32 Pretty Rose Tattoos for Women

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Looking for rose tattoo designs? Don’t miss these pretty and unique rose tattoos for women.

On this list you’ll find a wide variety of rose tattoo ideas, including delicate and small rose tattoos, realistic rose tattoo designs and even some rose tattoo sleeve ideas.

You’ll also find a variety of locations for rose tattoos, and different design presentations. For small tattoos, I also included a close up on the design to help people see it more clearly.

I hope that this list gives you lots of inspiration as you consider tattoo designs.

Let’s get rosy!

Collage of rose tattoo images as tiles with text in the middle that says 32 rose tattoos: chic and unique rose tattoo ideas for women

1. Hip tattoo

Up first is a cool hip rose tattoo. I like this location since it can be discrete and easily covered with clothes, but provides a pop of coolness depending on the outfit.

a rose hip tattoo seen above the top of jeans

2. Everything comes up roses

This tattoo has a delicate rose with text underneath that says “everything comes up roses,” which is a unique positivity mantra to add to a rose theme.

a tattoo of a rose and two rose buds and words that says everything comes up roses

3. Triangles and roses tattoo

I love this delicate rose tattoo with realistic roses and cool geometric lines. The inner wrist is also a great location for this fashionable design.

a triangle tattoo on the inner wrist with roses, and a zoomed in view of the tattoo

4. Geometric rose design

The next design is a colorful geometric rose. I like the color shades and the uniqueness of this design.

a geometric abstract rose tattoo in pinks, orange and black

5. Bloom rose tattoo

This simple rose tattoo has the word “bloom” woven into the design as a leaf.

a black and white picture of a rose tattoo that says bloom as a leaf on the stem

6. Realistic rose tattoo

Here is a realistic rose tattoo on the inside of the forearm. It is a classic red rose with a stem.

a rose inner arm tattoo in red and green stem

7. Two roses in color

Similarly realistic, here are two roses next to each other in shades of pink. It could be done as a simpler design by doing it with less leaves.

Tattoo of a red and pink rose with leaves

8. Two roses in black

Another spin on the two rose design, this time with the roses in black ink instead of color. I’d like this with a little less shading around the roses.

two black rose tattoos on the shoulder

9. Rose vine tattoo

The next few designs are of roses on vines instead of individual roses. This rose vine tattoo is on the ankle and lower calf.

a calf tattoo of a rose vine

10. Rose vine on foot

Here is a rose on the vine design that goes over the top of the foot and around the ankle. The location of this tattoo matches the style of the vine well.

a rose vine tattoo on the top of the foot and ankle

11. Rose foot tattoo

Here’s a different foot tattoo style. Instead of a vine, it incorporates two rose blooms into the tattoo.

a foot tattoo of roses, hooks and the words giddy life

12. Bloom where you are planted

This is one of my favorite rose tattoo ideas on the list. I love the phrase “bloom where you are planted” and think the style of the text matches the simple rose well.

a wrist tattoo with a rose and words that say bloom where you are planted

13. Everything is rosy

Another spin on a “mantra” style tattoo, here is an inner wrist tattoo with a rose that says “everything is rosy.” I like the color in this design too.

a pink rose tattoo with words saying everything is rosy

14. Retro geometric rose design

This is a retro looking and fashionable rose in a geometric design. It feels like it has a bit of a retro national park vibe in the best way.

a black and white geometric design with a rose and triangles

15. Thigh rose tattoo

In contrast to many of the small rose tattoos above, here is a big rose design on the upper thigh.

a big upper thigh rose tattoo peaking out from cut off jeans

16. Simple circle and rose design

Here’s a very simple rose tattoo. It has a simple circle and with a tiny rose in it. This is so understated that you could get this design pretty much

a small circle tattoo on the back shoulder with a rose and a zoom in on the tattoo design

17. Rose and hearts

This red rose is surrounded by a trial of colorful small hearts.

a red rose shoulder tattoo with little hearts around it

18. Thrive rose tattoo

This ankle rose tattoo includes the word “thrive,” to give it a little something extra. I think I’d like the word incorporated into the stem like a leaf as we saw with the “bloom” design above.

an ankle tattoo of a rose and the word thrive

19. Geometric roses in rosy neutrals

Here’s a really cool and unique rose tattoo design that uses geometric shapes for the petals and leaves. I also like the rosy neutral shades on this one.

a geometric rose tattoo on the shoulder in pastel colors

20. Rose bicep sleeve

Here are roses incorporated into a bicep sleeve tattoo. It’s colorful too!

a colorful bicep sleeve tattoo of roses

21. Blue rose on foot

Doing a blue rose tattoo is a little bit of a unique twist on the classic rose tattoo. Here’s an example of a blue rose tattoo.

a blue rose tattoo on the foot

22. Red rose foot tattoo

Here’s another foot tattoo but this time as a classic red rose.

a foot red rose tattoo next to a red rose

23. Big lower back rose design

This tattoo is big roses across the lower back. It spans the waist but could easily be done at a smaller scale for someone wanting a small rose tattoo instead.

three big roses as a tattoo on the back

24. Big colorful upper shoulder design

This upper arm and shoulder sleeve tattoo idea has a big and bold rose over the shoulder cap.

a colorful big rose tattoo on the shoulder

25. Big black shoulder tattoo

This tattoo is similar to the previous but is done in black ink instead of bright colors.

a black rose shoulder tattoo

26. Hope rose tattoo

This inner forearm tattoo has a single rose with the word “hope” incorporated into the design.

an inner arm rose tattoo that says hope

27. Upper arm rose tattoo

Here is a simple black ink rose tattoo on the bicep.

a simple rose upper arm tattoo

28. Pink rose

Another realistic rose tattoo design with a single pink rose and leaves.

a pink rose tattoo with leaves

29. Simple rose bracelet design

Here’s another very simple rose tattoo design. This is a fine line that looks like a bracelet with a line drawn rose in the middle.

a small wrist tattoo of a rose bracelet and a zoom in on the tattoo design

30. Hummingbird and rose

Next, here’s a red rose tattoo with a hummingbird. The hummingbird adds a little something extra to this rose design.

a tattoo of a rose and hummingbird

Rose vines on calves

I like the idea of rose vines going up the back of the calves for a tattoo design. This example below gives the idea, but I think a more delicate vine would also look cool.

rose vine tattoos on the calves

32. Rose wreath on wrist

Finally, we close the list with another small rose tattoo on the wrist. This time the roses are with fine-line circles to look like a wreath. I like the inner wrist location for such a chic design.

a wrist tattoo of a simple small circle with roses and a zoom in on the tattoo design

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collage of rose tattoos, some in little tiles and some in bigger tiles. text says pretty & unique rose tattoos

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