65 Boy Names That Start With D

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Need some handsome boy name that start with D? Check out these 65 handpicked D names for boys!

I’m a researcher by training and have been studying baby names for over six years. I love names and hope my lists help you find the perfect name.

This list is for you if you’re tired of wading through mile-long lists full of unusable names. I curated this list so that the all the D names are actually wearable. You’ll also find a variety of boy D names so there is something for every naming style.

Each name also includes their meaning and origin to help your search. I sourced these from my database of over 2000+ names, compiled from books, forums and online sources.

Now, let’s find you a great D name for your baby boy!

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Unique D Names for Boys

First on the list are unique names starting with D for boys. Using Social Security Administration data, these names are all outside of the top 500 names. Most of them aren’t on the top 1000 list at all.

I really love the name Darby, its a cool gender neutral name that is unique without feeling too far out. Dell is also one of my favorite unique unisex names (it was in my top 3 list for my own kid).

For a more masculine name, I like Dimas – it makes my list of rare boy names – because it sounds soft yet handsom.

1. Dal

  • Meaning: moon
  • Origin: Korean

2. Daly

  • Meaning: assembly
  • Origin: Irish

3. Damir

  • Meaning: give peace
  • Origin: Slavic

4. Darby

  • Meaning: deer park
  • Origin: English

5. Darragh

  • Meaning: oak tree
  • Origin: Irish

6. Dart

  • Meaning: missile
  • Origin: English

7. Davion

  • Meaning: beloved
  • Origin: Hebrew; Constructed Name

8. Dell

  • Meaning: small valley
  • Origin: English

9. Denali

  • Meaning: great one
  • Origin: Native American

10. Dilan

  • Meaning: like a lion
  • Origin: Irish

11. Dillard

  • Meaning: good boy
  • Origin: English

12. Dimas

  • Meaning: sunset
  • Origin: Greek

13. Dimitri

  • Meaning: follower of Demeter
  • Origin: French; Russian
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Cute Boy Names Starting with D

Next, here are cute names for boy that start with D. Cute names can feel soft or friendly. These are approach names that are casual chic.

My favorite names in this section are Davis and Dorian. Davis fits in with the surname-style name trend while also feeling soft. And Dorian comes with the cute nickname Dory.

14. Damian

  • Meaning: to tame
  • Origin: Greek

15. Dane

  • Meaning: God will judge
  • Origin: Scandinavian

16. Danny

  • Meaning: God is my judge
  • Origin: Hebrew

17. Dante

  • Meaning: enduring
  • Origin: Latin; Italian

18. Dario

  • Meaning: having goodness
  • Origin: Italian

19. Darius

  • Meaning: to hold the good, rich
  • Origin: Persian; Greek

20. Davis

  • Meaning: beloved
  • Origin: Hebrew

21. Dax

  • Meaning: town in France
  • Origin: French

22. Declan

  • Meaning: person of prayer
  • Origin: Irish

23. Desmond

  • Meaning: from south munster
  • Origin: Irish

24. Dorian

  • Meaning: gift of the sea
  • Origin: Greek

25. Dustin

  • Meaning: stone of Thor
  • Origin: English

Modern Names That Start with D for Boys

Next up are modern names that are on trend today. These are names that parents today gravitate to because they aren’t the Ashley’s and Jessica’s they grew up with so they feels fresh.

From the names below, Dash is my favorite. It feels interesting and cool without being too wild. If you like formal names, Dashiell will give you Dash as a nickname.

26. Dakari

  • Meaning: rejoice
  • Origin: African – Shona

27. Dallas

  • Meaning: meadow dwelling
  • Origin: Irish; Scottish

28. Dalton

  • Meaning: village in the valley
  • Origin: English

29. Damari

  • Meaning: gentle
  • Origin: Latin

30. Dangelo

  • Meaning: messenger; from the angels
  • Origin: Italian

31. Dariel

  • Meaning: open
  • Origin: French

32. Dash

  • Meaning: move quickly
  • Origin: English

33. Dashiell

  • Meaning: unknown
  • Origin: Scottish

34. Davian

  • Meaning: beloved
  • Origin: Constructed Name

35. Daxton

  • Meaning: from the French town Dax
  • Origin: French; English

36. Deacon

  • Meaning: messenger
  • Origin: Greek

37. Drake

  • Meaning: dragon
  • Origin: English

38. Duke

  • Meaning: leader
  • Origin: English
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Classic Boy D Names

This section highlights classic boy names that start with D. These are tried and true names that have been around for decades. They’ll feel familiar and often timeless.

Dexter is a name I’d like to see come back more. It saw an uptick in popularity with the release of the television show, but has fallen off since the show ended. Hopefully in coming years, the show will be enough of a distant memory to not impact naming trends.

39. Damon

  • Meaning: to tame
  • Origin: Greek

40. Daniel

  • Meaning: God is my judge
  • Origin: Hebrew

41. Darian

  • Meaning: to possess
  • Origin: Persian; Latin

42. Darren

  • Meaning: great
  • Origin: Irish

43. David

  • Meaning: beloved
  • Origin: Hebrew

44. Dean

  • Meaning: from the valley
  • Origin: English

45. Deandre

  • Meaning: of bravery
  • Origin: Latin; Constructed Name

46. Demetrius

  • Meaning: follower of Demeter
  • Origin: Greek

47. Dennis

  • Meaning: follower of Dionysius
  • Origin: Greek

48. Derek

  • Meaning: people ruler
  • Origin: English; German

49. Dexter

  • Meaning: right-handed
  • Origin: Latin

50. Diego

  • Meaning: supplanter
  • Origin: Spanish

51. Dominic

  • Meaning: of the lord
  • Origin: Latin

52. Donald

  • Meaning: chief
  • Origin: Scottish

53. Donovan

  • Meaning: brown-haired
  • Origin: Irish

54. Douglas

  • Meaning: dark stream
  • Origin: Gaelic

Unisex D Names

Finally, let’s close the list with gender neutral D names. These are names that work for both boys and girls. Gender neutral names are very fashionable today as parents look to give their kids future flexibility outside gendered expectations.

I absolutely love the name Darcy for a little boy — it was very high on my own list for our son before he was born. It’s charming and not common for either gender.

55. Dakota

  • Meaning: friend
  • Origin: Native American

56. Dana

  • Meaning: pearl, God will judge
  • Origin: Hebrew

57. Darcy

  • Meaning: dark
  • Origin: French; Irish

58. Dawson

  • Meaning: son of David
  • Origin: English

59. Dayton

  • Meaning: sunny town
  • Origin: English

60. Denver

  • Meaning: green valley
  • Origin: English; French

61. Devin

  • Meaning: poet
  • Origin: Irish

62. Dillon

  • Meaning: like a lion
  • Origin: Irish

63. Dior

  • Meaning: golden
  • Origin: French

64. Drew

  • Meaning: strong
  • Origin: English; Greek

65. Dylan

  • Meaning: of the sea
  • Origin: Welsh

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