Lidl Snacks: 15+ Delicious & Budget-Friendly Picks for Families

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On the hunt for new snack ideas for your kids? Then check out this list of kids and toddler-friendly snacks that you can find at Lidl.

If you haven’t started shopping at Lidl, you’re missing out. Lidl is a value grocery store akin to Aldi that offers great savings and a good variety of food. With food prices going crazy, Lidl is a great place to save some money.

We are lucky to have had Lidl enter our area in the last year and a half. As a person who really loves grocery stores, it has been a gift in my life. It quickly became our grocery store go-to for it’s great prices and food selection.

Now that our toddler is old enough to mask well, we’ve started taking him with us to Lidl to pick out some of his own foods. Many of these Lidl kids snacks were actually his discovery so you know they are little kid approved.

Of course on this list you’ll find kid favorite snacks like cheese, pouches and veggie straws, all of which are significantly cheaper at Lidl. But I hope you also find some new and unique snack ideas for toddlers like Lidl’s vegan crab cakes and handheld raviolis.

Let’s get snacking.

great kid and toddler snacks at lidl

Best Lidl Snacks for Kids

Now let’s get into some great snack ideas for kids and toddlers that you can find at Lidl.

1. Veggie Straws

garden veggie straws found at lidl

Veggie Straws have been a snack offering at every toddler birthday party we’ve ever attended. And with good reason because they seemed to be a huge hit among all the tiny guests. My kids inhaled them.

What I like about these snacks is they are great for babies and little toddlers too. They are light, long and easy to hold, and are puffed so not as much of a choking hazard.

The ingredients are all readable: they are made from potato flour and starch, different vegetable powders, and oils.

The one issue I have with getting these at Lidl is that it is a huge bag. You can also find veggie straws in single-serving packs so you don’t have to worry about a big bag going stale.

2. Perfect Protein Bars

perfect protein bars at lidl

I lived off these protein bars when I had hyperemesis. They were one of the few things I could eat, period. A big factor in that was because they have a low glycemic index, which also makes them a great kid snack.

My toddler absolutely loves these too. The ingredients are all real foods, and because of the low glycemic index they give more sustained energy instead of a sugar rush and crash.

The bars are fairly soft so you can break them apart for new eaters easily. I also like that they are okay at room temperature for a week so you can take them on the go without keeping them cold.

3. String Cheese

Lidl string cheese snack - great for toddlers

Is there a more perfect food than string cheese? String cheese is definitely Top 5 toddler snack in our house and the ones at Lidl are very reasonably priced.

String cheese is a great kids snack because they are packaged to easily throw in a bag, and the Lidl house brand tastes really good.

They’re easy to break apart for younger toddlers and babies so they aren’t a choking hazard. And the long string pieces are easy to hold on to in tiny hands.

Plus, string cheese is mild and salty so it often wins over even the pickiest eaters.

4. Cheese Snack Tray

lidl party tray of cheese

This snack tray is a bit higher priced than buying cheese by the block or shredded. I originally would have skipped this because of the price difference, but my two-year old spotted it one day and really wanted it.

Because of the pandemic, he’s been to the grocery store so rarely that I’m usually an easy sell when he picks out a food item. And honestly, he picked a winner with this cheese tray.

What makes this Lidl cheese tray a great snack for kids is that it offers variety. My kids are so excited to pick out what cheese they want from the tray. And when they are excited, they are more likely to eat the food. It is a very easy way to offer choice and a little dietary autonomy to a toddler.

5. More Cheese

examples of kids cheese snacks at lidl - babybel and laughing cow

Listen, I know there are a lot of cheese options on this list. That’s because, let’s be real, cheese is a major food group for a lot of toddlers (mine included).

Because our babies eat cheese for frequently, I like to offer a variety and luckily, the cheese options at Lidl are plentiful. My kids really like to snack on their goat cheese, which at Lidl is a total a steal at only $1.99 (price in Nov. 2022).

Pictured here are Laughing Cow and Babybel cheeses. These are great kid snack options that Lidl offers because they are individually packed. This makes them super easy to grab for snacking out of the house.

6. Hummus

hannah hummus trio pack found at lidl

Hummus is a staple on toddler snack idea lists. It is easy, packed with protein and nutrient-rich ingredients, and is a versatile dip. Since kids often love the novelty of dips, hummus is a great healthy option.

Getting your kids snack hummus at Lidl is a win because it is so much cheaper than other stores. Lidl has lots of hummus options but I wanted to spotlight this trio because of the variety (plus, we really like Hannah brand hummus). Like with the cheese tray above, offering choices is an easy toddler win. Our kid is more likely to eat more when he picks between a few choices.

7. Vegan Crab Cakes

lidl vegan crabless crab cakes

I wanted to feature these vegan crab cakes because they are definitely a unique offering at Lidl. I’ve been primarily plant based for almost 20 years and I can’t think of another time I’ve seen vegetarian crab cakes at a store.

Plus, this is another snack idea that my toddler actually picked out on our most recent trip to Lidl.

These Lidl “crab” cakes are nice because they are mini-sized which is perfect for snacking. Their soft texture is great for babies and toddlers. Plus, they are easy to pair with dips making them a fun change from chicken nuggets. Kids love a good dipper — pulling out different dips can encourage a toddler to try something new.

8. Ravioli

ravioli selection at lidl

Listen, I know you may be thinking that ravioli isn’t a snack, its a meal. However, these ravioli packs at Lidl also make for really easy food for kids to take on the go and snack on.

Of the Lidl kid snacks on this list, the raviolis are actually our favorite.

I’ll make a pack of ravioli before we head to the zoo and hand them over one by one to the toddler and baby. They’re surprisingly a fairly clean food to eat if you have them plain without a sauce. Since ravioli is usually a full meal, they are also a very filling and balanced snack for kids and toddlers with protein, fat and carbs in a neat little pasta bite.

Lidl offers a much bigger pre-made ravioli selection than our local big-name grocery store too. It is great to expose our kids to different flavors like gorgonzola and asparagus through ravioli. At this age, they infinitely more likely to pop a piece of pasta in their mouth than an asparagus stock.

9. Fruits

mandarins at lidl

Lidl is a great place to buy fruits. In our area, I’ve found the produce is usually better quality and last longer than Aldi, where I find the produce to be hit or miss.

Pictured here are mandarin oranges, which are the absolute favorite snack of our baby. What I like about mandarin oranges as a kid snack is that they travel so well. You can throw them in a bag without worrying about bruising or needing another container for them.

My kids eat so much fruit so getting these snacks at Lidl saves a lot of money. Here are some fruits we regularly get:

  • Blueberries
  • Strawberries
  • Grapes
  • Melons
  • Apples

Lidl also rotates in sales on berries fairly frequently, which is very appreciated when your kids will slam an entire package of blueberries in one sitting.

10. Frozen Waffles

lidl brand frozen waffles

Waffles are so strongly associated with breakfast that their versatility can get overlooked. Frozen waffles make a great kids snack and they’re super reasonably priced at Lidl.

What is great about frozen waffles as a snack is that all you have to do is throw them in the toaster oven for a few minutes. Easy peasy.

Then, the topping combinations you can put them are pretty much endless. I like to do a base of peanut butter or cream cheese for some protein and fat. And then you can add different fruits on top. This makes it very easy to keep the snack interesting and new even if you serve it often.

11. Yogurt Tubes

lidl brand kids yogurt snack tubes

My kids really love yogurt tubes. I’ll often throw them in the freezer for our toddler as an easy frozen dessert alternative. For the baby, I keep them refrigerated.

Lidl’s yogurt tubes are well-priced but they do have a few downsides compared to more expensive brands. First, the don’t use the fancy milk that you’ll get if you opt for organic yogurt.

They are also low-fat which isn’t my preference. I like to get full-fat dairy when possible since it is more filling for growing toddlers. They also have some added sugar in them.

Still, they are an easy thing to grab for the occasional kids snack and if you freeze them, you can dole them out over time more like a treat.

12. Pouches

baby and kid snack pouches at lidl

Pouches are perhaps the ultimate Lidl baby snack. What kid doesn’t love a pouch?

Lidl offers their own line of baby and toddler pouches. They have a mix of fruits and veggies, and have options with added grains or yogurt in them.

We don’t do a lot of pouches because my environmental guilt is strong, but my kids really love them. I like to keep a few on hand for easy snacks if we have a long car ride or if one of them is sick. They are really the perfect sick kid snack.

box of apple sauce toddler snack pouches at lidl for babies and kids

At Lidl, you’ll find the kids snack pouches by the baby stuff like diapers. They also have some boxes of apple sauce based ones by the apple sauce, as pictured above. These 4-pack boxes are a little cheaper but note that they are also a little smaller than the pouches you’ll find in the baby section.

13. Dried Fruit

dried apple snack by lidl

Lidl offers a variety of dried fruits that are easy snacks to keep on hand for older kids. Dried fruit is nice because it is shelf stable and lasts a long time so you can keep it in your bag as a back-up snack.

A lot of dried fruit is sized in such a way that it’d be choking hazards for babies and toddlers. The apple slices pictured here are sliced thin so this is what we use as a snack for our toddler now that he’s a confident eater.

14. Mac and Cheese

lidl mac and cheese selection

I know, I know, this is another food that most people wouldn’t consider to be a snack. But hear me out, it actually kind of works as a snack if you serve it as cold leftovers.

When they are cold, the sauce firms up and is not nearly as messy as when served hot. If I’m going to be serving mac and cheese as a finger-food snack to our toddler and baby, I opt for the white cheddar option that Lidl has to reduce the chance of stains on their clothes.

Honestly, cold white cheddar mac and cheese works surprisingly well in their travel snack cups. My kids love it and it is more filling than handing them puffs. It’s worth the trade off of having to wipe their hands after.

15. Pretzels

pretzel stick snack at lidl

Pretzel sticks are another food that works really well in a toddler snack cup. The long and thin shape makes them easier to grab and pull out the top of the lid.

The sticks are also a nice shape for a baby doing baby-led weaning. They are easy to grab, hold and get to their mouth with tiny hands.

Pretzel sticks are also an easy pair with different dips. We serve them with the hummus discussed above for some protein. Both my kids also really love snacking on pretzels dipped in mustard, and since Lidl comes from Germany, you’ll find some great mustard options there too.

What is Lidl?

Lidl is a discount grocery store that operates internationally. Its very similar to its main competitor, Aldi, with a no-frills experience so that they can pass the savings onto the customer.

They offer food at a cheaper price than other big grocery retailers. They also have a selection of more gourmet items like cheeses, usually from Europe.

Like Aldi, Lidl also rotates offering special seasonal foods and random household items. For example, we got our workbench for woodworking at Lidl when we happened upon it one trip.

From personal experience, our grocery bill dropped significantly when we started primarily shopping at Lidl. It has some nice features compared to Aldi, like bigger aisles and not having to pay a quarter for a shopping cart. It’s become our primary grocery store, and we’ll rotate Aldi in sometimes for variety.

The Lidl chain began in Germany and has a presence in every country in the European Union. In 2017, it started expanding into the United States and currently has 173 stateside stores as of Nov. 2022.

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