8 Comically Inappropriate Ads Facebook Showed Me Through My Pregnancy

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facebook ads shown through my pregnancy

I spent a lot of time on Facebook through my pregnancy since I was stuck on modified bed rest for almost 8 months.

Facebook is where I got nearly all our baby items and where I hung out in pregnancy groups.

It is also where I was shown A LOT of ridiculous ads.

So much so that I started saving the most comically inappropriate pregnancy Facebook ads I was shown.

It begs the question – what am I doing online that had the Facebook ads algorithm sending these my way? A swing and a miss on these, Facebook!

8. This one they showed me literally the night before my 35th birthday. Cold.

facebook ad about 35+ year old women and pregnancy
Too soon on this pregnancy Facebook ad, thank you very much.

7. This one’s just confusing. A heavily pregnant person kind of already gets the gist of birthing mechanics, FB.

Weird 3D childbirth model pregnancy Facebook ad
Weird 3D childbirth model pregnancy Facebook ad

6. Okay, this one wasn’t a complete miss, I’ll give them that. Sometimes we can’t remember when we last washed our kid. But it felt pointed that they assumed that about me.

baby baths facebook ad
Okay but really, you don’t have to wash a baby that often.

5. Clearly Facebook’s tracking missed the approximately billion times I googled hyperemesis and cervical incompetence…

surrogacy facebook ad
Perhaps the worst-targeted Facebook ad of all time.

4. This popped up a couple weeks before I went into labor. I kept asking my partner what Facebook knew that I didn’t.

single mom facebook ad
Not exactly that Facebook pregnancy ad you want to see when you are in fact, not single.

3. But really, why?

Facebook single moms ad
Facebook single moms ad

2. Don’t worry, Instagram was in the mix too looking out for my relationship status

instagram pregnancy ad maternity wedding dress
Instagram wants to make an honest woman out of you too.

1. And the best pregnancy Facebook ad, which they seriously kept showing me until my 3rd trimester. How exactly do they think Plan B works? What have I done online that makes Facebook think I should be childfree? The questions haunt me.

plan b facebook pregnancy ad.
Never forget how Facebook kept showing me these Plan B ads during my very much wanted pregnancy.

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