Zoe Stroller Review: Why I love my Ultra-light Tour+

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zoe stroller review

Debating whether a Zoe stroller is right for you? Then you’ve come to the right place. Below you’ll find an in-depth review of the Zoe Stroller Tour+ (formerly the XL1). I’ve personally used our Zoe stroller for almost three years and have all the details you need on this great, light-weight stroller.

Before having a baby, I did not understand how families could spend so much on multiple strollers. I thought we could simply get one that worked and that would be sufficient.

Then I tried to get our big baby out the door while wielding a 30 pound jogging stroller and realized how very naive I was.

So, I spent more hours than I care to admit researching the perfect lightweight strollers. I wanted a stroller with three main features:

  • Lightweight – I needed to be able to carry it alone while also holding a +20 lb. baby
  • Decent storage – I needed to be able to fit actual things in the storage
  • Maneuverable – I needed to be able to unfold and refold it one-handed, and occasionally push it one-handed over poorly kept city terrain.

I picked a Zoe stroller and have loved it ever since.

Zoe Stroller Tour+ XL1 in Navy

NO TIME TO READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE? I love the Zoe stroller because it is ultra-light weight and can be pushed one-handed (an often overlooked feature). Plus, it has a huge canopy for shade that revivals even the most luxury stroller.

So, why should you trust this review? Unlike many reviews you’ll find online, I have actually used our Zoe stroller for years with two babies. I’m also reviewing a secondhand Zoe stroller to provide even more insight on durability and longevity. And of course, I bought my Zoe stroller myself and am not sponsored by Zoe Baby.

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Let’s dive into the details!

Pros and Cons of a Zoe Stroller

For those short on time, here is a summary of the pros and cons of a Zoe stroller. Then we’ll dive into more of the details.

Pros of a Zoe Stroller

  • Ultra-light weight
  • Easy to fold and unfold while holding a baby
  • One-handed pushing

Cons of a Zoe Stroller

  • Not as easy to push as a Bob stroller
  • Does not stand on its own when folded
  • Storage basket average size

Comparing Zoe Stroller Models

The Zoe company currently offers three different models of lightweight single strollers.

  • TRAVELER: re-released in Feb 2023, the Traveler is Zoe’s most compact a tri-fold travel stroller
  • TOUR+: The Tour+ has added amenities compared to the Traveler to make it a great everyday, ultra-light stroller
  • TERRA: The Terra is Zoe’s new jogging stroller

I personally got the Zoe Tour+ model (previously called the XL1), which impressively manages to be both a full-sized stroller and a great travel stroller at the same time.

Side picture of a Zoe stroller

Zoe also offers a line of double (and triple and quad) strollers. These include:

  • TWIN+: Zoe’s side-by-side ultra-lightweight double stroller
  • TANDEM+: a front-back double stroller that converts between a double and single. It is made by adding another seat to the Tour+
  • TERRA DOUBLE: a double version of Zoe’s new jogging stroller

You can also make triple and quad strollers with Zoe strollers:

  • TRIO+: a triple stroller made by adding an add-on seat to the Twin+
  • TRIBE+: a quad stroller made by adding two add-on seats to the Twin+

Now let’s take a closer look at Zoe’s two light-weight single strollers.

Zoe Tour+ vs. Traveler Strollers

Zoe’s two light-weight strollers, the Traveler and Tour+, are share many great features, including:

  • Light (no more than 13 lbs.)
  • Easily fold down with one hand
  • Have huge sun canopies
  • Full handle bar for pushing (as opposed to two handle bars seen on umbrella strollers)
  • Disney-approved
  • Can be carried like a backpack with purchase of available accessories.

And here are the differences between the Traveler and the Tour+:

  • The Traveler has a unique trifold design making it more compact (the Tour+ bifolds)
  • The Tour+ is slightly lighter, weighing 11-12.5 lbs compared to the Traveler’s 13 lbs
  • The Tour+ is marketed as an everyday stroller and the Traveler as a travel stroller
  • The Tour+ is the only Zoe stroller that is infant car seat compatible
  • The Tour+ can be converted to a double with an add-on tandem seat

Zoe offers a unique double stroller design that allows you to add a tandem seat to a single Tour+ stroller for a lightweight double stroller (more on this below).

The Tour+ was my personal choice of the Zoe strollers because it works for everyday use and travel, is the lightest option, and converts to a double if needed. Infant car seat compatibility also makes it more useful for new parents.

While this review includes details of my personal experience with the Tour+ Zoe stroller (XL1), many of the features are found across the Zoe stroller options.

Weight of the Zoe Tour+ Stroller

For me, one of the biggest selling points of the Zoe was how very light it is. It is about 11 lbs, which is lighter than many umbrella strollers (and even some strollers that are just frames for car seats!).

Chart of stroller weight comparisons

Even at this light weight, the Zoe Tour+ stroller still feels sturdy and substantial. It feels like a full-sized stroller and not at all flimsy.

While you may be able to find umbrella strollers that are a little lighter, Zoe is the lightest stroller with features like a full handle bar (key for one-handed pushing), full canopy, and under the seat storage.

Honestly, I truly don’t understand how they are able to squeeze so many features into such a light package that doesn’t feel flimsy. After using the Zoe stroller compared to other strollers, it seems to defy physics.

Ease of Using a Zoe Stroller Tour+

One of the main reasons I wanted a new stroller was because I was having trouble with the physicality of simply getting us and a stroller out of our house for a walk. I was working on building back strength postpartum (after a long time on bed rest) and physically couldn’t manage our heavy jogging stroller alone.

It is harder than you would think to grab a stroller and gear, get out the door and down steps, and set up a stroller all while holding a baby.

Thankfully, I have found it easy to move around with the Zoe stroller, both while pushing it and when lugging it around folded. Here’s what you need to know about moving around the world with your Zoe stroller.

Carrying and Folding the Zoe Stroller

Getting out the door with the Zoe stroller is easy. I’m easily able to carry the stroller in one hand while carrying the baby in the other. Plus, I can pop it open or closed all one-handed while holding a baby.

To open the stroller, you simply unfold it until it snaps into position. You can also smoothly fold it one-handed by pulling up on a strap in the middle of the stroller seat.

Folded down Zoe stroller

The one issue with our Zoe Tour+ stroller is that it does not stand up once folded so you have to lay it on the ground. It is tricky to even prop it up against something since it then rolls on the wheels. If you’re trying to open it one-handed, you’ll have to lean over more to pop the stroller back open.

Pushing and Maneuvering the Zoe Stroller

The Zoe Tour+ (XL1) steers decently well on city sidewalks and is not a rough ride. While it is not as effortless to push as our Bob stroller, it turns well and gets the job done.

The Zoe stroller is not considered an “all-terrain” stroller, which working as well on grass or hiking trails as a sidewalks. That said, I haven’t had any problems pushing our Zoe through both grass and gravel at parks. It rolls fine enough through grassy fields and up gravely hills.

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Durability of the Zoe Stroller

I’ve own our Zoe stroller for almost three years and purchased it secondhand so it likely saw at least a year of use before me. Looking at our stroller, you can barely tell it has been used.

The fabric on the seat, straps, and canopy look brand new; the material appears to be very durable and does not show wear. Our front axel shows a bit of scuffing but nothing that deters from overall look or function.

My one concern about durability is the storage basket netting. The material does feel on the thin side and ours has two small holes in it. That said, our storage basket is still completely functional and the holes have not gotten bigger in the years we’ve used the stroller.

Also, Zoe does sell replacement pieces for nearly every part of the stroller, including a replacement storage basket.

Cleaning the Tour+ Stroller

Unlike some other strollers, the fabric seat on the Zoe is not removable nor machine washable. I was initially worried about this because I love machine washing, this was unfounded.

The durable fabric means you can scrub in down with soap and water, hose it off, and let it air dry.

I was able to clean ours to look basically new with a vacuum and a wash. There are some small crevasses in the Zoe stroller’s seams but you can easily clean snack crumbs out with a vacuum.

Features of the Zoe Tour+: Seat, Canopy & Storage

Zoe Stroller Tour+ Canopy

When you read other reviews about the Zoe stroller, the huge canopy usually tops the list of features that people love about this stroller. And they aren’t wrong. The canopy on this stroller is awesome.

Large navy canopy on a Zoe stroller

As a pale person with a melanoma history, the sun canopy alone makes this stroller worth it.

You can cover your kid basically completely with the canopy to keep them from getting sun exposure. This is especially nice when you don’t feel like fighting to get sunscreen on your toddler’s face.

Canopy coverage of a Zoe XL1 stroller

Another great feature of the Zoe canopy is that the baby still has good visibility. The canopy doesn’t fully cover the sides which allows the rider to see out all around them. The window on top of the canopy also works well and it gives you a good view of your kid while strolling.

Zoe Stroller Seat and Harness

One thing I liked about the Zoe stroller over a light umbrella stroller was the seat and harness. It includes a five-point harness to secure your kid, which is clutch if you have a climber like our second baby.

The shoulder straps have nice padding and the strap between the legs is wide. Comfortable straps are easy to take for granted but it definitely matters. Our old jogging stroller’s between-the-leg strap bruised our baby once.

Seat and harnesses of a Zoe Tour+ stroller

The seat also reclines back 165 degrees. It doesn’t go completely flat but it is enough to make stroller naps feasible. Newer models also have a foot rest that can pop up for napping.

Adjusting the seat angle is very easy. It works like a draw string and can be done one handed: simply let out the strap fabric to your desired length and you’re good to go.

Storage Basket

The storage basket on the Zoe stroller is only fine. Not amazing but not bad.

We can’t fit our diaper bag backpack in it like we can our jogging stroller, but it fits way more than our umbrella stroller storage. For reference, I have been able to fit a picnic blanket, a grocery bag full of baby clothes, and a small baby bottle cooler in the basket at the same time without issue.

Storage basket under a stroller

The storage basket material is the flimsiest part of the stroller though. I am hesitant to try to fill it to the brim and really shove things into it like I do our jogging stroller.

Zoe Double Strollers

The Zoe Tour+ stroller is unique in its ability to transform into a tandem double stroller.

You clip on a tandem seat (basically a second Zoe stroller without the back wheels) to the front of your original Tour+ stroller to make it a double. Zoe sells two seats together as a Tandem+, or buy an add-on seat if you already own a Tour+ stroller.

The tandem design is nice because you’ll likely still need a single stroller sometimes. Having an easily removed tandem seats spares you from having to store both a double stroller and a single stroller.

If you have more than 2 kids, the Zoe also offers this tandem design on their side-by-side Twin+ double strollers. You can make a triple stroller and even into a four-seater quad-stroller, which is particularly nice for nanny shares.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions regarding Zoe strollers.

Does the Zoe stroller work for infants?

The Zoe Tour+ is recommended for babies 3+ months old (once the baby has some head control). Since the seat does not fully recline, babies need some body control to be stable enough to sit directly in the stroller.

That said, the Tour+ is car seat compatible which would allow you to the use that model stroller from birth.

Is the Zoe stroller compatible with a car seat?

Yes, Zoe’s Tour+ is the only stroller in the Zoe line that is car seat compatible. It can be turned into a travel system with a car seat adaptor.

Zoe’s car seat adapter works with Graco car seats or the Chicco KeyFit 30 infant car seat. They recently added the Graco compatibility which is a great feature (this Graco was our infant car seat of choice).

Do Zoe strollers work for tall people?

You may not think about the importance of things like handle bar height unless you are on the tall or short side. As a tall person, fitting my proportions is a top concern for me when picking a stroller.

Unfortunately, many reviews don’t give thorough details on how the stroller fits people of different statures. The Zoe website used to say that their strollers have been comfort tested on people ranging form 5′ to 6′ 7” tall, but it appears that page has been taken down.

While the Zoe stroller does not have an adjustable handle like some other more high-end strollers, I’m happy to report that the Zoe stroller handle bar height still works well for me at almost 5′ 11”, and is also comfortable for my 6′ 2” partner.
Moreover, I do not kick the bottom of the stroller when walking, even when taking long strides. The Zoe company designed the stroller with this in mind: they recessed the rear axel to give more leg room for the pusher.

It is great to not have to adjust my manner of walking in anyway to accommodate the stroller.

Should you buy a Zoe stroller used?

Generally, yes, the Zoe stroller is durable and has held up well as a secondhand stroller for us.

That said, Consumer Reports recommends caution when buying used strollers. Always check for recalls and avoid stroller made before 2015 when safe regulations were enacted (source). Baby tech is always improving so secondhand strollers may not have the newest safety features.

[For more on secondhand baby items, check out my ultimate guide to buying used baby gear.]

If you do decide to buy used, the Zoe Tour+ XL1 stroller is very durable. Looking at our stroller, it looks almost brand new. A great feature about Zoe strollers is how easy it is to get replacement pieces at a reasonable price directly through the company too.

The biggest drawback to buying a secondhand Zoe is limited availability. Since it is a smaller stroller brand, there are fewer available on the secondhand market.

Can you sell your Zoe Stroller used?

Yes, you can definitely resell your Zoe stroller used once you are done with it. The Zoe stroller’s durability is great for someone who wants to resell it later – even with use, it’ll likely seem in very good condition once you’re done with it.

Zoe strollers are also less common than other stroller types. This means there are less of them available on the secondhand market — great for someone looking to sell theirs.

This means that the secondhand price is a little higher, with less opportunity to negotiate. This gives someone selling a secondhand Zoe stroller the advantage.

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Blue and black travel stroller


Overall, we love our Zoe stroller. It is light, easy to store and works well in our small apartment (check out more on great baby gear for small spaces). I love how easy it is to deploy, even while I’m lugging around a heavy baby.

The Zoe is ideal for those looking for a versatile stroller that works for travel, but still includes the amenities of a full-size stroller.

The large canopy, one-handed operations, cup holders and storage basket make this a great all-the-time stroller.

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