65+ Middle Names for Hailey / Hayley / Haley


65 middle names for Hailey

Looking for the perfect middle name for a future baby Hailey? Check out this list of 65+ middle names with meanings for Hailey (or Hayley or Haley!). The list includes cute, classic, modern and gender neutral names to fit every naming style.

Hailey is a Top 100 baby name in the United States that started gaining popularity in the 1980’s, currently sitting at #77. While it has fallen slightly from its peak at #19 in 2010, it remains popular and many of its variations are also found on the Top 1000 name list. In addition to Hailey, Hayley (#706), Haley (#560), Hallie (#317), and Haylee (#942) are popular picks.

Meaning of the Name Hailey

Hailey is an old English name meaning “hay meadow.” It started as an old English surname and began its popularity rise in earnest in the 80’s.

Hailey is a name of many forms. You’ll find Hailey, Haley, Hailey, Hallie and Haylee all in the top 1000 names list. Some people suggest there is a slight difference in pronunciation between Hailey and Haley (hay-lee vs. hal-ee), though there doesn’t seem to be a universal consensus.

One possible concern of expectant parents is that their future baby will have to clarify the spelling of their name given the multiple versions. You can try to minimize this by opting for the most common spelling, though spelling will likely still come up.

Of the variations, Hailey is the most popular in the States. Outside of the U.S., you’re likely to find Hayley as the more popular option.

Baby name popularity data for Hailey

Haley is a gender neutral name, though is much less common in boys. Haley Joel Osmond is the most well-known example of Haley as a boy’s name.

Cute Middle Names for Hailey / Hayley

Cute middle names for Haley

Below are cute middle name ideas for baby Hailey / Haley. The soft flow of Hailey matches well with other soft and sweet middle names. My favorite cute middle names for Hailey are Haley Hope, for a fun alliteration, and Haley Gemma.

Hailey Amara(eternal)
Hailey Amber(gemstone)
Hailey Clara(bright)
Hailey Gemma(gem)
Hailey Georgia(farmer)
Hailey Hope(desire)
Hailey Janessa(God is gracious)
Hailey Magnolia(flower)
Hailey Mariana(of the sea; warlike)
Hailey Meadow(field of grass)
Hailey Mila(gracious)
Hailey Odette(wealth)
Hailey Senna(brightness)
Hailey Tess(harvester)
Hailey Vida(life)
Hailey Zella(blessed)

Classic Middle Names for Hailey / Hayley

Classic middle names for Hailey

Hailey / Haley is a more contemporary popular name that started to gain momentum in the last 50 years. With that, pairing Haley with a classic middle name gives a lovely balance of modern and timeless. I love the flow of Hailey Maxine and Hailey Annette.

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Haley Alexandra(defender)
Haley Annette(grace)
Haley Celine(heavenly)
Haley Colette(people of victory)
Haley Diana(divine)
Haley Eileen(light)
Haley Estelle(star)
Haley Faye(fairy)
Haley Greta(pearl)
Haley Hilda(woman of battle)
Haley Lorena(laurel)
Haley Mabel(lovable)
Haley Madeleine(from Magdala)
Haley Margot(pearl)
Haley Maxine(greatest)
Haley Nora(light)
Haley Susannah(lily)

Modern Middle Names for Hailey / Haley

Modern middle name ideas for Hailey

Hailey hits a sweet spot in popularity where it is well-known without feeling overused. To keep with its contemporary feel, consider one of these modern middle name for your future Hailey. Hailey Lyra and Haley Adeline are particularly ‘now’ middle name options.

Hayley Adeline(noble)
Hayley Calista(beautiful)
Hayley Camilla(young helper)
Hayley Clarisse(bright)
Hayley Dawn(dawn)
Hayley Giselle(pledge)
Hayley Jade(gem stone)
Hayley Lenora(light)
Hayley Luna(moon)
Hayley Lyra(harp)
Hayley Maeve(hilarity)
Hayley Paige(young assistant)
Hayley Ramona(wise protector)
Hayley Simone(hear, listen)
Hayley Summer(warm season)
Hayley Topanga(where the mountain meets the sea)
Hayley Zola(earth)

Gender Neutral Middle Names for Hailey or Hayley

Examples of unisex middle name ideas for Hayley

Pairing a gender neutral name with Hailey / Hayley gives your future baby flexibility in the future. Here are some nonbinary names that flow well with Hailey or Hayley. I personally think Hailey Blair and Hayley Ryan have great flow.

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Hailey Blair(plain)
Hailey Briar(shrub)
Hailey Brynn(hill)
Hailey Fallon(leader)
Hailey James(supplanter)
Hailey Juniper(evergreen)
Hailey Lane(roadway)
Hailey Linden(linden tree)
Hailey Linnet(small songbird)
Hailey Madison(son of Matthew)
Hailey Noa(movement)
Hailey Piper(player of pipes)
Hailey Quinn(wise)
Hailey Ryan(little king)
Hailey Sage(wise; herb)

Personalized Baby Name Items

Once you’ve found the perfect name for your Hayley, check out these cute ideas for personalized baby name items.

First Names that go with Hailey / Haley

The soft, flowing sounds in Hailey/Hayley make it a great middle name option as well. These first names pair well with Hailey:

Names Similar to Hailey / Hayley

Looking for names with a similar feel to Hayley or Hailey? Consider the following:

  • Bailey
  • Harley
  • Holly
  • Phoebe
  • Riley
  • Sydney

Considerations Before Choosing a Middle Name

Before settling on middle name, don’t forget to consider the following:

  • Search the full name: are there any famous references for the first and middle name together?
  • Trends: how has the popularity of the names changed with time? (Check our baby name popularity tool for this!)
  • Initials: do the initials spell anything out?
  • Nicknames: does the middle name give extra nickname options for your future Hailey?

Looking for more middle names ideas? Check out our other name lists, such as Stella Middle Name Ideas.

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