65+ Stylish Middle Names for Stella [+ meanings!]


middle names for stella

Looking for stylish middle names to pair with the name Stella? Check out this list of 65+ middle names (with meanings!) for your future baby Stella. Below you’ll find classic, hip, unisex and cute names to fit every naming style.

Stella is an American favorite that has been on the top 1000 name list for over a century. It was a Top 100 name in the early 1900’s and rose again in the 2000’s.

Stella returned to the Top 100 list in 2010 and currently the #41 post popular baby name in the U.S. It is an international favorite too, sitting in top name lists across Europe, Australia and New Zealand

Meaning of the Name Stella

Stella is of Latin-origin meaning ‘star.’ Its thought to have been coined by a 1500-century poem entitled ‘Astrophel and Stella.’ While it has a long history, Stella has a fun and modern vibe. It is spunkier than other popular ‘Ella’ names like Isabella and Ariella, while still feeling classic.

Name popularity data graph for Stella

Now, let’s turn to middle names for Stella. First up is a list of 10 great middle name ideas that flow well with Stella. Then you’ll find even more names, broken down by classic, cute, modern and gender neutral lists.

10 Favorite Middle Names for Stella

  • Stella Audrey
  • Stella Avery
  • Stella Claribel
  • Stella Evangeline
  • Stella Hazel
  • Stella Maisey
  • Stella Maxine
  • Stella Monroe
  • Stella Quinn
  • Stella Waverly

Cute Middle Names for Stella

Cute middle names for Stella

Below are cute middle name ideas for baby Stellas. The punchiness of Stella balances well with soft and cute middle names. My favorite cute middle names for Stella are Stella Lotte and Stella Brie.

Stella Bliss(happiness)
Stella Bonnie(pretty)
Stella Brie(marshland)
Stella Claribel(bright)
Stella Daphne(laurel tree)
Stella Divine(heavenly)
Stella Dixie(tenth)
Stella Evangeline(bringer of good news)
Stella Hailey(hay meadow)
Stella Hope(expectation)
Stella Liv(life)
Stella Lotte(free person)
Stella Macy(weapon)
Stella Mirabel(wonderful)
Stella Pearl(gem, precious)
Stella Winnie(fair, friend of peace)

Classic Middle Names for Stella

Classic middle name examples for Stella

A classic middle name fits well with classic Stella. Given Stella’s long name history, pairing it with another classic name gives a timeless feel. I love Stella Delphine and Stella Catherine.

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Stella Audrey(noble strength)
Stella Catherine(pure)
Stella Celine(heavenly)
Stella Corrine(maiden)
Stella Imogen(maiden)
Stella Ingrid(beautiful)
Stella Jean(God is gracious)
Stella Josephine(God will increase)
Stella Joy(happy)
Stella Kate(pure)
Stella Kathleen(pure)
Stella Marjorie(pearl)
Stella Maxine(greatest)
Stella Paige(assistant)
Stella Pauline(small)
Stella Rosemary(herb, dew of the sea)

Modern Middle Names for Stella

For a modern feel, consider one of these fresh middle name for your future Stella. Stella Maeve and Stella Ruby are particularly ‘now’ middle name options. Stella Maisey could go by the adorable nickname Stella Mae.

Stella Brooke(small stream)
Stella Calliope(beautiful voice)
Stella Cove(bay, inlet)
Stella Hazel(hazel tree)
Stella Ivory(white)
Stella Ivy(evergreen vine)
Stella Jewel(precious gem)
Stella Joely(Jehovah is God)
Stella Maeve(hilarity)
Stella Magnolia(flower)
Stella Maisey(pearl)
Stella Marlow(driftwood)
Stella Ruby(precious red gem)
Stella Violet(purple, flower)
Stella Waverly(aspen tree meadow)
Stella Willow(willow tree)

Gender Neutral Middle Names for Stella

Stella + Unisex Middle Name Examples

Here are great unisex names to pair with Stella. A gender neutral middle name gives your baby a nonbinary option in the future. I personally think Stella Parker and Stella Madison have great flow.

Stella Avery(ruler of elves)
Stella Blakely(dark wood)
Stella Casey(vigilant)
Stella Cecily(blind)
Stella Hadley(heather field)
Stella Harper(harpist)
Stella Landry(ruler)
Stella Lee(meadow)
Stella Lynn(lake)
Stella Madison(son of Matthew)
Stella Monroe(mouth of the river)
Stella Morgan(bright sea)
Stella Parker(park keeper)
Stella Quinn(wise)
Stella Riley(wood clearing)
Stella Rue(herb)
Stella Tove(beautiful)

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Personalized Baby Name Items

Here are a few cute ideas for personalized baby gear once you’ve decided on a baby name.

First Names that go with Stella

Stella can be a spunky middle name option too. These first names pair well with Stella:

  • Annalise Stella
  • Haley Stella
  • Jocelyn Stella
  • Jordan Stella
  • Madeleine Stella
  • Navy Stella

Names Similar to Stella

Looking for names with a similar fun vibe to Stella? Consider the following:

  • Hazel
  • Lola
  • Luna
  • Ruby
  • Scarlett
  • Violet

Considerations Before Choosing a Middle Name

Before settling on middle name, don’t forget to consider the following:

  • Search the full name together: is the combination of first and middle name associated with any famous person or reference?
  • Trends: how has the popularity of the names changed across? (Check our baby name popularity tool for this!)
  • Overall Flow: how well do the names flow together?
  • Initials: do the initials spell anything out?
  • Nicknames: does the middle name add any future nickname options for your future Stella?

Looking for more middle names ideas? Don’t forget to consider significant places, family trees, or special dates. Or, check out our other name lists, such as Baby Names Inspired by Alabama.

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