75+ Middle Names for Remi & Remy [Boys, Girls & Neutral]

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Do you need to find the perfect middle name for your future Remi or Remy? Then check out this list of 75+ handpicked middle names that go well with Remi — each name idea also include meanings and name origins.

I’m a researcher with a passion for baby names. I’ve handpicked these middle name ideas from my own database of over 2000 names and growing. I continually add new names from forums, social media and websites to stay in tune with trends and new ideas.

These Remi middle names aim to highlight some unique picks that you may not see as suggestions elsewhere on your name hunt. All the name ideas were selected with flow and overall style in mind.

Remi is a name on fire. In less than a decade, it has jump from nonexistence all the way to #122 on the top 1000 list for girls.

The name is also a fast mover for boys, though with the preferred spelling of Remy. Remy first made an appearance on the boy top 1000 list in 2009 and has been steadily climbing since to its current place at #357.

It is no wonder the name is enjoying its moment in the sun. Remy is a fun and punchy gender neutral option that fits easily in today’s naming fashion. It’s adorable for babies without being too cutesy to wear as an adult.

Below you’ll first find an overview of the meaning and trends for the names Remy and Remi. Then you’ll find girls, boys and unisex middle names that go well with Remy.

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Top 10 Middle Names for Remi

Short on time? Here are my ten favorite middle names for Remi.

  1. Remi Taylor
  2. Remi Zola
  3. Remi Evander
  4. Remi Capri
  5. Remi Rosalie
  6. Remi Asa
  7. Remi Baxter
  8. Remi June
  9. Remi Kyler
  10. Remi Jove

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Meaning & Trends of Remi

Remy and Remi are names of French origin meaning “oarsman.” It is also believed to have roots in the Latin name Regimius meaning “rower.”

Remy fits well in today’s naming fashion. It is gender neutral with a casual, nickname vibe. Future Remis will fit in well at the playground amongst the Charlies, Ollies and Ellies.

Remy’s popularity may have gotten a boost from the adorable chef rat in the movie Ratatouille. Ratatouille came out in 2007 and Remy made its first appearance on the popular name charts in 2009.

And it has been on the rise ever since. Particularly, the spelling Remi has gone from unranked to almost breaking the top 100 names in less than a decade. Remy has also been enjoying a steady rise but not as meteoric as Remi for girls.

As you can see in the chart below, when spelled as Remy, the trend for boys and girls has followed a similar path. Remy is slightly more popular with boys.

However, the Remi spelling is clearly favored by girl parents. Remi is the #122 name for baby girls. In the last three years, Remi has entered the scene for boys too but it is still much more uncommon than the Remy spelling.

For more on baby name trends, check out of name popularity tool.

Girl Middle Names for Remi

Examples of girl middle names for Remi

First we have 25 middle names that flow smoothly with Remi. I like Remi Rosalie for a cute alliteration, and Holiday and Zola are unique picks that would make funky middle names for Remy.

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  • Meaning: noble
  • Origin: German


  • Meaning: lion of God
  • Origin: French


  • Meaning: beautiful bird
  • Origin: French

4. Remi BELLE

  • Meaning: beautiful
  • Origin: French

5. Remi CLARE

  • Meaning: bright
  • Origin: Latin; English

6. Remi CORA

  • Meaning: daughter
  • Origin: Greek


  • Meaning: God is my judge
  • Origin: Hebrew

8. Remi EILEEN

  • Meaning: beautiful bird, light
  • Origin: Irish


  • Meaning: holy day
  • Origin: English

10. Remi INARA

  • Meaning: illuminating
  • Origin: Arabic

11. Remi IONA

  • Meaning: island
  • Origin: Scottish

12. Remi JUNE

  • Meaning: young
  • Origin: Latin

13. Remi LUCIA

  • Meaning: light
  • Origin: Spanish; Italian; Latin

14. Remi LYLA

  • Meaning: night
  • Origin: Hebrew


  • Meaning: golden flower
  • Origin: English

16. Remi NATASHA

  • Meaning: born on Christmas
  • Origin: Russian

17. Remi NIA

  • Meaning: bright
  • Origin: African – Swahili

18. Remi NOELLE

  • Meaning: Christmas
  • Origin: Latin

19. Remi ROSALIE

  • Meaning: pretty rose
  • Origin: French


  • Meaning: open plain
  • Origin: Spanish

21. Remi SUMMER

  • Meaning: warm season
  • Origin: English; Germanic

22. Remi TEAGAN

  • Meaning: poet
  • Origin: Irish

23. Remi TWYLA

  • Meaning: twilight
  • Origin: English


  • Meaning: healthy
  • Origin: Spanish; Italian; Latin

25. Remi ZOLA

  • Meaning: earth
  • Origin: Latin

Boy Middle Names For Remy

boy middle names for Remy

Next up are masculine middle names that go well with Remy. Of these boy middle names, I really like Remy Baxter and Remy Asa.

26. Remy ABRAM

  • Meaning: father of many
  • Origin: Hebrew

27. Remy ALDO

  • Meaning: wise
  • Origin: German; Italian

28. Remy ASA

  • Meaning: healer
  • Origin: Hebrew

29. Remy BAXTER

  • Meaning: baker
  • Origin: English

30. Remy BODEN

  • Meaning: shelter
  • Origin: Scandinavian; German

31. Remy BRANSON

  • Meaning: son of Bran
  • Origin: English

32. Remy BRIGGS

  • Meaning: bridge
  • Origin: English

33. Remy COLTER

  • Meaning: colt horse herder
  • Origin: English

34. Remy CRUZ

  • Meaning: cross
  • Origin: Spanish; Portuguese

35. Remy DECLAN

  • Meaning: person of prayer
  • Origin: Irish

36. Remy EVANDER

  • Meaning: good man
  • Origin: Greek; Scottish

37. Remy FOSTER

  • Meaning: forest worker
  • Origin: English


  • Meaning: stronghold
  • Origin: English

39. Remy HOLT

  • Meaning: small woods
  • Origin: English

40. Remy LELAND

  • Meaning: meadow land
  • Origin: English

41. Remy LEV

  • Meaning: heart, lion
  • Origin: Hebrew; Russian

42. Remy MACKLIN

  • Meaning: son of St. Johns servant
  • Origin: Scottish

43. Remy MADDOX

  • Meaning: son of Madoc
  • Origin: English

44. Remy MEMPHIS

  • Meaning: beautiful and enduring
  • Origin: Egyptian

45. Remy NASH

  • Meaning: by the ash tree
  • Origin: English


  • Meaning: gift of God
  • Origin: Hebrew

47. Remy OZIAS

  • Meaning: God is my power
  • Origin: Hebrew; Greek

48. Remy PIERCE

  • Meaning: rock
  • Origin: English; Irish

49. Remy TANNER

  • Meaning: leather maker
  • Origin: English

50. Remy TRUMAN

  • Meaning: loyal, faithful
  • Origin: English

Gender Neutral Middle Names for Remi

Unisex middle names that go well with Remy and Remi

Here are some great unisex full names for Remi. This will give your baby lots of identity flexibility in the future. Remy Arbor and Remi Capri are unique gender neutral full names for Remy.

Below I have alternated between Remi and Remy as a visual for those trying to decide between the spellings.

51. Remi ARBOR

  • Meaning: tree
  • Origin: English

52. Remy ARDEN

  • Meaning: eagle valley
  • Origin: English

53. Remi BLAIR

  • Meaning: plain
  • Origin: Scottish; Irish

54. Remy BRISTOL

  • Meaning: at the bridge
  • Origin: English

55. Remi CAPRI

  • Meaning: Italian island
  • Origin: Italian

56. Remy CARTER

  • Meaning: transport goods by cart
  • Origin: English

57. Remi DREW

  • Meaning: strong
  • Origin: English; Greek

58. Remy DYLAN

  • Meaning: of the sea
  • Origin: Welsh

59. Remi FALLON

  • Meaning: leader
  • Origin: Irish

60. Remy GABLE

  • Meaning: triangular feature
  • Origin: French

61. Remi HOLDEN

  • Meaning: hollow valley
  • Origin: English

62. Remy JOVE

  • Meaning: Jupiter
  • Origin: Latin

63. Remi KEATON

  • Meaning: place of hawks
  • Origin: English

64. Remy KIERAN

  • Meaning: little dark one
  • Origin: Irish

65. Remi KYLER

  • Meaning: archer
  • Origin: Dutch

66. Remy LEGEND

  • Meaning: myth, hero
  • Origin: English


  • Meaning: from the meadow town
  • Origin: English

68. Remy LYNX

  • Meaning: wild cat
  • Origin: Latin

69. Remi MADISON

  • Meaning: son of Matthew
  • Origin: English

70. Remy MICAH

  • Meaning: who is like God?
  • Origin: Hebrew

71. Remi MILAN

  • Meaning: gracious
  • Origin: Slavic

72. Remy NAVY

  • Meaning: ship fleet
  • Origin: English

73. Remi NOA

  • Meaning: movement
  • Origin: Hebrew

74. Remy PEPPER

  • Meaning: capsicum, spicer
  • Origin: English; German

75. Remi TAYLOR

  • Meaning: tailor
  • Origin: English

Children’s Books for Remy

Check out these children’s book ideas for a future baby Remy.

Examples of Remi as a Middle Name

Considering Remy for the middle name spot? Here are some first names that work well when Remi is used as a middle name instead. First, these girls’ first names work well with middle name Remi:

  • Adalee Remi
  • Eloise Remi
  • Hazel Remi
  • Sylvia Remi
  • Veronica Remi

And boy first names that sound good before Remy as a middle name:

Lastly, these gender neutral first names work well with Remy as a middle name:

Names Similar to Remi

  • Amari
  • Ari
  • Marley
  • Reese
  • Riley
  • River
  • Rory

Things to Consider When Choosing a Middle Name

Before finalizing a middle name, here are some final things to consider:

  • Initials: do the full initials spell out anything?
  • Search the first and middle name together: are there any well-known associations of the name combination?
  • Nicknames: does the middle name open up new nickname options for your baby?
  • Trends: how has the popularity of the name changed over time? (You can check our name popularity tool here.)

Looking for more name ideas? Check out 65 Baby Names Inspired by Birds. Happy naming!

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