color on the wings and the stylized elements almost like soft paint splatter from the wings.

colorful watercolor style image of a butterfly in blues and pinks

10. Small blue butterfly tattoo

Now let’s turn to a series of blue butterfly tattoos. The first is of a more realistic butterfly with black accents.

a zoom in on a blue butterfly tattoo

11. Blue shoulder butterfly

If you like the blue aesthetic, here’s another example of a blue butterfly tattoo on the back of the upper shoulder.

the back of a woman's shoulder with a blue butterfly tattoo on it

12. One more blue butterfly design

And here’s another blue design. This time the butterfly is centered on the top of the bicep and has more subtle hues.

a blue butterfly tattoo on a shoulder

13. Geometric butterfly tattoo with color

And our final blue butterfly has a cool geometric aesthetic. The wings have straight lines, angles and triangles to give a more unique feel.

colorful geometric butterfly design as an arm tattoo

14. Black geometric butterfly tattoo

For those who prefer black, here’s another version of a geometric style but this time in blacks and grays.

a geometric black butterfly tattoo on an arm

15. Bold chest design

The next butterfly tattoo is unique in its bold placement on the body. This butterfly is front and center, right under the collarbone.

a woman's chest with a butterfly and two bird tattoos

16. Warm colors butterfly design

Since we had enough blue butterflies, let’s turn now to a warmer color palette. This butterfly looks realistic in its orange monarch butterfly design.

an arm with an orange butterfly tattoo on the inner arm

17. Simple wrist butterfly

You can’t get enough simple wrist tattoos. Here’s another delicate small butterfly on the wrist.

one black outline butterfly tattoo on inner wrist

18. Butterfly flying tattoo

If you love simple, here’s another fine line butterfly tattoo. I really like the simple dotted line flight path going up the inner forearm to the small butterfly on the wrist.

zoomed in on hands holding a flower behind the back with a butterfly tattoo on the wrist. text overlay says design close up with the simple butterfly tattoo

19. Butterfly chain

This butterfly chain is a pretty design that could be placed anywhere. Here it’s shown on the upper ankle but I think it could also be a good inner forearm tattoo.

tattoo design of a chain of small butterflies in black

20. Lower back butterfly design

Alright, let’s sneak in one more blue butterfly. This time the blue butterfly is incorporated into a design as a lower back tattoo.

back of woman with butterfly lower back tattoo

21. Fine line butterfly tattoo

This unique fineline butterfly design uses swirls to create the butterfly shape. Here its seen on a shoulder but could easily be done small to fit anywhere on the body.

upper shoulder tattoo of a line drawing of a butterfly and a overlay that says "design close-up" with a zoom in on the butterfly design

22. Artistic butterfly

This tattoo design is another artistic spin on a butterfly. The wings are soft and flowing in color and design.

an artistic butterfly tattoo in shades of blue and brown

23. Flower and butterflies

Butterflies and flowers are a natural pair, and together they make for a beautiful tattoo. Here are small butterflies flying around a flower.

a tattoo design of a flower with four butterflies flying around it

24. Upper inner arm tattoo

inner upper forearm butterfly tattoo

25. Behind the ear butterfly

Behind the ear is a very subtle and unique tattoo spot. It is great because it is easily covered by hair in times when you may not want your tattoo showing.

small black butterfly tattoo behind the ear lobe on a girl

26. Ankle tattoo

This ankle tattoo has pretty vines with butterflies. The tattoo aesthetic fits well with the design winding up the foot to the calf.

ankle tattoo with blue and pink butterflies with lines with leaves

27. Circle with butterflies

Finally, we wrap up this list with one last pretty and small butterfly. This is another fineline butterfly tattoo on the inner wrist. It showcases line drawn circles with a chain of butterflies on it.

wrist tattoo with circles and butterflies around the circle

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An arm with four small butterfly tattoos and text that says 27 pretty butterfly tattoo designs and ideas

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