Weekend Reading List

Weekend Reading List

Delineating between week and weekend feels a little quaint in our current situation, doesn’t it? There is no ‘Wednesday’ vs. ‘Friday’ now, there is just ‘Day.’

How are you spending your next two Days? Tonight I have a webcam happy hour with my childhood best friends.

I’ll also be assessing our current food stock and brainstorming ways to stretch what we have to put off a grocery trip at least until next week.

Here are some interesting reads and practical tips to start your Friday. 

Speaking of navigating when to grocery shop, Mother Jones has a good explanation of the messages you may have been seeing on your social streams about the food stamps SNAP program. The take-away? Most states stagger their SNAP distributions so first of the month shopping isn’t a concern.

The real problem is how meager the SNAP allotments are in general, which don’t allow for stockpiling or using delivery to avoid exposure in the store. 

This is a great primer on how to extend the life of produce by storing it correctly: Tips for Storing Produce. I have been storing mushrooms, tomatoes, and citrus all wrong.

I also soak my produce in a baking soda solution to help clean off pesticides

As normal life has completely seized, I am struggling with how to best support local, small businesses. I feel overwhelmed by the number of businesses and individuals impacted and am not sure how to best to spread our limited purchases across our community.

More pressingly, how do you balance the competing concern for local business with worry that any step out of the house could contribute to the growing pandemic and risk others health? 

A Practical Wedding has a round-up of ways to show small businesses support, and some fun small businesses their staff is loving. So far, I have purchased gift cards from a few businesses that make our city feel like a home to me.

We are also making a point to get at least one meal out a week from our favorite restaurants (ones taking precautions to minimize contagion risks).

Next on my support-local-business to do list? Check out a local or ethnic grocery for our next food restock. 

A ‘new playbook for pandemic economics’ brought to us by the Atlantic is a compilation of economists’ take on our current financial situation. Informative and uneasy:

“Just imagine the closed wine bars in Manhattan. Without money from thirsty New Yorkers, they can’t afford to buy more bottles from family wineries. Without commercial buyers, those wineries can’t buy new fruit from local grape growers, who can’t pay tractor manufacturers for new equipment. One sector’s problem quickly becomes every sector’s problem.”

As a fellow recession graduate, I appreciated Vice sharing insights from previous recession graduates for college students today: 

“My experience has taught me that I’m not actually that valuable to capitalism. If I derive my self-worth from how marketable I am, I’d feel awful. So I’ve had to make sure my own sense of worth comes from elsewhere, which is in itself very difficult. But it’s easier when you surround yourself with others who value things like care and justice.”

Hope you enjoy your homebound weekend.

weekend reading list

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