35+ Outstanding Names That Start & End With O


names that start and end with o

Looking for names that both start and end with O? Then you’ve come to the right place. This list includes 35+ names beginning and ending with the letter O, with their meanings and origins.

Perhaps you’re on the hunt for a good alternative to popular Otto or Oliver. Or, you like the symmetry of starting and ending with O for its coolness factor or sound.

These bookended O names were handpicked and include options for boys, girls and unisex names. I searched through my own name database, forums and other online databases to create a thorough list of names that start and end with O.

I hope you find some new names to add to your list. And don’t forget to check out some of our other name lists, like:

Boy names that start and end with O

  • Octavino: Octavino is a Spanish name alternative to popular Octavio and means “eighth”
  • Octavio: Octavio is a number name meaning “eighth” and is the Spanish version of Octavius
  • Octavo: Octavo is a variation of Octavio, also meaning “eighth” with Spanish origins
  • Odilio: Odilio comes from German and means “wealthy” or “prosperous in battle”
  • Odo: Odo is a name derived from the German word for “possessor of wealth”, and is a variation of the names Otto and the French name Odon.
  • Olivero: Olivero is a variation of the name Oliver, which comes from Latin roots for “olive tree”
  • Oliviero: Oliviero is another spin on popular Oliver and again means “olive tree” from Latin
  • Olo: Olo is a Spanish and Italian variation of Roland meaning “famous in the land.” It can also be a diminutive of the name Orlando
  • Olympio: Olympio means “from Mount Olympus” and comes from Greek
  • Omero: Omero is a name of Greek origins meaning “pledge”
  • Ommo: Ommo is a variation of Omar meaning “flourishing” in Arabic
  • Ontario: Ontario is a city name and a unique alternative to popular place names like Austin or Orlando. It comes from Iroquois for “beautiful lake”
  • Orazio: Sporting an ever-popular Z, Orazio is an Italian derived name meaning “prayer”

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  • Orfeo: Orfeo is a name coming from Greek that means “the darkness of night”
  • Orio: Orio is an Italian name thought to derive from the Latin word for “golden”
  • Orlando: Orlando is not just the home of Mickey Mouse, it is also an Italian-originating name meaning “famous in the land”
  • Orlo: Orlo is a diminutive of Orlando that also means “famous through the land”
  • Oro: Oro is a name that means “gold” in Spanish
  • Orso: Orso comes from the Latin word for “bear” and is a variation of the name Orson
  • Ortego: Ortego is a Spanish place name, coming from the Latin word for “nettle”
  • Oscarito: Oscarito is a variation of Oscar which means “little Oscar” in Spanish. Oscar comes from Irish and means “spear of God” or “deer friend”
  • Oslo: Another place name making the list, Oslo is the capital city of Norway and a cool alternative to Arlo
  • Othello: While it is likely unusable because of Shakespeare, Othello is a lovely soft name meaning “wealth” from German roots
  • Otho: If you’re looking for a softer alternative to Otto, Otho also means “wealthy” from German origins
  • Ottavio: Ottavio is an Italian name meaning “eighth”
  • Otto: Perhaps the most popular name starting and ending in O, trendy Otto means “wealth” and comes from Germany
boy names that start and end with the letter o

Girl names starting and ending with O

  • Oheo: Oheo means “day” and comes from Hawaiian origins
  • Ono: Ono is a name of Japanese origins that means “small field”
  • Orino: Orino is a Japanese girl’s name that starts and ends with O, meaning “worker’s field”
  • Ororo: Ororo gained notoriety in the X-Men series. In Swahili it means “soft”
  • Osono: Osono is a name meaning “counselor” and its origin is from Japan
girl names starting and ending with o

Unisex names that begin and end with O

  • Okkoto: Okkoto is a name of Japanese origins which means “boar tribe”
  • Omo: Omo is a name of multiple meanings. In Yoruba, it means “child” or “girl;” in Norwegian, it means “farm;” and in Japanese, Omo means “things”
  • Oto: Oto is a Japanese name beginning and ending in O that mean “sound”
  • Otono: Otono is another unisex name that comes from Japan meaning “sound”
  • Oyibo: Oyibo comes from Nigeria and means “white person”
Unisex names that begin and end with the letter o

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