27 Easy Christmas Breakfast Ideas for Kids

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Looking for fun Christmas breakfasts for kids? Check out these super cute breakfast ideas for Christmas morning (or all holiday season long!).

Below you’ll find Christmas-themed breakfasts that are cute and fun for kids. Fun breakfast presentations like the ones below also also add novelty to meals, which we have found definitely gets our toddlers more interested in their meals.

Plus, most of these holiday breakfast ideas are pretty easy, like cutting fruit up on toast to make them look like a reindeer or position pancakes to look a snowman.

Let’s check out these festive Christmas food ideas!

Big text in the middle that says 27 insanely cute christmas breakfast ideas easy enough for Christmas morning. Behind it are 5 horizontal breakfast pictures including a little strawberry santa and kiwi christmas tree

Santa pancake

pancake made to look like santa with strawberries and whipped cream

Let’s start the list off with a classic – Santa pancakes! This one is super easy too, made with strawberries and whipped cream.


  • Make a pancake like normal
  • Position cut strawberries like a Santa hat
  • Spray whipped cream for beard and hair
  • Use a strawberry for a nose and chocolate chips for eyes

Santa waffle

Waffle made to look like santa with rasberries and whipped cream

You can also do the Santa face on a waffle. Same idea, different breakfast food. The picture above uses raspberries but any red berry works.


  • Make a waffle
  • Position raspberries like a Santa hat
  • Spray whipped cream for beard and hair
  • Use chocolate chips for eyes

Pancake stack Christmas tree

a stack of green pancakes made to look like a christmas tree

This pancake stack is an even easier Christmas pancake idea. All you have to do is add a little green food color and stack the pancakes in the shape of a tree.


  • Add green food dye to your pancake batter before cooking
  • Make pancake circles of decreasing size
  • Stack them to look like a Christmas tree

Rudolph oatmeal

oatmeal bowl made to look like Rudolph the red nosed reindeer with berries

This cute oatmeal is insanely easy. Simply use berries to make a Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer face.


  • Make oatmeal like usual
  • Slice strawberries long ways for ears
  • Use a whole strawberry for the red nose
  • Slicce strawberry strips and position like antlers
  • Place blueberries for eyes

Snowman oatmeal

a bowl of oatmeal made to look like a snowman face

This one is very similar to the Rudolph oatmeal but this time you use the berries to make a snowman face.


  • Slice a strawberry wedge to be a carrot nose
  • Slice a squarish piece of strawberry for the snowman hat
  • Place blueberries for eyes
  • Use more blueberries or chocolate chips for the mouth

Snowman rice cakes

a rice cake made to look like a snowman with a layer of cream cheese and berries for a face

This snowman face is made in the exact same way as the oatmeal above. The base is a rice cake with cream cheese spread on top to make it look like a snow.


  • Cover a rice cake with cream cheese
  • Make a snowman face with blueberries, slices of strawberries
  • The mouth can be made of chocolate chips or blueberries

Penguin oatmeal

a bowl of oatmeal made to look like a penguin with blueberries and orange wedges

Here’s one more oatmeal — penguin oatmeal. It takes a little more design with the berries but the result is so cute.


  • Place blueberries all around the edge of the oatmeal with more at the top in a slight V shape.
  • Use two more blueberries for eyes
  • Cut clementine or strawberry wedges for a beak and little feet.

Penguin cheese balls

a plate of little appetizer penguins made of cheese balls and olives

These little penguin cheese balls are on the more savory side but they too cute not to include. We have savory breakfast sometimes and my kids loves olives so I’m making the stretch.


  • Cut a carrot into circles and cut a small wedge out for make feet
  • Put a mozzarella ball on top
  • Use toothpicks to secure olives to the top for a head and a half olive for each wing
  • Put a piece of the leftover carrot wedge in the olive for a beak
  • Bonus: add a little Santa hat with a small slice of red pepper and adhere with cream cheese

Cheese and lox snowman

little cheese balls made to look like snowman

These little snowman are similar to the penguins above. Here you can make the snowman with cheese ball, a lox “scarf” and olives, making them a nice accompaniment for a bagel spread.


  • Stack a mozzarella ball onto of lox for a scarf and then another mozzarella ball and secure with toothpicks
  • Use peppercorns pushed into the cheese for eyes
  • Push in a tiny wedge of carrot for a nose
  • Use an olive for a hat and a thin slice of olive for a mouth

Reindeer spreadable cheese

little wedges of cheese made to look like reindeer with pretzels and peppercorn eyes

Here’s a cute way to serve spreadable cheese before you spread it on breakfast toast. These little reindeers are really easy to make if you use Laughing Cow cheese which already comes in wedges


  • Use Laughing Cow spreadable cheese wedges for the reindeer head
  • Push into the soft cheese two pretzels for antlers
  • Eyes can be made of peppercorns or little slices of fruit
  • Red noses can be made of craisins, cranberries, pomegranate seeds, cut pieces of cherries or maraschino cherries

Smoothie bowl with snowmen

smoothie bowl made to look like melting snowman on top with coconut

Remember smoothie bowls? They’re still delicious and you can easily make them festive with these little snowman faces made of coconut


  • Make a smoothie and pour into a bowl
  • Put down a layer of coconut “snow”
  • Add circles of yogurt spoonfuls in varying sizes
  • Cover the yogurt with dust from the coconut to make the snowman faces
  • Use a tube of frosting for the snowman face details (or you could use chia seeds but placing them individually sounds like a nightmare)
  • Nose could be made of a little piece of strawberries or raspberries

Christmas cookie cutter toast

cheese toast cut into christmas shapes like christmas trees and snowman

These Christmas toast pieces use such a simple hack — cut the bread with Christmas cookie cutters. Here the toast is also topped with cheese cut with the same cutter but you could also leave it as simple toast


  • Cut bread slices with Christmas cookie cutters for toast
  • Leave plain with butter or jam, or top with cheese also cut with the cookie cutter
  • You can use pieces of berries or fruit if you want to add more decoration

Cheese toast

a plate of cheese toast made to look festive for christmas with little pieces of vegetable cut used to make shapes like christmas trees and snowman

Here’s another way to do a festive cheese toast. Instead of cutting the bread, you can do cut outs in the cheese slice, also using cookie cutters


  • Spread cream cheese or jam on toast
  • Use small cookie cutter to cut out a Christmas shape from a cheese slice
  • Layer cheese on top of toast to reveal the cut out shape.
  • Add small pieces of cut fruit or vegetables as details (optional)

Christmas tree toast

pieces of bread cut like christmas trees made to look like trees with chives

This savory Christmas tree toast is really cute and easy. Simply cut the break in a tree shape and use chives for the greenery.


  • Cut bread in Christmas tree shape (you could use a cookie cutter here too)
  • Spread on cream cheese
  • Add cut chives to look like tree greenery

Reindeer toast

a piece of cheese toast made to look like a reindeer with antlers made from crust an berries for a face

This reindeer toast makes use of the excess crusts to make antlers and ears. You could make it a savory or a sweet toast.


  • Cut bread so it has head contours
  • Spread on cream cheese, cheese slices or jam
  • Cut leftover crust and position them to look like antlers and ears
  • Add either fruit or vegetables (depending on if its sweet or savory toast) for eyes
  • Add a red nose with cherries, maraschino cherries, cranberries or craisins

Nutella reindeer toast

toast with nutella spread made to look like a reindeer with fruit for face and pretzels for antlers

Here’s another version of reindeer toast that uses pretzels instead of crusts as antlers. Otherwise, it can be done the same way as the one above.


  • Cut break in the shape of a reindeer head, making sure to leave extra “ears” at the top to attach the antlers
  • Spread on nutella (or cream cheese) on the bread
  • Attach pretzels for antlers
  • Use blueberries for eyes and a cherry for the nose

Snowman pancake

two pancakes made to look like a snowman with berries for details

Snowman pancakes are almost too easy. Simply make pancakes like normal but make in two sizes. Then decorate with fruit for details.


  • Make pancakes in two sizes, one small for the head and one bigger for the body
  • Use blueberries for eyes and buttons
  • Use a tiny cut of orange for the carrot nose
  • You can make a mouth with frosting or mini chocolate chips
  • Thin strawberry slices can be used for a scarf (optional)

Santa owl pancakes

pancake made to look like an owl with the santa hat using fruit for details

This cute pancake uses only fruit and whipped cream to make it festive.


  • Make a pancake like normal
  • Thin slice apples for wings and wedge cuts for a scarf
  • Make eyes with banana and blueberries
  • Use tiny cuts of orange for beak and feet
  • Make a Santa hat with red berries and whipped cream

Reindeer pancake

pancake with a little reindeer face

This little reindeer face may be the simplest Christmas pancake on this list. All you need is a little frosting tube and a red candy (or cherry or cranberry)


  • Make a pancake
  • Draw on antlers and eyes with frosting
  • Use a candy, cherry or cranberry for a red nose

Gingerbread man pancake

pancake in the shape of a gingerbread man on a plate with berries around it

Gingerbread man pancakes can be made by dripping the pancake batter in a gingerbread man shape. You can add details with fruits or candies


  • Make pancake batter like normal
  • When you pour the pancake batter in the pan, loosely drip it in to shape like a gingerbread man
  • Add details with small pieces of fruit, candy or frosting

Festive nutella toast

christmas nutella toast. one piece has a christmas tree made of kiwi slices and one has a santa hat made with pomegranate seeds

These nutella toasts are so simple but look impressive with the pretty pomegranate seeds.


  • Make a piece of toast and spread on a coat of nutella
  • For a Santa hat design, add pomegranate seeds for the red part and marshmallows for the white
  • For a Christmas tree, position small slices of kiwi and add pomegranate seeds as ornaments.

Kiwi Christmas tree

christmas tree made from stacked up kiwi and pomegranate seeds

Here’s a way more elaborate spin on the kiwi Christmas tree. The mechanics of it at actually easy, simply stack kiwi slices in the shape of a Christmas tree. But peeling kiwis is such a chore that it can be a little labor intensive.

The picture above is a big tree but you can easily do it smaller for individual servings.


  • Peel and slice kiwis
  • Stack kiwis in the shape of a Christmas tree
  • Add pomegranate or blueberries for ornaments

Kiwi Christmas tree

slices of kiwi on a plate placed in a christmas tree shape

This version of a kiwi tree is even simpler. It is perfect if you only have one kiwi because all you need is thin slices positioned like a tree.


  • Thinly slice kiwi longways
  • Position them at the diagonal on both sides as tree branches
  • Use another thinner slice at the tree branch
  • If you’re feeling ambitious, add a star on top of the tree with a strawberry.

Christmas tree cereal & grapes

a christmas tree on a plate made out of cut grapes and cheerios


Cold pizza as a Christmas tree

an upside down piece of pizza made to look like a christmas tree

Leftover cold pizza is a true breakfast classic. Make it Christmas simply by serving the slice upside down and adding a little piece of crust for a tree trunk


  • Pull out a piece of pizza and put it upside down on the plate
  • Add some extra crust to the bottom for a tree trunk

three green crepes folded in triangles and positioned in a line to look like a christmas tree

This is probably the most ambitious Christmas breakfast on the list. However, if you already make crepes in your house, you can make them super Christmas-y simply by adding a little green food dye and presenting them folded like a Christmas tree!


  • Add green food dye to your usual crepe batter
  • Make crepes like normal
  • Fold them into triangles and layer three of the triangles to look like a Christmas tree
  • Add jam, fruit or sprinkles for extra detail

a cut strawberry with whipped cream in the middle made to look like santa

Last on the list is a cute little strawberry Santa that you could add to any breakfast. You could make it with cream cheese, frosting or a thick whipped cream (if serving immediately)


  • Cut a strawberry in half short-ways
  • Add frosting, cream cheese or a very thick whipped cream between the two pieces of strawberry with the tip pointing up
  • Add a dab of the cream on the tip of the strawberry
  • Use chia seeds or mini chocolate chips for eyes
  • Note: plan to serve quickly if using whipped cream

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