30+ Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids from Dollar Tree

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Looking for non-candy Valentine’s Day gifts for kids? Then check out these 15 awesome Dollar Tree Valentines gifts for kids that are easy and cheap.

Dollar stores have such a big selection of items and are a great place to stretch your family budget, especially for extras like little Valentine’s presents.

We try to be judicious with candy for our kids (otherwise the 2-year-old literally yells “candy!!” when we try to serve meals….). I’m also a frugal person so finding Valentine’s day gifts at the Dollar Tree is a perfect solution for us to make Valentine’s Day fun on a budget.

Shopping at the Dollar Tree is one of our family’s budget strategies, and I love the selection of non-clutter consumables like bath finger paints and crayons that are perfect for kids’ gifts.

Below you’ll find a list of easy kids’ Dollar Tree Valentines gifts to save you money. With each gift, you’ll also find cute examples of Valentine’s cards to use with them, to make Valentine’s gifting even easier.

Let’s make some Valentine’s!

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Consumable Valentine’s Day Gifts

Up first are gift ideas that are consumables. Consumables include any item you use up, like craft supplies or food. They’re great because they won’t permanently add clutter to your house.

1. Paint

a bottle of purple washable paint

Valentine card ideas for paint

  • You make my life colorful
  • You brighten my day!
  • You color my heart

2. Stickers

a pack of circus themed stickers

Valentine’s card ideas for stickers:

  • I’m stuck on you!
  • Let’s stick together

3. Crayons

crayons hanging on the shelf at a store

Valentine’s day cards for crayons

  • You make my life colorful
  • I’m over the rainbow for you
  • Have a colorful Valentine’s Day!
  • Have a bright Valentine’s Day!

4. Color pencils

a hand holding a box of colored pencils

Valentine’s day cards for colored pencils

  • You’re a work of art
  • You color my world
  • I’m over the rainbow when I’m with you
  • I hope you have a colorful Valentine’s Day
  • I’m drawn to you

5. Erasers

a dinosaur eraser in the package

Erasure Valentine card ideas:

  • There’s no erasing my love
  • You’re erase-esistible
  • There’s no mistaken my love for you

6. Pencils

a hand holding a package of pencils

Valentine’s card ideas for pencils:

  • Valentine, you’re all “write”!
  • Hope your Valentine’s Day is on point
  • I’m drawn to you
  • You’re the “write” one for me

7. Chalk

a hald holding a container of sidewalk chalk
hand holding a pack of big oversized chalk

Chalk Valentine’s Day Cards:

  • Valentine, you’re “chalk” full of love
  • Chalk it up to love, Valentine
  • You color my life
  • I’m drawn to you
  • I hope you’re Valentine’s Day is colorful

8. Bubbles

three bottles on bubbles in green, pink and blue

Valentine’s Day card ideas for bubbles:

  • You blow me away
  • You make my heart pop
  • I’m bubbling with love for you
  • Blowing kisses your way

9. Bath bomb & paint

a hand holding mickey and minnie mouse themed bath bombs and color tabs
a hand holding a tube of pink bathtub finger paint

Valentine’s cards for bath bombs and bath soaps:

  • Valentine, you’re the bomb
  • I’m bubbling with love for you!
  • Hope you’re Valentine’s Day is the bomb

10. Apple sauce pouches

a hand holding a box of apple sauce pouches

Apple-themed Valentine’s day card ideas:

  • You’re the apple of my eye
  • I pick you, Valentine!
  • You’re sweet to the core.

11. Teddy Grahams

a pack of bear graham crackers

Valentine’s day cards for teddy grahams

  • I love you “beary” much
  • Have a “beary” happy Valentine’s day
  • You’re the “beary” best
this is a collage of thumbnails of items at dollar tree that work as valentine's gift for kids, like chalk and bubbles. the text says valentine dollar tree gifts for kids

Fun Valentines Kid Gifts

Next, here are fun Valentine’s Day gifts for kids. These include toys, games and fun novelty items like silly string and glow sticks.

12. Animal figurines

Bag of farm animal figurines

Animal figurine Valentine’s Day card ideas:

  • I love you beary much
  • Valentine, you’re an animal!
  • I’m wild about you
  • Valentine, you’re “fur” real

13. Growing dino toy

a grow dinosaur toy in its package at the dollar tree

Valentine’s day card ideas for dinosaurs:

  • You’re dino-mite
  • You’re “roar”-some, Valentine!
  • I dig you
  • You make my heart “saur”

14. Puzzle

pixar themed puzzle in the box at the dollar store

Puzzle Valentine’s day card ideas:

  • We fit together like pieces of a puzzle
  • Valentine, you complete me
  • I love you to pieces!

15. Balloons

a hand holding a package of multicolor latex balloons

Balloon-themed Valentine’s Day cards:

  • You make my heart pop
  • You make my heart float
  • Love is in the air
  • I love you so much I could pop

16. Cars

dollar tree 3-pack of die cast cars in green, red and black

Car-themed Valentine’s Day card ideas:

  • “Wheel” you be my Valentine?
  • You drive me crazy, Valentine
  • You “auto” be my Valentine
  • You drive me wild

17. Disney figurines

Mickey Mouse and Buzz Lightyear figurines in their packages at the dollar store

Disney-themed Valentine’s Day card ideas:

  • Have a magical Valentine’s Day
  • You’re ear-restible
  • Have a happily ever after Valentine’s Day

18. Silly strings

a dollar tree silly string bottle

Silly string Valentine’s Day card ideas:

  • I love you silly
  • Stay silly
  • You have my heart on a string
  • You pull my heart strings

19. Stuffed animal

a hand holding a small stuffed brown puppy

Valentine’s day card ideas for stuffed animals:

  • You’re “pawsome,” Valentine!
  • I love you “beary” much
  • You are “beary” special

20. Glow sticks

a pack of glowsticks

Glow stick Valentine’s day ideas:

  • I love you “glow” much
  • You’re the light of my life
  • Valentine, you shine!
  • Have a bright Valentine’s Day

21. Pompoms

a hand holding a package of multicolor pom poms

Valentine’s Day card ideas for pompoms

  • You make my world colorful
  • Hope you have a ball, Valentine!
  • Let’s have a ball!

22. Whoopie cushion

red whoopee cushion in the package at the dollar tree

Whoopee cushion Valentine’s Day card ideas:

  • Whoopee! I love you!
  • I love you farts and all
  • Whoopee, it’s Valentine’s Day!
  • I love you with all my fart

Practical Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids

Finally, here are some practical Valentine’s Day gifts you can find at the dollar store. These include necessities like shampoo and essential items like toothbrushes.

Practical gifts are great because they are thing you’d have to buy anyway so they are easier on the budget.

23. Heart sunglasses

a hand holding up a pair of red heart shaped sunglasses

Valentine’s day cards for sunglasses:

  • You’re spec-tacular
  • You’re futures so bright you need shades, Valentine!
  • You brighten my day!

24. Toothbrush & toothpaste

a set of kids toothbrushes with cars on them

Here are some teeth-themed Valentine’s card ideas:

  • Valentine, you’re so fresh
  • You make me smile
  • We’re “mint” to be

25. Socks

a pack of socks being held up by a hand. the socks have tacos and dinosaurs on them

Valentine’s day cards for socks:

  • We make a good pair
  • You knock my socks off
  • You rock my socks

26. Bandaids

a hand holding a box of curad bandaids

Our two-year-old is deeply into a bandaid phase so don’t underestimate bandaids as a gift. Some Valentine’s card ideas for bandaids include:

  • I’m stuck on you
  • For my boo (boo)

27. Flip-flops

flip flops hanging from the shelf at the dollar tree

Shoe-themed Valentine’s cards could include:

  • We’re “sole” mates
  • We make a great pair
  • You’re the flip to my flop

28. Bath sponge

a hand holding a puff loofah at the store

Valentine’s cards could include:

  • “Washing” you a happy Valentine’s Day
  • You’re sponge-worthy

29. Shampoo

a bottle of frozen 2 shampoo and star wars baby yoda body wash

Valentine’s day cards you can use for shampoo include:

  • Love is in the “hair”
  • “Washing” you a happy Valentine’s Day

30. Water bottle

a bluey water bottle that is blue with a green lid

Cards for a water bottle could say:

  • Valentine, you’re a tall drink of water

31. Scrunchies

a pack of scrunchies: one black polka dots, one light blue, one white

Hair tie and scrunchie Valentine’s day cards could say:

  • Love is in the “hair”
  • I like you so “scrunch”
  • Our love “ties” us together.

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