50+ Twin Names That Mean Sun and Moon

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Looking for twin names that mean sun and moon? You’ve come to the right place. This list includes 50+ name ideas for twins with moon and sun meanings.

I handpicked these names after a thorough search of my own database of baby names, forums and online sources. Then I matched the names together into twin pairs with similar style and feel, based on my over 5+ years of studying name trends.

You can also mix and match the names for the perfect pairing for your twins.

The list includes boy-boy, girl-girl, boy-girl and unisex twin names meaning sun and moon. Plus, each name includes information about the name’s origins and meanings.

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Twin names that mean sun and moon

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Twin names for boys meaning sun & moon

First up we have boy-boy twin names that mean sun and moon.

Halo and Apollo

Ultra cool Halo and Apollo kick off our twin names meaning sun and moon. Apollo is the Greek god of the sun. Halo means the “circle of light” around the moon and comes from Greek origins.

Jericho and Cyrus

Jericho means “moon city” and comes from Arabic. Cyrus is a Persian name that means “sun” or “throne.”

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Dal and Dimas

For a same letter twin pair, Dal and Dimas are unique options. Dimas is a Greek derived name meaning “sunset” and Dal means “moon” in Korean. Dal also a U.K. name meaning “meadow dwelling.”

Sun and moon twin names for boys

Elio and Luan

Luan is a name of many meaning, including “moon” from Portuguese and “warrior” from its Irish roots. Elio is a name meaning “sun” in both Spanish and Italian.

Elio also makes my list of cool alternatives to popular Leo.

Ishaan and Iah

Ishaan and Iah are great sun and moon twin names for someone who loves soft, vowel-forward names. Ishaan means “sun” from Indian origins and Iah means “moon” from Egyptian origins.

Mani and Sunny

For a more casual vibe, Mani and Sunny are wearable nickname-names that work equally well on a toddler or adult.

Sunny is an obvious nod to sunshine coming from English and Mani is a Norse god of the moon.

Twin names that mean sun and moon for girls

Next, here are some sun and moon twin name ideas for those expecting girl-girl twins.

Alba and Livana

In Spanish and Italian, Alba means “sunrise” or “dawn.” Livana comes from Hebrew and means “moon” or “shining white one.”

Luna and Eliana

Perhaps the most popular moon name, Luna is a Spanish and Italian name meaning “moon” from Latin origins. Luna likely got a popularity boost from Harry Potter and/or Chrissy Teigen.

Eliana means “daughter of the sun” and derives from the Greek “elios” meaning sun god.

Stellaluna and Aurora

Stellaluna combines two wildly popular baby names, Stella and Luna, to mean “star and moon” from Latin. Aurora is a nod to the rising sun meaning “dawn,” also from Latin.

Cynthia and Dawn

Another reference to the rising sun, Dawn means the “first break of daylight” and comes from English. Cynthia comes from Greek and means “moon goddess.”

Zira and Suria

Zira and Suria are a lovely girl-girl twin pair honoring the moon and sun. Zira means “moonlight” and comes from Berber origins. Suria is a Hindi god of the sun.

twin names for girls meaning sun and moon

Solange and Mona

Solange and Mona feel fresh and cool as a twin name pair. One meaning of the French-name Solange is “angel of the sun” and Mona means “moon” in Old English.

Lucine and Soleil

Another ultra cool pair for twins is Lucine and Soleil. Lucine comes from Armenian meaning “moon” and Soleil comes from French meaning “sun.”

Selene and Sunniva

Selene is one of my favorite names meaning “moon,” which comes from Greek. Sunniva is a Norwegian name with the lovely meaning, “gift of the sun.”

Zora and Ayla

Ayla is a Turkish name that means the “glowing light around the moon or sun.” Zora is a fashionable alternative to popular Nora and Cora, and means the first sunlight of “dawn” from Arabic.

Boy-girl sun and moon names

Our next set of twin names meaning moon and sun include boy-girl combos.

Diana and Samson

Diana and Samson are great classic names for twins meaning sun and moon. Diana was the Roman goddess of the moon, while Samson is a Hebrew name meaning “like the sun.”

Aelius and Zelenia

Aelius is a Greek name that means “sun” or “sunshine.” I list it here as the boy name but it technically can be used for either gender. Zelenia is a unique option for those looking for an on-trend z name, meaning “moon” from Greek.

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Ihan and Nada

Ihan and Nada are twin sun & moon names that both have Arabic roots. Ihan means “full moon” and Nada has the lovely meaning of “dew at sunrise.”

Sun and moon boy girl twin manes

Ciro and Jericha

Ciro is an Italian and Spanish name meaning “sun.” It is considered a variation of the name Cyrus. Jericha means “moon city” and comes from Arabic.

Theia and Helio

Theia is an interesting moon-themed name as it is the hypothesized planet that collided with Earth to create the moon. Helio is a Spanish name meaning “sun” and would be a unique alternative to popular Theo.

Alyin and Altan

Alyin is a Turkish girl’s name meaning “of the moon.” Altan also comes from Turkish and means “red dawn” of sun’s first light.

Unisex twin name ideas meaning moon and sun

Finally, if you want to keep things gender neutral, below are unisex moon and sun names.

Kiran and Chandra

Our first unisex twin names meaning sun and moon are Kiran and Chandra. Both names come from Sanskrit roots. Kiran means “ray of sunlight” and Chandra means “god of the moon.”

Amaris and Marici

Marici is also a Sanskrit name and means “ray of light” like sunshine. Amaris means “child of the moon” from its Spanish roots. In Hebrew it also means “promised by God.”

Ravi and Jaci

Ravi is again a Sanskrit name which means “sun.” Jaci means “moon” coming from Native American Tupi origins.

Unisex Twin names meaning sun and moon

Artemis and Sol

Artemis was the Greek god of the moon. Sol is Spanish for “sun.”

London and Solaris

Not just a place name, London also means “fortress of the moon.” Solaris comes from Latin origins and means “of the sun.”

Moon and Sunshine

And finally, the most literal pair of twin names meaning sun and moon: Sunshine and Moon. Sunshine comes from English and means “light from the sun” and Moon is an Old English word coming from German origins.

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