Starting Solid Foods Bingo Cards


Starting Solids Bingo

We’ve entered a new frontier in baby parenting. And this frontier, along with our baby, our house, and our bodies, is covered in mashed and masticated banana.

Yes, this month we started solid foods and our lives have never been stickier.

I was impatiently waiting to start sharing food with our baby so I’m excited to finally be at this milestone.

Our pediatricians office started reminding us at about our 2-week check-up appointment to only feed our baby milk and at the time, I was like ‘duh, of course, we would never feed our baby solids too early.’

But as time went on, I began to understand why our pediatricians started their campaign for safe eating so early. Because it didn’t take long before I really wanted to share the joy of a good avocado with our baby.

So the minute he hit six months old (the age discussed with our doctor – it may be different for other babies!), we were off to the races.

And in general, it has been a joy feeding our baby foods. He’s young and impressionable so happily eats anything we put in front on him, minus one accidentally-too-spicy pizza sauce. This week alone he’s tried cooked sushi, olive tapenade, and pupusas — all with surprising glee.

That said, there were some things I was a little naive about going into starting solids. Mostly that it would be so much more work.

You have to think up meals and foods for them to try. It takes a lot of time prepping meals since we are still in the ‘slowly introducing new foods’ stage. Actually eating a meal takes a long time with tiny, non-dexterous hands.

And it’s best we not even talk about clean up. Let’s just say there’s no shame in sometimes finding carrot in your baby’s knee crevasses hours after a meal.

So to add a little joy to the monotony of scrubbing your baby and floor three times a day, play along with me in some Starting Solid Foods Bingo. One card to help you pause and laugh at feeding’s little moments, and one card to help you keep track of the new foods you’re introducing to your baby.

First up, one you can play along with your partner next time you’re debating whether you really have to bathe the baby or not:

Starting Solid Foods Bingo Card

This card has a mix of some practical feeding activities to keep on your radar, like refreshing on how to do baby Heimlich, and some face plant moments, like when you don’t realize egg is actually a big allergen (true story, luckily our kid is not allergic).

Going from the right top corner down to the left bottom corner may be my favorite solids food bingo, because it involves both skipping a bath and taking an easy win with a food pouch (plus, you really should be ready in case of a baby choking incident).

Other highlights from our personal bingo game so far include getting shade from the grandparents (they’re not into watching the baby learn about his gag reflex over webcam), stripping before meals (RIP stain-free sleepers), and ending up soaked with open cup drinking (every. single. time. we drink anything because the baby thinks all cups, including ours, belong to him).

New Foods Bingo Card

Bingo card #2 hopefully helps you think of ideas for new foods to introduce your baby. I find myself googling for ideas of simple foods, fruits and vegetables a lot, especially right now as we are curtailing grocery store trips.

A new foods bingo card is a fun spin on a checklist to add some pizazz to your feeding strategizing.

Introducing new foods to baby bing card

I can tell you from experience, cottage cheese day is a messy one. I mixed it with finely chopped berries and we were all bright pink.

To introduce shrimp, we diced up a cook shrimp and made it into a seafood omelet (eggs had already been introduced).

Our baby eats better than us.

So there are is my first solid foods bingo cards. Even writing this post though, I’ve already thought of more – like staining an outfit would have been a great square. What would you include in your starting solid foods bingo game?

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