30+ Twin Names That Start with J

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Looking for twin names that start with J? Check out this list of twin name pairs, with their meanings and origins.

Below you’ll find J-name pairs for boy-girl twins, boy twins, and girl twins. Plus, a section on twin names starting with J that also have the same meaning, and a section for unisex names.

Each name was hand-selected and paired based on style and flow. I hope you’re also able to mix and match name ideas to find the best names for your twins.

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twin names that start with j

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Twin names with the same meaning starting with J

First up, we have twin J-names that also share the same meaning.

Jack and Jane

Perhaps the most timeless pairing of twin names starting with J, Jack and Jane are both English names meaning “God is gracious.

Joshua and Jace

Joshua and Jace are both Hebrew names meaning “Lord is my salvation.”

Jackson and Jameson

For twin j-names with similar ending sounds, consider Jackson and Jameson. A modern update to Jack, Jackson and it’s variations are incredibly popular names meaning “son of Jack.” Similarly, Jameson is an English name meaning “son of James.”

Jemma and Jade

Jade and Jemma could make a sparkling twin name pair that start with J. Jemma means “gem” coming from English.

Jade is also a gemstone name that derives from the Spanish “piedra de la ijada,” stone of the bowels since it was thought to be healing when put on the stomach.

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Janelle and John

Janelle and John are both Hebrew names meaning “God is gracious.”

Boy twin names that start with J

Next we have name ideas for boy-boy twins.

Jacob and Jason

Jacob comes from Hebrew and means “supplanter.” Jason is a Greek name that means “healer.”

Jadiel and Javier

Jadiel is a boy’s name coming from Hebrew and Spanish that means “one who judges.” Javier is a Spanish name that means “new house.”

Jonas and Jake

Jake is another name that means “supplanter” coming from Hebrew. Jonas is another Hebrew name that means “dove.”

Jett and James

Jett is a name meaning “jet black” enjoying recent popularity and comes from English origins. James is an ever-popular Hebrew name meaning “supplanter.”

list of names for twins beginning with j

Jared and Joel

Jared comes from Hebrew and means “he descends.” Joel is also a Hebrew name meaning “Lord is God.”

Jedidiah and Josiah

Jedidiah is a Hebrew name meaning “beloved by the Lord. Josiah is also a Hebrew name meaning “God heals.”

Jonathan and Jeffrey

Jonathan and Jeffrey are two classic boy names. Jeffrey is a name with German roots meaning “pledge of peace;” while, Jonathon comes from Hebrew meaning “God’s gift.”

Girl twin names beginning with J

Then, you’ll find J girl names for girl-girl twins.

Joelle and Jacqueline

Jacqueline is a French name meaning “supplanter.” Joelle also comes from French and means “God is willing.”

Janessa and Jayla

Janessa is a constructed English name meaning “God is gracious.” Jayla comes from Hebrew and means “ascend.”

Juliette and Josie

Juliettte is a French name meaning “youthful” and “little Julia.” Juliette is a slightly more popular spelling than Shakespeare’s Juliet.

Josie is not just a nickname. It ranked #130 last year as a given name and means “God will increase” from Hebrew.

Joanna and Jennifer

Jennifer isn’t just a 1980’s name, it still hangs on to a top 500 name spot. It is an English name meaning “fair one.”

Joanna is a lovely name meaning “God is gracious” and comes from Latin roots.

Jolene and Joy

Don’t let the Dolly Parton song dissuade you from the beautiful name Jolene. It comes from French and means “pretty.” Joy also has roots in French (and also Latin and English) and means “happy.”

Josephine and Juliana

Josephine is a grandma-vibe name enjoying a resurgence. It is the feminized variation of Joseph, which comes from Hebrew for “God will increase.” Juliana comes from Latin and means “youthful.”

Boy-Girl twin names that start with J

Here are boy-girl twin name pairs beginning with J.

Jeremiah and Jocelyn

Jeremiah and Jocelyn’s full and flowing style pair well as twin names that start with J. Jocelyn is a French name that means “one of the Goths.”

Jeremiah is a Hebrew name meaning “God will raise.” It is one of the most popular names featured on my list of names that start with Jer.

Jalen and Juno

Jalen is an American boy’s name that means “calm.” Juno is a name meaning “goddess” from Latin roots.

Jaliyah and Jamal

Jaliyah is a Hebrew name meaning “lofty” and an Arabic name meaning “sublime.” Jamal also comes from Arabic and means “beauty.”

example twin name pairs that start with j

Jasmine and Jasper

Jasmine is a Persian name meaning “gift from God.” Jasper also comes from Persian roots meaning “treasurer.”

Jimena and Joaquin

Jimena is a Spanish name meaning “listener.” Joaquin is also a Spanish derived name meaning “lifted by God.”

Jaden and Jessamine

Jaden is a Hebrew name meaning “God has heard.” Jessamine is a French and Persian derived name meaning “jasmine.”

Unisex J-names for Twins

Finally, here are unisex J-names that would work for any set of twins.

Jordan and Jaiden

Jordan and Jaiden are gender neutral names coming from Hebrew roots. Jaiden means “thankful” and Jordan means “Hebrew.”

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Jamie and Jesse

Jamie is a consistently gender neutral name that is a variation of James, meaning “supplanter” from Hebrew. Jesse is another truly unisex name coming from Hebrew that means “God’s gift”

Justice and Journey

This pair of word names are both popular names starting with J. They both come from English, with Justice meaning “righteous” and Journey meaning “a trip.”

Jayce and Joey

Jayce comes from Greek and means healer. The spelling Jayce is more popular with boys while the Jaycee spelling is more common with girls. Joey is more commonly seen as a nickname that means “God will increase” with Hebrew roots.

Jay and Jo

Jay is a name in honor of the jaybird and comes from Latin. Jo is a name coming from Latin and Hebrew meaning “God is gracious”

Jude and Jean

Jude has seen a rise in popularity recently, especially for boys though it is a unisex name. It comes from Hebrew and means “praised.” Jean is a gender neutral name globally that means “God is gracious” coming from French.

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