65+ Fetching Middle Names for Silas (with Meanings)

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65 middle names for Silas

Are you on the hunt for fresh middle names for Silas? Look no further because below you’ll find a list of 65+ middle names that go well with Silas, with their meanings.

I culled these middle names from my database of over 2000 names based on style and flow. I also looked for names that may be a bit off the beaten path to hopefully add fresh ideas to your name search.

Finally, I reviewed forums, databases and name lists to develop a thoroughly curated list of middle names for Silas.

Silas is a biblical name with a long history. It was popular at the turn of the 20th century and again saw it’s popularity accelerate as we entered the 2000’s.

In 2021, Silas was the 91st most popular boy name in the U.S., given to 3863 babies.

The list below is handpicked to give you full names ideas for Silas with great flow, that also highlight different name options you won’t find elsewhere.

The middle names are organized into groups of soft, classic, modern and gender neutral names, so there is something for every naming style.

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Let’s dive in.

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Top 10 Middle Names for Silas

Short on time? Here are my top 10 favorite Silas middle names:

  1. Silas Nolan
  2. Silas Graham
  3. Silas Harper
  4. Silas Van
  5. Silas Sawyer
  6. Silas Jones
  7. Silas Tove
  8. Silas Crosby
  9. Silas Porter
  10. Silas Arthur

Meaning of the Name Silas

Silas is a name that means “wood” or “man of the forest”. It comes from the Latin word Silva which means forest. Silas is a biblical name found in Acts in the New Testament, where it is used with its cognate name Silvanus.

Silas name popularity data graph

Silas has been enjoying a return to popularity in the 2000’s and continues its steady rise each year. 2021 saw Silas finally break into the top 100 names (#91) when it hit its peak popularity to date.

It makes sense that Silas is having its moment in the sun, as it fits in easily with current naming fashions. The name rolls easily off the tongue with only soft consonants and vowel sounds, and it is a revival of an early 1900’s “grandpa” name.

Silas also feels like a more unique alternative to currently popular boys names like Elias or Lucas. It carries the cachet of an old biblical name while still sounding fresh and personable.

You can check out more baby names’ popularity trends by visiting our name trend data tool. Our popularity tool handily graphs name popularity for both boys and girls in the same graph.

Soft Middle Names that Go with Silas

Cute middle names that go well with Silas

Silas is a name with a smooth flow, with the soft vowels and rolling ‘s’ and ‘l’ sounds. Consider matching it with another soft middle name for a fluid and effortless name combo.

For example, Silas Baker and Silas Graham make handsome full names for a future Silas.

Silas Baker(baker profession)
Silas Bradley(wide valley)
Silas Callan(rock)
Silas Dane(God will judge)
Silas Darcy(dark)
Silas Gideon(hewer)
Silas Graham(gravel homestead)
Silas Hugo(mind)
Silas Landon(long hill)
Silas Leonel(young lion)
Silas Marcel(young warrior)
Silas Marley(pleasant meadow)
Silas Ozzy(divine power)
Silas Quincy(the fifth)
Silas Rhett(counsel)
Silas Sawyer(woodcutter)

Classic Silas Middle Names

Example classic full names for Silas

Silas has been a mainstay on the popular name lists for the last century. With biblical roots and long name history, Silas is definitely a classic name enjoying a revival in popularity.

For a full name for Silas with weight and polish, try pairing it with another classic middle name. Arthur and Nolan are names that go well with Silas and make for great full names.

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Silas Abraham(father of many)
Silas Alvin(elf friend)
Silas Arthur(bear)
Silas Benedict(blessed)
Silas Christopher(bearer of Christ)
Silas Crosby(village of crosses)
Silas Donovan(brown-haired)
Silas Edwin(rich friend)
Silas Josiah(God heals)
Silas Marvin(sea friend)
Silas Nolan(champion)
Silas Preston(priest’s town)
Silas Reed(redhead)
Silas Salvador(savior)
Silas Victor(winner)
Silas Wilder(untamed)

Modern Middle Names to go with Silas

Modern middle name ideas for Silas

Given Silas long history, a modern middle name can a pop of fun and freshness to a future Silas’ full name. Consider one of following contemporary middle names that go well with the name Silas.

I like the uniqueness of Silas Apollo and the fun of Silas Jasper.

Silas Apollo(destroyer)
Silas Bjorn(bear)
Silas Bodhi(enlightened)
Silas Cooper(barrel maker)
Silas Deacon(messenger)
Silas Enzo(home ruler)
Silas Heath(moor dweller)
Silas Iker(visitation)
Silas Jasper(treasurer)
Silas Jones(God is gracious)
Silas Kane(warrior, man, golden)
Silas Kendrick(champion)
Silas Mateo(God’s gift)
Silas Porter(doorman)
Silas Raiden(God of thunder and lightening)
Silas Van(marsh)
Silas Walker(fuller of cloth)

Gender Neutral Middle Names for Silas

Example gender neutral middle names for Silas

Unisex middle names are fashionable name options that also give your future baby flexibility in the future. The gender neutral middle names below give balance when paired with Silas’s ‘man of the woods’ vibe.

Of the neutral names below, I think Silas Marin and Silas Harper are particularly fetching.

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Silas Cary(stream; pure)
Silas Channing(wolf cub)
Silas Ellery(joyful)
Silas Harlan(rocky land)
Silas Harper(harpist)
Silas Henley(high meadow)
Silas Kieran(little dark one)
Silas Kinsley(king’s meadow)
Silas Marin(of the sea)
Silas Milan(gracious)
Silas Murphy(sea warrior)
Silas Oakley(meadow of oak trees)
Silas Peyton(warrior’s estate)
Silas Reign(sovereign)
Silas Rylan(island meadow)
Silas Tove(beautiful)

Personalized Baby Items

Once you’ve found the perfect baby name, check out these sweet personalized baby items for a future Silas.

First Names that go with Silas

The fluid feel and brevity of Silas helps it pair easily when filling the middle name slot as well. Here are some first names that flow with Silas as a middle name:

  • Abraham Silas
  • Evan Silas
  • Houston Silas
  • Jordan Silas
  • Nolan Silas
  • Vincent Silas

Names Similar to Silas

If you love the name Silas, you may also like these names with a similar vibe to Silas.

  • Atticus
  • Elias
  • Josiah
  • Sawyer
  • Silvanus
  • Simon
  • Tobias


Before finalizing a full name for Silas, don’t forget to consider the following:

  • Trends: how are the chosen names trending? (Check our baby name popularity tool)
  • Full Name Search: do the first and middle names together reference anything?
  • Nicknames: what nickname options are there for the name?
  • Initials: do the initials spell out anything notable?

Looking for other ways to get ready for a new baby? Check out this guide to used baby gear: what’s okay and what’s not.

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