20 Dollar Tree Christmas Gifts for Dad

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Looking for Christmas gifts for dad on a budget? Add this these awesome Dollar Tree gifts for dad to your Christmas list this year to save lots of money.

Below you’ll find budget Christmas gifts for dad and Christmas gifts baskets that you can put together entirely at the dollar store, making them super easy. I focused on items that were practical so they’d still be a useful for gift for the dad that has everything.

Dollar Tree has so much festive Christmas stock and its a great place to stay within your Christmas budget. With such a wide selection, you can put together a whole Christmas gift for dad there, making it cheap and easy.

As a very frugal person, Dollar Tree offers the right blend of holiday fun while still being budget-friendly. I especially love the selection of non-clutter consumables that make for gifts, like the movie night snack gift basket or BBQ kit ideas below.

Let’s find some great gifts for dads!

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1. Car Gift Basket

a basket of car supplies like air fresheners and cleaners

A car care package is a fun Dollar Tree Christmas gift. Dollar Tree has a whole car section where you can find items like air fresheners, cleaning supplies, and items to keep in your car like wipes.

2. Plants or Gardening Supplies

shelves at the dollar tree with gardening supplies

If your dad is a gardener, you can find gardening supplies at the dollar store. Or, get a cute dollar store pot and plant him a plant for his office or room. It can be a nice way to add a bit of freshness and greenery to winter time.

3. Organization supplies

organization supplies on the shelf at dollar tree

Dollar Tree is full of organization supplies for pretty much any space. You could gift dad some organization items and then a coupon to help him organize a space that could use some work.

4. Tool Basket

a basket of small tools like a measuring tape, rope and zip ties

A tool gift basket could be a thoughtful gift for a handy dad. You can find some basic supplies everyone needs like rope, bungee cords and tape measures. Items that get worn out like paint brushes are also practical tool-themed gifts.

5. Movie Night Basket

a movie night basket with popcorn, junior mints and combos

A movie night gift basket is the best of both worlds because it is a gift but also an experience gift for the family. Enjoy a movie night with dad and get his favorite movie theater snacks to make the night feel more special.

6. Candy

boxes of butterfinger and bueno candy bars on the store shelf

If your dad has a sweet tooth, you could put together a fun variety of candy from the dollar store. Some of the candies are smaller sized bags than other stores too which makes them ideal for putting together a sampler.

7. Photos

a box of photo frames on a shelf

You can’t go wrong with sweet framed family photos. They make a very easy and thoughtful gift. The dollar store has a wide variety of picture frame styles and sizes from which to choose.

8. Kids’ Art

You could also use the photo frames featured above to frame some of your kids’ artwork. This would make a very personal gift and the frame elevates it a little more.

Little tile images in a collage pattern of gift ideas for dad includes car supplies, pet toy, candy and food, and gag gifts like stick on mustache and water gun. text overlay says christmas dad gift ideas at dollar tree for fathers who want nothing but still love a deal

9. Arts & craft supplies

flamingo paint by number art kit

Dollar Tree is a great stop for craft supplies. If your dad doesn’t do crafts as a hobby, you could get two art kits and do the art project as an experience gift you do together. An example of a dollar store art kit is pictured above.

They also have a lot of Christmas-themed craft kits if you want to keep it festive, like the picture below.

a paint-your-own ornament kit at the dollar tree

10. Self-care Gift Basket

a self care basket with lotions, massager and bath bomb

Dads often get overlooked in the self-care department so this can be a very thoughtful and unexpected gift for dad. Dollar Tree is full of self-care goodies like lotions, massagers, face masks, chapsticks and candles.

11. Favorite Snacks Basket

a basket of snacks like snickers, mixed nuts, jerky and candies

I love a consumable gift because it is thoughtful and doesn’t go to waste. A basket of dad’s favorite snacks won’t end up collecting dust on the shelf like so many other gifts. Dollar Tree is nice for gift snacks because they have a big selection of individually-sized snacks and treats.

12. Gag gifts

a package of fake mustache stickers

Go fun with your Christmas gift for dad and grab some gag gifts at the dollar store. For example, these mustaches are silly and have always been a huge hit when we pull them out at a party. They’d make for a very fun addition to Christmas morning pictures.

13. Kitschy Dad Items

a glass pint glass on a shelf that says Dad on it

Lean into kitschy dad items, like this pint glass with a dad joke on it. Because dads are the ones that will use a cup with a bad dad joke on it and actually enjoy it.

14. Dad-favorite Toys

a basket of toys including legos, a building set, and a dart gun

At our house, dad still gets more excited about legos and water guns than our kids do. I gave water guns for one holiday and it was a BIG hit. Giving a collection of dad-friendly toys will be fun for him and also fun for the kids, so it’s a win-win.

15. Vacation supplies

shelf at the dollar tree with summer pool and beach toys hanging

If you have an upcoming vacation, you can get dad supplies or fun items on theme with the trip. For example, if you’re taking a beach trip to escape the winter, you could give dad pool toys to hype the trip.

Just note, you may need to plan ahead if your vacation spot is out of season since Dollar Tree won’t have as much beach-y stock come the winter.

16. Pet toys

a fish shaped cat toy

If you have a beloved family pet, you can’t go wrong with new toys for the pet. The Dollar Tree has toys for cats and dogs, plus treats and other pet supplies.

17. Cooking Supplies

shelf at the dollar tree with kitchen utensils hanging

If your dad likes cooking, you can find lots of kitchen tools at the Dollar Tree to make a cooking gift basket. You can find some unique gadgets like a citrus squeezer too. I use the one we were gifted soooo much but I never would have bought it for myself.

18. Barbecue Basket

basket with bbq sauces and spices

Similar to cooking supplies, you could also do a whole gift basket for dad themed around BBQ. In the example above, the gift basket has barbecue sauces, other sauces and seasonings.

19. Board Games

a hand holding up a dice game and a checker game

Dollar Tree offers lots of board games and games. You could put together a board game gift basket and then do a board game night as a family, making this another easy experience gift for dad.

20. Dad jokes

red whoopee cushion in the package at the dollar tree

Lastly, go for a dad joke for a gift. For example, you can find whoopee cushions at the Dollar Tree, which have always been a hit gift for us.

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