91 Alabama-Inspired Baby Names to Help You Roll Tide

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Alabama inspired baby names

Are you looking for baby name ideas inspired by the state of Alabama? If you have ties to Alabama, Alabama baby names could be a sweet nod to hometown roots.

I’m a researcher with a love for baby name data and I’ve done a deep-dive into the state of Alabama to find baby name inspiration. I hope this list saves you time on your search for the perfect Alabama-themed baby name.

The Yellowhammer state offers lots of possible baby name ideas, from ‘Montgomery’ in honor of Alabama’s capital, to the state flower ‘Camellia.’ A subtle nod to the south with names like Magnolia or Dixie are also cute Alabama-themed baby names.

Below you will find 100 baby names drawing inspiration from Alabama’s:

  • Famous People
  • Nature & Plants
  • Landmarks
  • Alabama in Fiction
  • Cities & Counties

Now, let’s roll tide to these Alabama-inspired baby names!

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Top baby names in Alabama

Up first, let’s take a look at the top 10 names for babies in Alabama. Here are the top 10 lists for boys and girls (source: Social Security Administration state data).


Now let’s take a closer look at how Alabama’s top 10 names differ from the rest of the country.

Top 10 Alabama Boys Names

The list below shows the ten most popular boy names in Alabama last year compared to the U.S. top 10. Compared to the rest of the country, John, Grayson and Asher make the top 10 in Alabama but not in the U.S.


The names Lucas, Benjamin and Theodore are top 10 names in the U.S. but are ranked #34, #17 and #59 respectively in Alabama.

Top 10 Alabama Girls Names

Next, the names in the table below are the top 10 girls names in Alabama by popularity, compared to the U.S. top 10. The names Elizabeth, Mary and Ella rank in the top 10 in Alabama but do not make the top 10 list for U.S. as a whole.

Of these, Mary is the biggest departure from the rest of the country. Elizabeth and Ella are in the top 20 for the U.S. but Mary ranks #133 nationally compared to #9 in Alabama in 2021.


Top 10 U.S. names Mia, Sophia and Isabella do not make the top list in Alabama. Instead, those names are ranked #21, #18, and #11 respectively in Alabama.

Names of famous Alabamians

Now let’s turn to names inspired by Alabama’s culture and location. Up first are names of famous people from Alabama. Many of these names are unique but would fit in well with today’s naming fashion, like Channing or Evander.

  1. Booker (Booker T. Washington)
  2. Channing (Channing Tatum)
  3. Evander (Evander Holyfield)
  4. Hank (Hank Williams)
  5. Helen (Hellen Keller)
  6. Rosa (Rosa Parks)
  7. Tallulah (Tallulah Bankhead)
  8. Zelda (Zelda Fitzgerald)

Alabama Nature Names

Turning now to Alabama’s nature, here are some names inspired by Alabama’s flowers, trees and wetlands (source for Alabama trees). I’m partial to the name Delta because it was an option on my list for my baby (it sadly felt unusable when she was born during the Delta-wave of the pandemic).

  1. Camellia (Alabama’s state flower)
  2. Delta (the Mobile-Tensaw Delta is the largest delta in Alabama)
  3. Jericho (Walls of Jericho)
  4. Lily (Cahaba lilies) 
  5. Magnolia (common flowering tree in Alabama and the south)
  6. Azalea (wildflower in Alabama)
  7. Willow (willow oak is a tree that grows in Alabama)
  8. Fraser (Fraser is a type of magnolia, the popular southern flowering tree)
  9. Virginia (Virginia pine is a common tree in Alabama)

Baby names inspired by Alabama landmarks

Here are some major landmarks from Alabama that could also work as baby names. Dixie and Auburn feel very southern, perfect for Alabama-roots.

  1. Dixie (for the “Heart of Dixie”)
  2. Crimson (for University of Alabama’s Crimson Tide)
  3. Auburn (for Auburn University)
  4. Bryant (for Bryant-Denny Stadium)
  5. Jordan (for Jordan-Hare Stadium)
  6. Montgomery (for Alabama’s capital)

Name ideas from Alabama cities

In this section, you’ll find a list of names from cities in Alabama. Below you will find:

  • Gender neutral names from cities like Linden and Waverly
  • Boy name ideas like Banks and Jasper
  • Girl name ideas like Cordova and Vina

Unisex baby names inspired by Alabama cities

From these unisex name ideas from Alabama, Arley would be a cute and unique alternative to popular Harley. I also love Pennington if you like the nickname Penny but aren’t sold on Penelope.

  1. Arley
  2. Avon
  3. Bailey (Baileyton)
  4. Camden
  5. Dozier
  6. Gray (Graysville)
  7. Kinsey
  8. Leighton
  9. Linden
  10. Loxley
  11. Madison
  12. Pennington
  13. Shiloh
  14. Waverly
gender neutral baby name ideas from alabama

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Boy names inspired by Alabama cities

From the Alabama boy names below, Brighton is a cheerful name option. I also like Vance as a unique option.

  1. Alabaster
  2. Anderson
  3. Auburn
  4. Banks
  5. Beaton
  6. Boaz
  7. Brent
  8. Brighton
  9. Clayton
  10. Dayton
  11. Franklin
  12. Fulton
  13. Jasper
  14. Morris
  15. Powell
  16. Silas
  17. Steele
  18. Vance
boy name ideas from alabama cities

Girl names inspired by Alabama cities

Finally, for girl names from Alabama cities, Cordova is a cool alternative to trendy Cordelia. Florence and Helena also fit in well with today’s grandma-chic names like Eleanor and Matilda.

  1. Addison
  2. Alice (Aliceville)
  3. Beatrice
  4. Bess (Bessemer)
  5. Calera
  6. Cordova
  7. Daphne
  8. Dora
  9. Emelle
  10. Eva
  11. Florence
  12. Georgiana
  13. Helena
  14. Lanett
  15. Marion
  16. Millry
  17. Rosa
  18. Vina
girl names inspired by Alabama cities

Baby names from Alabama counties

Finally, we close this list of Alabama baby names with ideas from Alabama counties. Many of Alabama’s 67 counties have names that could easily work as baby names, like Clark, Morgan and Walker.

  1. Calhoun
  2. Chilton
  3. Clark
  4. Clay
  5. Dallas
  6. Franklin
  7. Geneva
  8. Hale
  9. Henry
  10. Lawrence
  11. Lee
  12. Macon
  13. Morgan
  14. Perry
  15. Russell
  16. Shelby
  17. Walker
  18. Winston

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