40 Vibrant Nicknames for Violet

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Looking for the perfect nickname for Violet but not sure where to start? Choosing a baby name is no small feat, and considering potential nicknames is crucial. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with 40 fantastic nicknames for Violet!

As a researcher passionate about name trends, I’ve delved deep into the origins and variations of Violet to bring you with this comprehensive list of Violet nicknames.

Drawing from my vast database of over 2500 names, online forums, and other resources, I’ve compiled these Violet nicknames to save you time and simplify your search.

This page serves as your go-to guide for Violet nicknames, so you can easily find the fashionable and affectionate nicknames for your future Violet. Planning ahead for potential nicknames helps you avoid any unwanted ones down the line.

For example, if you favor Lettie over Vivi for Violet, introducing it early on will help solidify the nickname.

Before we explore the list of Violet nicknames, you might also be interested in my suggestions for names that pair well with Olive, as it shares a similar vintage vibe as Violet.

Now, let’s discover the charming nicknames for Violet!

nicknames for violet

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Nicknames for Violet

Without further ado, let’s dive into the nicknames for Violet!

1. Etta: Etta is a vintage-inspired nickname for Violet that plays off the ending “et” in the name.

2. Ettie: An adorable cousin of Etta, Ettie is another charming nickname option for Violet inspired by its last two letters.

3. Io: Io is a minimalistic and ultra cool nickname for Violet. It’s a great choice for someone looking for a fresh and unique Violet nickname that still feels fashionable.

4. Lea: Focusing on the end part of Violet, Lea feels like a fresh nickname that fits in well with today’s naming styles full of soft consonants and vowels.

5. Leta: Focusing on the end of Violet, Leta is a charming nickname that adds an “a” sound to the ending “let” for a softer, more affectionate feel.

6. Lettie: Lettie is a vintage-inspired nickname plaing off the end of Violet that fits in with the current trend of old-fashioned names.

7. Lottie: Similar to Lettie, Lottie is an old-fashioned nickname that is slightly more of a stretch as a nickname for Violet.

8. Ollie: Drawing from the middle “ol” in Violet, Ollie is popular nickname with a unisex appeal (if you like this style, check out these boyish nicknames for girl nicknames).

9. V: As the most minimalist nickname on this list, V is a chic choice for a Violet.

10. Vee: If you’d like a fuller look than simply the letter V, Vee is the spelled out version of this popular nickname for Violet.

11. Veta: Veta is a modern and chic nickname for Violet that takes pairs the opening and ending sounds of the name with an added “a” ending for softness.

12. Vetty: Vetty is a cozy nickname for Violet that feels warm and friendly. It’s a great choice for those who love the opening “V” sound in Violet but want a more casual and vintage feeling nickname.

13. Vi: A simple and effortless nickname for Violet, Vi is a natural choice that maintains style of Violet.

14. Vielle: Vielle would be a rare nickname for Violet than draws on the opening “Vi” and adds an “elle” for a softer nickname style.

15. Vila: Vila is another unique Violet nickname that adds a flowing “la” sound to the opening “Vi” in Violet.

16. Vio: A simple nickname for Violet, Vio highlights the core essence of the name in a short and sweet way, making it a viable option that is likely to stick.

17. Vil: A unique take on the name Violet, Vil is a smooth choice akin to Gil or Phil.

18. Viola: Viola is close to the name Violet and is also a musical instrument.

19. Violetta: For a longer nickname, Violetta is a dramatic spin on Violet that adds a touch of theatrics to the classic name.

20. Viollie: A playful and creative take on Violet, Viollie adds an extra layer of uniqueness and adorableness to the name.

21. Vivi: Vivi ia a playful and adorable Violet nickname, perfect for a spirited little girl.

22. Vivielle: A creative spin on Violet, Vivielle is a fanciful nickname option for someone who likes a flowing and feminine name.

23. Viya: A stylish nickname, Viya would make a unique Violet nickname that highlights its opening “V” sound.

24. Volla: A cool nickname for Violet, Volla captures the opening and middle sounds in Violet, with an added “la” sound for flow.

Initial Nicknames

Besides the Violet nicknames mentioned earlier, you can also draw inspiration for nicknames from your baby’s initials. Combining Violet with middle names that start with V or J provides you with the initial-based nicknames V.V. or V.J.

Here are some full names for V.V. initials, which sounds like the classic nickname Vivi.

  1. Violet Viera
  2. Violet Vanessa
  3. Violet Valeria
  4. Violet Vita
  5. Violet Vera
  6. Violet Verity
  7. Violet Victoria
  8. Violet Valentina

And, some full names for the initial nicknames V.J.

  1. Violet Jade
  2. Violet Josephine
  3. Violet Juno
  4. Violet Jolie
  5. Violet Joy
  6. Violet Josette
  7. Violet Jean
  8. Violet Juliana

Meaning of Violet and popularity

Violet is a name that originates from Latin and means “purple.” Not only a color, Violet is also a floral name that fits in well with other popular flower names today like Rose, Daisy and Lily.

Violet is a prime example of a vintage name coming back into style. Violet was popular at the turn of the century through the 1920s before it started to fade from use (according to Social Security Administration data). The name started coming back in the 2000s and has been a top 100 name for over a decade. The name continues to rise and was #35 in 2021.

Tips for finding the perfect nickname

Do you need additional help in finding a nickname for Violet? Here are some useful tips:

  • Examine the full name for inspiration: Are there particular syllables or sounds in Violet that might make for an adorable or catchy nickname?
  • Consider middle names and initials: For example, an Eleanor James could be referred to as E.J. as a nickname.
  • Nicknames can have various sources: Personal interests, hobbies, character traits, or memorable moments can all offer ideas for an imaginative nickname.
  • Opt for a positive nickname: Always choose a nickname that’s uplifting and considerate. Not only is this kind, but it also increases the likelihood of the nickname enduring.

Looking for more name ideas? If you like floral names like Violet, check out my list of baby names inspired by sunflowers.

What is a nickname?

Let’s pause for a moment to clarify what we mean by a nickname. A nickname is an alternative name used by someone in place of their given name. Often, nicknames arise as a term of affection or familiarity, or simply as a means to shorten a longer name.

Usually, a nickname is derived from a person’s name in some manner, such as a shortened form of their first name or from their initials. However, nicknames can originate from various sources, including a memorable event, personality trait, or hobby.

Some individuals exclusively use their nickname, like a Jonathan who always goes by Johnny; others might only use their nickname occasionally or with specific people.

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