Weekend Reading List – April 10

Weekend Reading List - April 10

I wasn’t planning on writing another reading list post this week but demarcating weeks feel like good practice right now when time feels slipperier. I honestly could not believe we are closing in on another weekend.

We finally did a big grocery shop this week in preparation for more weeks of trying to avoid the store.

I spent a couple hours after ‘processing’ our foods, including cleaning what we could and taking steps to preserve our produce for as long as possible.

One thing I did that I really like and will be continuing once we are post-pandemic was designate an area of the fridge and freezer for ‘closure eating.’

Before grocery shopping, I did an overhaul of our fridge and freezer organization to make space and better keep track of our stock. I pulled aside anything that we needed to eat stat before it went bad and put them together in a fridge/freezer spot we can easily see when picking out food. In the freezer, I put these items on our door (I feel in like the freezer it’s really easy to lose bags with only a little bit left).

Now any time I open the fridge, I closure eat anything on the edge before it goes bad. How are you keeping track of food right now?

Here are a couple internet things that brightened my week:

Emily Oster has a newsletter: I was talking to a friend about Emily Oster and when I googled her, I was excited to see she has a newsletter sign up on her website.

I only read the latest sending about potty training but I have loved all of her writing I’ve ever found. She tears apart studies and data in a very accessible way.

If you feel similarly about nerdy quantitate talk, you can find her newsletter here.

If you aren’t familiar with her work, here are a couple of her articles that I still go back and reread – End the Plague of Secret Parenting and Everybody Calm Down about Breastfeeding.

Leslie Jordan’s Instagram: I’m one of the 2 million people flooding Leslie Jordan’s instagram this week. Washington Post has an interview up on his response to going viral. If you haven’t seen what the fuss is about, this is the instagram that hooked me.

Conduct Together: If you happened to have gotten your hands on a Nintendo Switch before the global shortage, check out Conduct Together. It’s the right level of team work and easy for an evening quarantine activity.

A Martha Stewart Throwback, for Easter: This 2014 op ed by Martha Stewart about her love of drones is still perhaps my favorite thing on the internet.

“The shots of my farm were breathtaking and showed not only a very good landscape design — thanks to the surveyors and landscapers who worked with me on the overall vision, much as le Notre worked with Louis XIV — they also showed me what more I can do in the future, and revealed unexpected beauty. An aerial shot of the vegetable garden looked very much like my Peter Rabbit marzipan embellished Easter cake, which was designed without the help of a drone.

I hope you delight in that article as much as I do. Also, her instagram right now gives me hope that perfectly curated social distancing is possible.

Have a good weekend.

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