Ultimate Guide to 24 Month Vs. 2T Sizes: Are They the Same?

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Confused about the difference between 24 month vs. 2T size for your baby? You’re not alone.

One would think that these sizes would be equivalent since 24 months equals 2 years old in a literal sense. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. 2T is definitely a distinct size from 24m.

Until I had a baby, I had no idea how confusing baby and toddler clothing sizes would be. I’m a researcher and started writing in-depth guides to these weird overlapping sizes after personally encountering this problem when shopping for my toddler.

(If you’re planning ahead, you can find my other sizing guides here: 4T vs. 4 sizes and 5T vs. 5 vs. XS sizes and 6X vs. 6T vs. 6 sizes.)

Below you’ll find a breakdown of whether 24 month is the same 2t, and how the sizes differ. To save you time, I also include the size charts for a number of popular clothing stores since sizing differences vary some across retailers.

At the end, you’ll find many frequently asked questions about 24 month vs. 2T sizes.

Let’s get into it!

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What size is 24 months?

24 month size is design for babies approaching 2-years old, from about 18 months to 24 months of age. 24m-sized clothes fit babies who weigh about 28-30 lbs and are about 32-34″ tall, though the exact measurement ranges vary a bit by store.

24 month size is the last of the baby sizes offered by most brands. Baby clothes in general are designed to accommodate babies in diapers with a wide range of mobility skills.

This means the clothes have extra space to fit the bulkiness of diapers and are also easier to take on and off for diaper changes. You’ll find more stretchy bottoms, elastic waistbands, and footed pajamas in baby clothes.

24-month is also the last size for onesies and neck holes that allow you take off tops up or down the body.

What size is 2T?

2T is the first toddler size available at most retailers and is designed to fit the average two-year old. 2T clothing fit toddlers who weigh between about 29-31 lbs and are 35-36.5″ tall, give or take a little depending on store sizing variations.

Toddler sized clothes are generally designed for children who have started walking, and sometimes for babies who are out of diapers. Toddler clothes become longer and leaner as babies thin out into little kids.

You’re more likely to find footless pajamas and clothes that look more like kids clothes in toddler sizes.

How big is 2T?

2T clothes are designed for babies and toddlers who are approximately 35-36.5″ tall. I measured some of our 2T clothes items to help you better understand how big 2T clothes are:

LengthWaist Width
2T shirt14.5″11.0″
2T pants17.5″9.5″
2T romper17.0″10.0″
2t clothes with measuring tape to show how big they are
2t shirt and pants with measuring tape to show what size 2T is

What is the difference between 24 months and 2T size?

The main difference between 24 month and 2T sizes is that 24 months is a baby size and 2T is a toddler size. This means that 24 month clothes are usually smaller, designed for a child in diapers and easier to change (source: Carter’s clothing guide).

You may also find different styles of clothes offered in 24 month vs. 2T, such as onesies only being offered in 24 month size.

Let’s take a closer look at these 24 month vs 2T differences:

  • SMALLER SIZE: At many stores 24m clothes are smaller than 2T clothes and can be thought of as the size before 2T. They have smaller measurement ranges for weight and height on size charts.
  • DIAPER FIT: 24 months clothing may be fashioned to accommodate diapering while 2T may be for potty trained toddlers. The clothes may have extra space for diapers and elastic waist bands that are easier to get over diapers.
  • EASIER TO DRESS: Baby sizes like 24 months highlight that the clothing will be easier to take on and off. This is helpful for both diaper changes and for wrangling clothes on wiggly babies. 24-months is usually the last time you’ll see of neck holes that allow you to take a top off over the head or down the body. By size 2T, tops become regular shirts with standard neck holes.
  • DIFFERENT SELECTION OF CLOTHES: 24-month size is usually the last size in which you’ll find onesies. You’ll also find more footed pajamas in 24-month size vs. 2T when footless offerings become more prevalent.

In the picture below, you’ll see the differences between 24 month and 2T rompers from Carter’s. The 24 month romper on the left has onesie-style snaps for diaper access, while the 2T romper doesn’t open at the bottom. The 2T romper is also slightly longer.

Picture showing the difference between a 24 month and 2T romper from Carter's. Labels to show 24 month outfit having diaper access snaps while 2T does not, and the 2T romper being slightly longer.
Our baby’s 24 month vs. 2T rompers from Carter’s brand

It is important to note that the differences between 24 month vs. 2T size vary by brand. For example, there is a slight measurement overlap on Carter’s size chart for 24 and 2T, while at Old Navy there is no measurement overlap in these sizes. The 24m size comes first and then 2T is the next size up.

To exemplify how sizing varies by brand, I did a side-by-side comparison of 24 month and 2T pajamas from different stores. Below you’ll find a picture of Carter’s 24 month pajamas on the left and Old Navy 2T pajamas on the right.

Carter's 24 month pajamas vs. Old Navy 2T pajamas
Our baby’s Carter’s 24 month vs Old Navy 2T pajamas

You’ll notice that the Carter’s 24 month pajamas are ever so slightly longer than the 2T’s from Old Navy.

[Note that the difference around diapering between 24-month and 2T is the flip of what we see in 4T vs. 4 sizes and 5T vs. 5 sizes. When you’re comparing toddler sizes to big kid sizes, the toddler size indicates clothes for a child who is still learning to dress themselves and possibly still in diapers.]

Infographic comparing 24M vs. 2T size clothes, showing that 24M clothes are smaller, more baby styles, and accommodate diapers more.

Size charts for 2T and 24 month clothes

Up next we have some example size charts that show the difference between 2T and 24 month sizes. Looking at size charts gives a clearer picture of the difference between 24 month and 2T sizes at major baby clothing brands.

Carter’s size chart for 24 month vs. 2T

Carter’s, one of the biggest retailers for baby clothes (source), offers both 24 month and 2T sizes. The difference between 24 months and 2T at Carter’s is that 2T fits a bit larger than 24 months.

There is an overlap in the weight measurement ranges for 24 month and 2T at Carter’s. Interestingly, there’s a gap between the height ranges with 24M ending at 34 inches but 2T not starting until 35 inches.

24M32 – 34″28 – 30 lbs
2T35 – 36.5″29 – 31 lbs
Source: Carter’s size chart

Carter’s recognizes the confusion in sizes and actually has a webpage about finding the right size in their clothes. Their guide specifies that their 24m size “might [emphasis mine] be designed to accommodate a child’s diaper” vs. their 2T which “may” be for toddlers out of diapers.

2T vs. 24m size tags on baby clothes
Example 2T vs. 24m size labels on our baby’s Carter’s clothes

Old Navy & Gap’s 24m and 2t size charts

Old Navy and Gap are other popular retailers for baby and toddler clothes. Old Navy and Gap use range sizes for their baby clothes so their 24-month size is labeled 18m-24m.

As shown by the size chart below, 24-month and 2T are distinct sizes at Old Navy (source: size chart). 24m is the smaller size and once your baby outgrows it, then they size up into 2T.

18M-24M31.5 – 33.75″24 – 26 lbs
2T33.75 – 36″26 – 28 lbs
Source: Old Navy size chart
Comparison of 24M vs. 2t size charts, with size measurements for height, waist, chest, and weight

Target 24 months and 2T size chart

Is 2T the same as 24 months at Target? Yes, Target is one of the few retailers where their 24 month and 2T size measurements completely overlap in their Cat & Jack’s house brand.

However, it should be noted that not all items in the Cat & Jack line are available in 24-month size (source: size chart and personal review of clothing stock).

24 month size clothes are only available for items in their baby section. Their toddler line clothes sizes go 12m, 18m, and then jump to 2T.

24M33 – 35.5″26.5 – 28 lbs
2T33 – 35.5″26.5 – 28 lbs
Source: Cat & Jack size chart

If you’re looking at an item at Target where without a 24-month option, 2T is the appropriate size to buy.

Children’s Place 24M & 2T baby clothes size charts

Children’s Place sells their name brand and Gymboree brand clothes. They are known for being a low-cost retailer for children’s clothing. The Children’s Place hand-me-downs we’ve received have been surprisingly soft.

Like Old Navy, Children’s Place 24-month and 2T sizes are discrete. There is no overlap in the height or weight measurement ranges (source: size chart). Your baby would first wear 24m and then grow into the 2T size at Children’s Place.

24M32 – 33.5″28 – 30 lbs
2T33.5 – 35″30 – 32 lbs
Source: Children’s Place size chart

I also wanted to note that Children’s Place was one of the manufacturers involved in a deadly factory building collapse in Dhaka in 2013. Their website details their responsible sourcing policies but I was not able to find any specific practice changes since the tragedy.

Frequently asked questions

Finally, here are some frequently asked questions about 24 month and 2T sizes.

Is 2T the same at 24 months?

No, at most stores 2T size is different from 24 months (source: size charts). 2T usually fits kids with bigger height and weight measurements than 24-month. 24-month size is also more likely to accommodates diapers and easy dressing, whereas 2T tends to be cut longer and leaner.

Since 24m is a baby size and 2t is a toddle size, there are also differences in what clothing types are available in each size, such as onesies only being offered in 24-month size.

What size comes after 24 month?

2T size comes after 24 month clothes at most stores (source: size charts). Brands like Cat & Jack where 24 month and 2T have the same size chart measurements, the next size up will be 3T.

What size comes after 2T?

3T size comes after 2T size clothing. 3T generally fits toddlers who are 3 years old.

What age is 2T size for?

In general, 2T size is designed with the average 2 year old in mind. This means that the size fits 2-year olds, and is also often worn by larger 1-year olds and smaller 3-year olds since children’s growth rates vary widely.

As an example, our toddler started to wear size 2T around 1.5 years old and wore it until a bit before his 3rd birthday.

What is 24m?

24m is an abbreviation for 24 month sized baby clothes. You’ll often see 24m on clothing labels instead of 24-months. These clothes fit an average baby between 18-24 months old.

Is 2T bigger than 24 months?

Yes, 2T is bigger than 24 months in most clothing brands (source: size charts). The exception is Target’s Cat & Jack brand where the measurements on the size chart for 2T and 24 month are the same.

Is 18-24 month the same as 2T?

No, 18-24 month is usually not the same size as 2T. 18-24 month is an alternative way to label 24 month clothes. Usually 18-24 months are the same as 24 month clothes, and would be smaller than 2T.

What is the difference between 18m vs. 2T clothes?

18 months size is smaller than 2T. 18 months is the size before 24 months, so it is also smaller than 24 month size. Because of this, 18 months is two sizes smaller than 2T in most brands.

What weight is 2T?

The weight for 2T size ranges from 26 to 32 lbs. At Carter’s 2T fits weights between 29-31 lbs (source); at Old Navy 2T fits 26-28 lbs (source); and, at Children’s Place 2T fits 20-32 lbs (source).

Conclusion: should you buy 2T or 24 month clothes?

So, should you buy 24 month or 2T size clothes? In all likelihood, either choice will work okay for your baby. While 2T and 24 month clothing are distinct sizes, a lot of kids wear both sizes around the same time.

For tall and thin kids, size 2T may work slightly better; smaller babies in diapers may prefer 24-month sizing.

It is important to remember that sizes are just a number and that clothing fit will vary by brand. As your baby grows, their age and size will likely not match up perfectly and they probably will wear a mix of sizes.

For example, our baby is currently wearing clothes ranging from 6-month size (pants) all the way up to 18-month size (footed pajamas). Very likely, your kid will have some 24m clothes and 2T clothes in their wardrobe at the same time.

Finally, you may get longer wear out of size 2T since it is longer & bigger at most stores. When in doubt, it is always a good idea size up when buying kids clothes (it’s one of my suggestions on my list of ways to save money on toddler clothes). They grow so fast so you’ll get more of your money’s worth when they get more wear time out of each piece.

Looking for more on baby clothes? Don’t forget to check out what is Size 1T? and my guide to Newborn vs. 0-3m Sizes

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