27 Cheery Sunflower Tattoos: Simple & Unique Ideas

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Looking for sunflower tattoo designs? Check out these pretty and unique sunflower tattoos for women.

Here you’ll find a wide variety of sunflower tattoo ideas, including fine line sunflower tattoos, small sunflower tattoos, and artistic & unique sunflower tattoo ideas.

The ideas below feature a variety of tattoo locations too, and different design presentations (e.g. tattoos, drawings, close-ups on designs). I made images with close zoomed in close-ups of the tattoo design so they’re easier to see.

I hope you find lots of sunny tattoo inspiration on this list!

1. Fine line sunflower tattoo

First on the list is a fine line sunflower tattoo. It has delicate triangles with a sunflower in them.

a wrist behind the back with a small triangle tattoo on it

2. Inner arm sunflower

This realistic sunflower tattoo is feminine and cool on the upper inner arm.

a zoom in on a forearm with a sunflower tattoo on it

3. Sunflower wreath

This tattoo design is a ring of sunflowers. It’d make a nice small tattoo for anyone looking for something subtle.

a design of a small ring of sunflowers

4. Small sunflower tattoo design

A simple sunflower on the inner wrist would a nice choice for someone looking for something small.

a small wrist tattoo of a sunflower

5. Sunflower with pink highlights

Here’s an example of a sunflower tattoo design with color. The sunflower has pretty pink highlights to the classic yellow color.

a sunflower tattoo with pink highlights around the petals

6. Small wrist sunflower

This tattoo is another delicate design. There is a simple circle with sunflowers poking out. I think this design could look nice on the outer wrist as featured here or on the inner wrist.

a black and white photo zoomed in on hands holding a flower vase with a circle sunflower tattoo on the wrist with a zoom in on the tattoo design

7. Geometric sunflower

This tattoo design is a cool take on a traditional sunflower. The sunflower has a geometric aesthetic to add uniqueness to the design.

a sunflower with subtle geometric design elements

8. Sunflowers in a row

Here are sunflowers in a row. Using a number of sunflowers could be a subtle way to honor a number, like four flowers for a family of four.

a tattoo design of four sunflowers in a row

9. Inner arm sunflowers

I love these pretty sunflowers on the inner arm. They’re feminine but bold in size and location.

looking down at the forearms holding a sunflower with sunflower tattoos on one arm

10. Sunflower design

I think this cool sunflower design would make a very cool tattoo. I like the circle border and how the sunflower also has a sun aesthetic.

a orange color sunflower graphic with lots of little circles around it

11. Celestial sunflower

This sunflower tattoo design is a play on day and night. Half the sunflower is illuminated like in the sun and half is dark like night, with stars around it.

a celestial vibe design of a sunflower

12. Sun and sunflower design

I loved the idea of a sun and a sunflower merged together as a tattoo design. Here is an image of this idea as inspiration.

a sunflower design that is half sunflower and half sun

13. Delicate sunflower tattoo

This delicate sunflower tattoo uses the stem of the sunflower to make a circle. It’s understated aesthetic would allow it to easily be located anywhere on the body.

a black and white photo of the back of a woman' shoulder with a circle sunflower tattoo on it and a zoom in on the tattoo design

14. Sunflower with color highlights

I like how this sunflower is realistic but then has subtle highlights of rainbow color in it for an extra pop.

a simple sunflower tattoo

15. Realistic sunflower design

Here’s another realistic sunflower design that stays more true to sunflower’s natural colors. It also uses color without black outlines to give a more painted aesthetic.

a sunflower tattoo on the shoulder

16. Geometric tattoo design

This design would make a very hip tattoo. It blends a sunflower with a cool triangular pattern in the disc floret.

a sunflower design with triangles in the center

17. Classic sunflower design

Here’s another example of a classic sunflower design. The shades of green in the bottom half give the impression of top half being illuminated by the sun.

a simple sunflower tattoo

18. Sunflower with artistic flare

If you’re looking for something more abstract, here’s a more artistic interpretation of a sunflower. The sunflower is in the center with swirls added to the leaves to add more depth and interest.

an abstract sunflower tattoo design of a sunflower and swirly design elements behind it

19. Ankle tattoo

Here’s an example of a classic sunflower tattoo positioned on the ankle.

ankle tattoo of a sunflower

20. Triangle and sunflower design

I really like this design and think it’d make for a very stylish tattoo. The sunflower is in front of simple geometric shapes and lines.

a sunflower design with geometric lines behind it

21. Sunflowers on the back of calves

For those looking for something bigger, sunflower stalks up the back of the calves would make for a very cool tattoo. I’d like these a little shorter but thought this image gives the idea well.

big sunflower tattoos on the back of the calf

22. Sunflower with colorful aesthetic

This sunflower has a bright and colorful aesthetic. I love the creative interpretation of colors in a flower that’s so traditionally seen as one color.

a colorful sunflower tattoo with the petals and leaves are multicolor

23. Fine line sunflower tattoo on the wrist

This is my favorite fine line tattoo for the wrist on the list. I like how the line fits naturally with the line of the wrist. It’s a simple but unique sunflower since it is only half a blossom.

a black and white photo zoomed in on hands behind the back with a small sunflower tattoo on the wrist and a zoom in on the tattoo design

24. Pixelated sunflower

Here’s a unique sunflower tattoo design — a pixelated sunflower. The sunflower is made of small squares of color.

a sunflower tattoo where the sunflower is made of pixelated little squares

25. Abstract sunflower

The tattoo design below is another artistic take on a sunflower. This version is more abstract than the last one, with the petals morphing into a swirling vortex.

an abstract sunflower design where the petals are swirly

26. Sunflower and buds

This realistic sunflower tattoo features a sunflower on a stalk with two buds. It also has some subtle color swatches to give it a painted aesthetic.

a sunflower tattoo of sunflowers on a stem

27. Pretty sunflower in pastels

Finally, here is a sunflower tattoo with hints of pink. It uses a mauve color for outlining instead of a darker black.

a sunflower tattoo on the side of the waist

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