15 Fun Halloween Breakfasts for Kids

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Looking for fun Halloween breakfast ideas for kids? Check out these super cute breakfasts for Halloween morning (or all season long!).

Halloween is my favorite holiday and I start pulling out Halloween activities by mid-September to make the most of the season.

Below you’ll find Halloween-themed breakfasts that will delight kids. The ideas also add novelty to meals, which we love using to get our toddlers more interested in their meals.

Plus, many of the ideas are pretty easy, like cutting fruit up on pancakes to make them look like witches or making pancakes in ghost shapes.

Let’s check out these spooky Halloween food ideas!

Collage of pictures of halloween themed breakfasts like pancakes shaped like jack-o-lantern and monter toast. Text says halloween breakfasts for kids that are easy and super cute

Pancake eyeballs

pancake skewers that look like eyeballs with blueberries as pupils

Let’s kick of the list with the easiest Halloween breakfast idea – eyeball pancakes!

  • Make silver dollar sized pancakes
  • Put a slice of banana on each pancake
  • Add a blueberry on top as a pupil

Monster apple slices

apple wedges cut to looks like monster faces with seeds for teeth and a strawberry tongue

Here’s a cute way to make apple slices festive. I’d probably do these with blueberry eyes instead of eyeballs to make them even easier


  • Cut apples into slices
  • Glue wedges together with peanut butter
  • Make a tongue with a strawberry slice, glued down with peanut butter
  • Use seeds like sunflower seeds for teeth
  • Make eyeballs with blueberries sticking up with toothpicks

Jack-o-lantern pancake

Pancake made to look like a jack-o-lantern

A pumpkin shaped pancake is a classic that is really easy to put together with sliced fruit.


  • Make pancakes
  • Cut up banana slices for eyes and use blueberries for the pupils
  • Cut another fruit like apple slices for the rest of the face
  • Use a piece of pancake for the stem

Pumpkin pancakes

stack of pumpkin pancakes with butter and syrup on top

Okay, this one isn’t as cute but true pumpkin pancakes are a Halloween staple for me. They’re so good and make it feel like fall.


  • Honestly, just buy a box of pumpkin pancake mix. We get ours at Trader Joe’s

Monster fingers

crescent rolls that look like monster fingers

Here’s a spin on pigs in a blanket made to look like monster fingers.


  • Wrap crescent dough around a long sausage (or fake sausage pieces for my fellow veggies!)
  • Bake according to instructions
  • Green fingers: you could try kneading food dye into the dough but this does not seem worth the effort to me.

Monster egg and cheese sandwich

sandwich that looks like a monster with cheese pulling between the cut and eggs for eyes

Here’s a cheese and egg sandwich made to look like a monster.


  • Make two holes in toast and fry eggs in them for eyes
  • Cut the bread and another piece of bread to look like the mouth
  • Put cheese in the middle of the bread pieces and warm up
  • Pull apart the two cut pieces to make the stringy cheese teeth

Ghost pancakes

pancakes shaped like ghosts with jam underneath them

Instead of making traditional round pancakes, make ghost-shaped ones when you pour the batter


  • Drip the pancake batter into the pan in a ghost-like shape
  • Add blueberries for ghost eyes

Ghost fried egg

fried egg on toast cut to look like a cute ghost

Look at how cute this little fried egg ghost is on a piece of toast.


  • Fry an egg and cut the whites so it looks like a little ghost
  • Use thin olive slices to make eyes and a mouth

Mummy cheese toast

cheese toast made to look like mummies with olive slices for eyes

This is a very easy Halloween breakfast. Instead of just making cheese toast, cut the cheese in strips before melting to make the toast look like little mummies

HOW TO DO IT (Savory Version):

  • Do a thin layer of marinara on the toast
  • Arrange thin cheese slices to look like mummy wrap
  • Use olive slices for eyes

HOW TO DO IT (Sweet Version):

  • Use jam as the base layer
  • Arrange thin cheese slices like a mummy wrap
  • Use blueberries for eyes

Witch owl pancake

pancake made to look like an owl witch with fruit

Here’s another cute version of a Halloween pancake. This time, a regular shaped pancake is made to look like a little owl witch with fruits


  • Make a regular pancake
  • Cut fruit to make the owl face
    • Banana and blueberries for eyes
    • Apple slices for wings
    • Little orange pieces for a beak and feet
  • Use a plum or fig for the witch hat
  • Use a pretzel and cut cheese to look like a witch broom

Mummy pigs in a blanket

Crescent rolls made to look like mummies

Here’s another take on pigs in a blanket. This time, the crescent roll dough is wrapped to look like a mummy


  • Cut the crescent roll dough in thin slices to wrap around for a mummy look
  • Use whatever protein or hard boiled egg inside the dough

Monster cheese toast

Cheese toast made to look like a monster with white cheese made to look like a big eye and teeth with an olive for a pupil

This version of cheese toast is a favorite here because my kid is obsessed with American cheese slices and olives. Plus, it’s really easy to execute


  • Put down a slice of orange American cheese
  • Use fresh mozzarella or hard boiled egg for the eye and pieces of it for the teeth
  • Use an olive for the pupil of the eye
  • Cut an olive into thin slices for the mouth outline

Spider web pancake

pancake made to look like a spider web with frosting

This spider web pancake is a little more sugar forward since it relies on frosting or nutella to achieve the look


  • Cook a pancake like normal
  • Spread a layer of nutella or frosting on the pancake
  • Use a frosting tube to make circles in a bullseye pattern on the nutella base
  • With a toothpick, start from the center and drag to the edge in a straight line to make the web. Repeat all around the pancake.

Banana ghosts and kiwi monsters

kiwis cut to look like creatures with a strawberry slice tongue, and bananas with little faces to look like ghosts

These fruit monsters and banana ghosts are a cute way to serve fruit around Halloween. Plus, they’re easy if you have a little frosting tube or chocolate lying around


  • Slice a kiwi in 4ish slices and put a thin slice of strawberry in the middle for a tongue
  • Use little marshmellows and a dot of frosting or chocolate for eyes


  • Simply cut bananas in half and stand them up
  • Use frosting or chocolate for the faces

Witch pancake

pancake made to look like a witch with fruit

Here’s another festive pancake for Halloween. This one is a cute witch with a face made with fruits and pancake batter for crazy witch hair.


  • Cook a regular pancake, one pancake made of dripping the batter for the hair, and one pancake in the shape of a witch hat
  • Stack the pancakes hair, then regular circle pancake, and then hat
  • Use slices fruit to make a face on pancakes

Monster eye avocado toast

avocado taost made to look like monster eye with a piece of cheese and olive for an eye

This monster eye avocado toast is super easy and nutritious. Who doesn’t love some healthy fats in the morning?


  • Mash avocado and spread over toast
  • Use a fresh mozzarella slice or hard boiled eye slice for an eye
  • Place an olive for a pupil on the eye
  • Add a thin slice of olive for the mouth

Monster avocado toast

avocado toast made to look like monster faces with olives

Here’s another version of monster avocado toast. This one is a little more elaborate but uses the same basic ingredients.


  • Spread mashed avocado over toast
  • Use fresh mozzarella slice, cheese slice cut in a circle or hard boiled egg for whites of the eyes
  • Slice olives for pupils
  • Quarter olives for the monster hair
  • Slice olives thinly for little scar pattern
  • Use bell pepper or tomato piece for mouth

Jack-o-lantern fruit salad

clementine cut to look like a jack-o-lantern with fruit salad inside

This little jack-o-lantern orange is very cute but is maybe more effort than reward. Fill it with your kids favorite chopped fruit for a novel presentation.


  • Cut the top off a citrus to look like a jack-o-lantern top and scoop out insides leaving the majority of the peel in tact
  • Cut out a little jack-o-lantern face
  • Fill with fruit salad

Monster egg-in-a-hole toast

monster egg toast: eggs in holes in toast made to look like eyes of a monster

Here’s another version of eggs-in-a-hole as monster eyes. It also has a cut out of a circle for a mouth


  • Cut circle holes in a piece of toast and fry eggs in them
  • Cut another hole for a mouth and use cheese for little teeth
  • Use a fruit or vegetable piece for eyebrows, feet and little horns

Monster peanut butter toast

toast made to look like a monster with produce and berries for hair

This monster is simply a peanut butter sandwich with berries used to make it look like wild monster hair. You could easily substitute the peanut butter with jam or cheese too.


  • Spread peanut butter on one piece of toast
  • Cut another piece of toast zigzagged for the mouth and put on top of the first piece
  • Use fruit to make a face on the toast
  • Put berries on top on the plate to make the hair

Monster green smoothie

green smoothies made to look like monster faces on the glasses

How cute are these green monster smoothies? Simply make a green smoothie and add a little monster face on the glass.


  • Add greens like spinach to your usual smoothie recipe
  • You can use a dry erase marker to make a monster face (or use melted chocolate like this picture if you’re feeling ambitious)

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A collage of Halloween-themed breakfast ideas, including pancakes shaped like ghosts and witch and monster toasts. The text says Halloween breakfast ideas for kids (that are fun and easy)

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